Friday, June 7, 2013


(clears throat)

(rub eyes)

I have a confession to make. I am having abnormal sleep hours again. This has been running for more than a month now. My appetite is also whacked! Tsk! Could something be bothering me? Or am I just hooked with the Korean dramas? Well, I will answer with two YES then.

Whatever it is that has been bothering me lately – I will rely it to tomorrow. I’d rather not waste my brain cells over-thinking on things that I could not change at all. So to you dear achy-breaky-heart, endure it for awhile. 

For the Korean dramas... I have not been over with the ones I watched early this year. With the "kilig" feeling still lingering I voluntarily decided to add more "kilig" feeling in my system. I was supplied with more koreanovelas by a workmate. How can I resist such offer?! And so again, I got tangled with the stories and I was unconsciously staying up too late - very late - just to satisfy my craving for the next scene or even finish all episodes.


 Main cast is the korean actress who famously played the role of Kim Sam Soon - Kim Sun-a.
At first look you won't be able to see the resemblance of Kim Sam Soon because she totally lost a lot of weight!
I find her so pretty in this series because of the hair, the way her character dresses up, and the way she composed herself - fierce!

It also stars Lee Jang-woo - my new korean crush. Hahaha. He's funny in this series! Aside from the fact that he's a cutie and adorable!!! I went PUING PUING over him!

The 2 main characters have a huge age gap - but they still look so compatible. swear! This is one of my all-time-favorite Korean Dramas lining up with I Miss You, Love Rain, Dongyi, Full House...


The story also portrays an age gap between the 2 main characters with the twist of switching souls.
The story was cute however I didn't liked the ending. Well, almost all korean dramas doesn't have that glamorous ending. For this one, I was just caught at the edge of my seat hanging - wondering on how does the man that Lee Min-Jung ended up it looks like.