Thursday, May 14, 2009

commercial BREAK

"one of these days when you try to remember me...i won't be there"

after long weeks of not seeing bf with no frequent text communication, i finally found clarity. in the long run love will remain but it will not be enough to sustain a relationship. both parties should do their part with what is expected of them and even beyond what is required to make things work. so here comes my white flag...

k: "i prayed on my way home that you'll remember me today at magparamdam ka. in 2 minutes nagtext ka na susunduin mo ako. aba! ang bilis sumagot ni lord ng dasal. malakas ang signal sa heaven"
d: *laughed*

--serious mode--
k: "i am thinking about a cool off"
d: "that's harsh"
k: "ok, i change my mind. forget what i said"


k: *nagpasa ng load kay d*
d: "ang bilis sumagot ni lord ng prayer"

on with the story, thank you for you patience for the short commercial break


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Bart Tolina said...

meron na naman akong bagong sinulat! tingnan mo! bilis!

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