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backpacking in the office

It's almost a week now when my PC in the office crashed its system. I put the blame to the frequent power failure here in Davao last week. Its oldness could be a factor too, considering that I inherited that PC from a former employee three years ago.

So I've been jumping around in vacant computers in the office lately. No permanent seat. No permanent seatmates. No permanent files. I'm like a visitor student in a classroom.

But I don't really find it hard, not that much. Somehow I am enjoying my vacation in different sections here in the office. Last week I was in the research department and now I'm at the System Admin's section. The down part of all these is the fact that I don't have my files with me. I feel like I'm not prepared for the battlefield but still I'm coping...I'm still firing some bugs over the Developers' camp. Never say die! hehehe

I wonder if my PC could still be fixed. I could lose my most precious mp3 collection, which took long hours of download and my uploaded pictures, which I didn't have a back up copy. Oh well, that's how things went...I don't have control over that and I won't rant like a kid okay. I just want things to be back to normal again with me seated in my department's section and my file access.


unico-little boy-bunso

As I am writing this blog, I will not promise not to cry. I will try my very very best not to, you bet I won't! So here goes...

Tomorrow is the Graduation day of my "unico-little boy-bunso" Clinton. Yes, I call him Clinton in public now because it's minus pogi-points for him every time I call him "Ontoy". But just a secret between us, he is still that "ontoy" kid I knew.

A brief backgroud for this dramatic blog. For 8 years I have been the "bunso". My parents wanted a boy. They waited. Unfortunately, the twin boys who were born after me on the year 1988 died on birth. So the family waited again. And on 1993, Jan Clinton was born. It was expected that he will be nourished with much love and attention by each member of the family. I remember going home after classes in primary school, I won't forget to bring a food or toy as pasalubong for him. I could even remember the first time he called me "Ate". Somehow, I grew protective over him just like a mother does.

The sense of my "ate" role began when Ate, our eldest, went to Manila for work. All I knew was I won't let my little brother experience the pains that I did experienced. As much as I could, When he's sick, I always pray to God to transfer the illness to me. When he gets spank, I shield him and catch all the hits. I attended his school foundations, PTA Meetings, Parent's Day, and every meaningful activity in his childhood. Okay, the next thing I'm going to reveal is a top secret: I cried on his school presentations.

For 16 years of being Clinton's ate, I could say that i have a fulfilled life. Not everyone is blessed with such a sweet, innocent and kind brother. Not everyone is given the chance to share craziness with their sibling. Not everyone is as lucky as I am. And now that he is taller than me, I know that any time soon he will be a grown up man. He won't have that same unconditional love for me and he won't have that much time to share with me. These are the few things in life that scares me...scares me to death. But anyway, I know for sure he knew this...i love him.

And now, knowing that there is another girl he cares kinda hurts my ego. I kept on lecturing him about young flames but in contrast I buy the gifts he give to the girl. Hahaha. So to you my "unico-little boy-bunso"...congrats! :)

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Dear six-year-old kaykay,

I have plenty of things to say to you my dear. Above everything, never have that "lampaso-cut" ever in your girly life! You look like a "dugyot" boy who's not been fed for days. In your growing up years, you've hated each time someone doubts you sexuality. People will judge you by the way you dress, act, talk and by your HAIRCUT.

I know that your childhood is one of the best times in your life. All those games played, found friends, unforgettable adventures and experiences including the funny misfortunes. I would say that you remember it, always! Keep it in your heart and never lose that child in you.

Also, you might wanna practice that fighting attitude because when you get older it's hard. It might be too late for you to learn on standing up for yourself. When your grade school classmates bully you, don't just cry or tell your teacher or tell your Lola. Stand and give them that stare. Because there will be a time that you have to fight for your dreams and principles then decide if you will wear that battle gear or wave a white flag.

You will somehow get a special attention in primary school because your grandparents are teachers in that same school, also in secondary school because you will have a high rank in organizations and honor roll, and in tertiary because your father works in that school. But never put that sticker on your forehead, remain humble. Work hard for every achievement.

And lastly, that boy you admire. Keep your hopes up. The ending will turn out to be a surprise for you.

twenty-three year old,
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a baby on the way

6 weeks positive

yes! it's official...i'm going to be a certified "Aunt". my ate is pregnant...weeeeeeeee
an addition to the family is always a blessing, a reason for celebrating and deserves a spot in my blog ;)
for the baby and my ate's family...i pray for good health and God's blessings. mwah!
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counter strike

"in the old age, a good samaritan rode a carriage but these days they come with a non-air van."

today, davao city is under transport strike. unlike the past strikes, today almost 90% of public transport has been disabled. i would not complain and rant about this because i understand though it generally affects the passengers. still, i understand their point and their demands was surely felt today. i hope that the government would respond and do something this time around.

knowing that there will be a strike, i pushed through my way to work. i waited for more than hour for a jeepney or just any vehicle that would give me a ride. people gathered in flocks at the jeepney stops, i was losing hope of getting that long-awaited ride. i stood in my waiting spot hoping. few empty jeepneys passed by but they didn't gave any of us a ride. some vehicles bullied us to just go home or would pretend that they are for hire (*bleep! crackheads!*)

then i looked on the other side of the street, i saw a man waving. could he be waving at me? oh it was my "dispatcher" friend, who gets cab for me every morning since i was in college. he sometimes escorts me as i pass the street and act as a traffic police. i then figured out that he got a van for hire to downtown. people started running for that seat. i was lucky because my friend reserved a seat for me...fresh, special, front-row seat. hehe. though the fare was a bit was a sweet ride! iloveyou manong! iloveyou friend! it really pays to be patient and friendly :) got to work

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missed call conspiracy

ayos lang na di ako pinaniniwalaan...di naman ako nasasaktan dun
ayos lang na pinagdududahan ako...di pa rin naman ako nasasaktan
ayos lang na isiping nagsisinungaling ako...dahil hinding-hindi ako masasaktan
kahit anong paliwanag ko...di rin naman ako papaniwalan
maligayang kaarawan nga pala
di ko binalak sirain araw mo, promise
di bale...bukas tatawa ka, alam ko ;)
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sunog-baga session

Kahapon ay kaarawan ng inaanak kong si Leevian, anak ng mga kabarkada kong sina JohnKeith at Emmy. Sa bahay nila kami nag dinner. Attendance: Gerald, Jojo, Chocho with Maybel and Mat2x, Danding, Kaykay, and latecomers: Lester and Karen. Konti lang ang dumating kumpara sa mga dating events ng barkada. Pero di iyon hadlang sa kasiyahan. Woohoo!!!
After sa lamon part proceed ang tropa sa bakanteng lote. Duyan + moolight + gitara + beat box + recall sa past + lokohan at alaskahan + tanduay & ice tea. Sumakit panga ko sa katatawa, na over-exercise na naman ang cheeks ko! hahaha. Na-miss ko to! Kahit nakulangan ako sa inom kasi may bantay (mga dalawang shots lang yata ako), nagka hang-over ako sa saya. Share ko lang ang ilan sa mga nakakatawang sharing:
Pinapakilala si "Aljohns", ang may asawa na pero feeling single. Di nagpapahuli sa get-up, disco & dance moves.
Briefing moments sa kanyang asawa Part I:
Aljohns: Ma, a-attend ako ng bday ng kabarkada ko ngayon. May inuman dun kaya sunduin mo'ko ng 9PM para di ako malasing at makatakas ako.
Kinaumagahan na nakauwi si Aljohns...
Aljohns: Ma! Bakit di mo'ko sinundo? Inumaga tuloy ako! Nalasing tuloy ako! (galit at nagdadabog)
Asawa: Sorry, nakatulog ako
HAhahaha. Lusot! Effective ang drama mo 'loy!
Part II
Aljohns: Ma, pag umuuwi ako ng 2am ng umaga wag mo akong pagalitan kasi nakainom ako sigurado. Lasing ako at baka masuntok kita ng di ko alam. Kung kinabukasan man ako umuwi, umasa ka na sa bahay ng kabarkada ko ako nakitulog.
Asawa: ok
Introducing "Gerald"
Bagong bili pa lang ang XRM na motorsiklo nila. Hiniram ni Gerald sa tatay nya at gumala. Natural binalandra sa buong poblacion ang makintab at bagong motor. Habang bumibili ng yosi, pinark na naka-primera ang motor. Biglang kinabig ng kabarkadang babae. Lumipad ang bagong motor! SAbay lumipad ang takot ni Gerald sa tatay nya. Ang bagong motor ay nagasgasan at natupi ang ilang parte. Naisipan nyang lumayas. Kinabukasan, inimbita ng tatay nya ang isang kapitbahay para ipagmayabang ang bagong motor. Nagulat sya nang nakita nya ang sira at napasigaw ng "GERAAAAAALD!!!". At ang sumunod na mga pangyayari at mga madramang eksena sa buhay ni Gerald.
Dramatic part: Habang pinagmamasdan ko ang bawat isa sa kabarkada ko, napapaisip ako sa lahat ng napagdaanan namin at sa kung gaano ko kamahal ang mga mokong. Ang dami nga naman naming napagdaanan. Nagkaroon na kami ng basketball team, nangampanya na kami for election, may mga kasong hinarap at tinakbuhan, may nauna sa biyaheng-langit, may mga agaw-buhay na eksena, may kasalan, may nagkaanak, umakyat ng ilang bundok, etc.
"bonding habang buhay!"
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comic strips (part II)

pag walang money for lunch out. hmp!

on REVENGE mode sa bullying. humanda!

hmmm...di naman ako nagkakaganito pwera lang pag nag turn-ON si shynne ng monitor nya. May BEEP sound kasi...

kapag biglang nag MEMORY DUMP ang PC...goodbye unsaved files!!!

nag-iisip ng bagong HIRIT, BANSAG, BULLY-ACT, at kung ano pang kalokohan laban sa ka-trabaho

pag nasa BULLY mode. at ang main victims ay sina...SHYNNE and GLAIZA. pis!


pag nanalo sa "pustahan" sa boxing match. wahaha

reaction ko kung sakaling mabibigyan ng salary-increase. *praktis lang ng praktis kay!*

pag napag-iwanan sa office for OVERTIME
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mortal combat

the person who smiles the most knows how to shadow every tear...
again, i am dead tired from work...come in early then take some over time. i understand the demands of my work, i do. i just NEED rest when i take off my work suit.
when i have time-constraints, i usually schedule my daily tasks. but when i woke up this morning, everything just went out of phase. my morning was greeted with an empty LPG tank, water bill, school baon for my brother, the necessities that bought were all used up, etc etc etc. you see, i would gladly do everything for these people but the timing was just off...i'm all drained up. i cried in the shower room.
Lord, when my strength fall short i pray that you take charge over me. When my human understanding wins over, clothe my mind with Your greater wisdom. And when I feel pain, remind me how you carried the cross.
the person who smiles the most knows how to shadow every tear...
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nardong PUTIK!

di ako likas na reklamador, tahimik lang naman ako
pero sukdulan na!
gusto kong mag mura!
ano ba? di ka na nakakatuwa!
akala mo ba matatantiya ko pa ang pasensya ko?
puwes, hindi na!
matagal na rin akong nagtitiis at naghihintay sa pagbabago mo
dumaan na ang di mabilang na araw at ganyan ka pa rin
aba, aba...namimihasa ka yata
pagod na pagod na ako, alam mo ba
mugto na mga mata ko
ayoko ng manatili pa dito
wala kang awa sa lahat ng paghihirap ko
wala kang pakialam sa lahat ng nasasayang ko na oras
wala kang pakiramdam!!!
toot! **** bleep!
sarap mong batukan
palit kaya tayo kahit minsan ng sitwasyon
kaya ikaw, internet connection
umayos ka!
overtime na naman ako neto

bug wars: the revenge of bugs

i hardly slept last night. crap! when i woke up, i feel like i'm carrying my eyes over my shoulders...heavy eyes!!!
it was all because of my dreams. i dreamt about my work! it was a nightmare for me because even in my sleep i can't find rest. i was working in my dream...finding bugs and system errors. it was terrible, seriously. i woke up several times, changed my sleeping position and disturbed my thoughts with anything but work but still i end up with that same screen...Advisen templates. waaaaaaa...
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request timed out

when i wake up each morning, i dont know if i want to take more sleep or wake up.
i'm not much of an eye-shutter so i don't get enough rest for my conscious mind. i struggle to conserve every dim part of my room but i can't really seize the morning. as i try to extend my sleep, the morning rays crawls up in my skin and then i'd give up.

i don't know if i want to wear heels or flats to work.
there are days that i feel to red-carpet-walk my way to work and there are days that i'd settle for that comfortable feeling.

i dont' know if i want to ride a taxi or jeepney.
i'm not much of a "waiter". time is precious for me and i always have the feeling of chasing every second. that's why i am often caught between my cost-cutting routine ang convenient-mood.

i don't know if i want an extra rice during lunch.
obviously i am gaining weight (*sighs*). i used to have a fast metabolism, i don't know what went wrong with my body system. i have never gained much weight this fast before. and i don't go for diets because i am a growing girl who needs nourishment.

i don't know if i want to post a blog or not.
i haven't posted much entries in my blogs lately. i just feel like i can't keep up with my raging thoughts (snap snap). there's plenty of stuffs that i want to write but i know that i should not for some reasons. i am learning to control my "sharing-syndrome".

i don't know if i want another cup of coffee.
i am not a morning person, oh no! a single cup of coffee is not enough to boost up my optical nerve. it is not enough to satisfy and kick my working vibe. and due to some healthwise advice, i am controlling my craving.

i don't know which restaurant or foodchain i want to dine.
i am a certified food tripper!!! after work i get confused of where to eat out. i usually settle to the closest from my vacuum point but when i get there i change my mind. i like to try something new but then again i change my mind and settle for the usual meal. hahaha....gemini!

i don't know if i should complain whenever the jeepney driver overcharges my fare.
i don't complain, that's my problem.

i don't know which road to take when going to sasa pier.
i have two options: the less-muddy but dark road and the safe but muddy trail. i know that my basis is not sensible enough...but still i have a hard time choosing.

i don't know if i want to ride a tricycle or walk my way home.
our house is about 200-300 meters away from the pier. a very walkable distance. i just get stubborn in some days.
The list of "i dont know what i want" goes on. Kaya naman nabansagan akong "gulo-gulo". Though i don't have all the answers to what i really want, i know for sure what i don't want. i don't want to dine out alone and take that walk home without his hand held into mine. i don't want to go home without my family. and i don't want a day without listening to my playlist, run around the house with my dogs, have silly and memorable conversations with my everyday people and just everything that i am sure of. (di masyadong madrama noh? walang connection sa office eh)
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LSS [last scene syndrome]

Bride Wars
Stars Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway
"Sometimes in life there really are bonds formed that can never be broken. Sometimes you really can find that one person who will stand by you no matter what. Maybe you'll find it in a spouse and celebrate it with your dream wedding, but there's also the chance that the one person you can count on for a lifetime, the one person who knows you sometimes better than you know yourself is the same person who's been standing beside you all along."

I gave out few good laughs in this movie. It's hilarious to watch bestfriends take on with each other. What I like most is the soundtrack "This Will Be" by Natalie Cole, I think i'll be using this in my very own wedding.

Revolutionary Road
"Frank Wheeler: I want to feel things. Really feel them."

This is one of my most-awaited reunion of Kate and Leonardo!!! The storyline is a more matured than i thought, it depicts the struggle of a marriage affected by everything surrounding it.

The Reader
Stars Kate Winslet who won numerous awards for her outstanding performance! This is one movie you can't miss. Even after watching it, you'd still think about the characters, the ending, how you wanted the character could have done and not have done...irresistible to like and love!

Michael: I'm not frightened. I'm not frightened of anything. The more I suffer, the more I love. Danger will only increase my love, will sharpen it, will give it spice. I will be the only angel you need. You will leave life even more beautiful than you entered it. Heaven will take you back and look at you and say: "Only one thing can make a soul complete and that thing is love."

Stars Angelina Jolie, that's enough reason to watch.

"Christine Collins: I used to tell Walter, "Never start a fight... but always finish it." I didn't start this fight... but by God, I'm going to finish it. "

Slumdog Millionaire
I enjoyed this story-stitching. No wonder it won the hearts of film critic's

Kick-ass action movie! I can't keep myself behave from my seat watching this movie. Lavet! i remember every scene!!!

Enk! I spent almost 2 hours complaining.
1. No subtitle when characters use foreign language
2. Setting is disturbing and messy part of Hongkong
3. The characters' power are not that jaw-dropping
4. and more blah

Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li
1. No subtitle when characters use foreign language
2. I got confused of the characters on who's playing who. They didn't really mimic the cartoon version: costumes, powers, looks, etc

Gran Torino
A Clint Eastwood film!!! There's no room for rants...only applause! *galing ni Lolo Clint*


Place an X by all the things you've done and leave blank the ones you have not, then count your X's and see how much of a Filipino you are - based on this checklist (remember, this is just for fun).

Eaten the following :
(x) Balut. Penoy only...
(x) Kwek-kwek. i remember college days...we eat after class
(x) Kambing. cooked goat...kaldereta
( ) Aso (dog). enk! hell noh!
( ) Bayawak. no chance yet
( ) Wild boar or wild deer. labanan ng exotic foods?! wala pa
( ) Durian. no no no...can't stand even the smell
(x) Palaka (frog). oh yes! during our mountain climbing, it was served by the native folks. yum3x
( ) Adidas (chicken feet)
(x) Isaw (Chicken intestine). tsalap!

Total: 5

Rode the following :
(x) Tricycle (a motorcycle with a sidecar attached). every day!
( ) Karitela / Kalesa (horse Carriage)
( ) Trolley/push cart along the riles (railroad)
(x) Banka (boat). our version is known as "lancha"
( ) MRT / LRT during rush hour
(x) Jeepney where you had to stand (sabit). uso-uso days!
(x) Bus where you had to stand (sabit) at the estribo (doorway). island city express bus!
(x) Top load on a jeepney
( ) Top load on a PNR train
( ) Rode in a Love Bus

Total: 5

Been to :
( ) The Rice Terraces or Sagada
( ) Star City
(x) Enchanted Kingdom
( ) Shooting the Rapids (Pagsanjan or elsewhere)
(x) Seen the Tarsier (small wide-eyed primate) or Butanding (whale shark) in Bohol
(x) Seen Magellan's cross
( ) Seen the Black Nazarene in Quiapo
( ) Manila Zoo
(x) Crocodile farm (Palawan or Davao)
(x) Seen the Philippine Eagle in Davao

Total: 5

Tried the following :
(x) Played Patintero
(x) Played Tumbang Preso
(x) Played Piko (hopscotch)
(x) Played Sungka
( ) Played with Spiders. i have fears on spiders. gawd! im gonna faint!
(x) Played Chinese Garter
(x) Played Chinese Jackstones
(x) Climbed a coconut tree. but i haven't reached the top
( ) Caught fish in the canal during a rainy day
( ) Had a salagubang (beetle) for a pet (beetle fight)

Total: 7

Culturally oriented activities :
(x) Danced the Tinikling or any other native dance
(x) Attended Simbang Gabi ( Midnight Mass )
(x) Participated in Ati-Atihan. Does Kadayawan counts? we won 2nd place. and in caracoles festival, we won 1st place
(x) Attended/participated in any religious procession
( ) Rode a kalabaw (carabao) or baka (cow)
(x) Used gugo for shampoo
( ) Tumulay sa kawayan (walked on a bamboo pole bridge)
( ) Kept Vigil at the Cemetery for Nov.1
( ) Visited 9 (or more) churches during holy week
(x) Greeted your grandparents or elders by kissing their hand or having them touch your forehead

Total: 6

Provincial living :
(x) Eaten fish head. small i can't even notice that i've eaten the head
( ) Drank Lambanog (coconut wine) or Tuba (rice wine)
( ) Drank Batangas barako coffee or Cordillera coffee
(x) Told manananggal, aswang, capre stories during a brownout or rainy night
(x) Slept under a mosquito net or on a banig
(x) Eaten champorado (cocoa porridge) with tuyo (dried fish)
(x) Eaten pandesal filled with condensed milk
(x) Dunked pandesal into hot coffee
( ) Ate fried rice with coffee as your soup
(x) Took a bath under a "poso" or by the "ilog"(river)

Total: 7

Young life :
(x) Gone to the beach in summer. i live close to shorelines...
( ) Rode horses at Wright Park in Baguio. akala ko RED HORSE. HAHAHA
(x) Eaten otap, piaya, or buko pie
(x) Polished the floor with coco husk (bunot)
(x) Seen Taal Volcano
(x) Called anyone "pare/mare", "tol", or "bos/bossing"
(x) Showered in the rain
( ) Got a tattoo (a real one)
( ) Attended an exclusive boys/girls school
(x) Cut class

Total: 7

Metro living :
(x) Got stuck in the EDSA parking lot. all i remember in my stay in Manila was TRAFFIC!!!
(x) Walked in a flood
( ) Lifted furniture up away from the flood water
(x) Eaten "Dirty" Ice Cream
(x) Eaten fish balls / squid balls sa kalye (from the street vendors)
(x) Attended an inuman (drinking session) in the neighborhood
( ) Lived in a boarding house
( ) Gone to the casino
( ) Gone inside Malacanang Palace
(x) Gone shopping at 168 / Divisoria

Total: 6

Historic Events / Places :
( ) participated in EDSA 1 / 2 / 3
( ) Marched in Mendiola
( ) Attended a Makati rally
( ) Visited the Ayala Museum
( ) Visited Corregidor
( ) Visited Bataan shrine
( ) Visited Biak na Bato
( ) Visited Rizal's house in Calamba, Laguna
( ) Visited Lapu Lapu's shrine in Mactan Island
( ) Visited Ferdinand Marcos' resting place

Total: 0

Others :
(x) Got stuck in your office / car / elsewhere during a storm
( ) Experienced a strong earthquake while in a floor 10 stories or higher
( ) Attended World Youth Day in Manila with Pope John Paul II
( ) Watched the Thrilla in Manila
( ) Get stuck in NAIA because of a VIP coming in or out

Total: 1

Sports events :
( ) Watched horse races at the karerahan
( ) Monitored the Tour of Luzon / of the Philippines
( ) Watched a PBA game live
(x) Watched a Pacquaio fight. TV
( ) Bet in a cock fight

Total: 1

Grand Total: 50/100
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a-z = me

i am not sure if i was tagged for this...i'd post this anyway! wahahaha

Adventurous. i am always up for an adventure and i love new and exciting experiences
Beer-drinking champion. oh yeah! an unforgettable achievement
Conversationalist. i love to talk...blah-blah
Dancer. hehehe...private dancer. i miss the "red-hot girls" performances
Error. Part of my find errors in a system. (salamat kay shynne for giving this stuck ko)
Film-critic. I make my own reviews and ratings for a movie with my own set of standards. hehe
Housewife. i love to be in the future. i love house chores! hehe
Imaginary. i have imaginary friends...hahaha
Jan Clinton. my nako sa katanang earth + universe
Keeper. I keep a lot of memorable things from the past, secrets of friends, and more
Loyal. i stand for the meaning of this word
Music buff...more of the oldies
North. my destination in life...
Optimistic. i always look on the brighter side of things... :)
Papa's girl
Quiet. I know when it is needed and wanted.
Rain. I like rain..sometimes...
Samal. my HOME...i have dropped my anchors and nailed my life in this place
Tripper. i love surprise trips! movie trip, food trip, walkathon trip...
Umbrella. I don't have one...
Vigan. i'm looking forward to visit. (nagpatahi nako ug kimona para sa pictorial)
Waiting. something that i hate but i still end up doing. hahaha
Xoxo. your very own gossip girl ;)
Yes. i always say this word more often than i should. i have problems in saying NO.
Zsa Zsa Padilla. mama ni karylle na ex ni dingdong! dah! kumpleto na...again again...
Zero. score ko sa math quiz when i was in grade I

huh! done!

pancit canton twirls

i got so frustrated today...

i hate it when i don't get the answers right away, figure out solutions for a certain problem and UNDERSTAND something that i am tasked to understand.

because i'm frustrated...i need to eat.