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the Hidden Nikki band

gum+acetone+alcohol+fingersign+lipstick = EPIC
dude, don't ever make a girl mad


fleeting day

i am not in a very good mood today. i am trying to deal with my mood swings and i am trying not to throw a tantrum. bollocks!

aside from constantly talking to myself, i figured a way to redeem myself from my infamous tantrum. i went to the supermarket.

yes, i did. you may ask on how come spending time in the grocery cures my insanity? haha! walking in the grocery aisles consumes my energy and checking on every product diverts my mind. you would actually see me reading on the labels, comparing prices, and just walking in circles - figuring out what i wanted to buy. the downside here is i pick random stuffs and stuck it to my basket. i didn't even mind having only P500.00 cash in my wallet. i just wanted to buy and get rid of something - something like money. as much as i try to avoid using my debit card - oh well today i did.

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window pain

"Where ever I am I always find myself looking out the window wishing I was somewhere else."

There would always be a part of me wishing to be where you are, Ami and Lolo.
When I look at your pictures and remember your memories, I feel your love.
Your love that transcends in all of me.
 Your love that I have inherited.
Goodnight Ami.Goodnight Lolo.
I got to make up for the hours of sleep - insomnia has visited me quite often lately.

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Is your GPS activated

Today, we had our Singles for Christ household meeting. For a quick background on a household meeting, this is an activity where we praise & worship, reflect on bible readings, conduct an activity for reflection and sharing, and of course share the grace of food. Lately, we've been starting to revive our group so slowly we are dusting of the rust in our call of service. So for a change, I'd like to share our activity for reflection.

He'll Get You Back on Track
"Show me Your ways, O LORD; teach me Your paths" (Psalm 25:4)

Most cars today have a GPS (Global Positioning System) to guide you navigate towards the desired destination. You can program it to take you to a certain location. All along the way, the GPS will announce detailed instructions to you. "Turn left in a quarter of a mile. Take this freeway three miles. Exit in one mile." But sometimes we are able to follow all the directions voiced out by the GPS. We may miss a turn, stop to get gas or go another way. The GPS doesn't come on and start yelling at us and say ,"What in the world are you doing? I told you to turn left! You ruined my plan." No, the moment we get off course, the GPS system immediately starts recalculating another plan. Within a few seconds, it will give you new directions.

It is the same way with God. God knows very well the right direction for each one of us to take in order for us to reach the destination God has planned. God is there directing our path all time. When you have a heart to please Him, yo may miss an exit, you may make a wrong turn, but God has already recalculated another route. He's still going to get you to where you're supposed to be. He loves you with an everlasting love, and when you seek Him with your whole heart, no matter where you are in life, He'll get you back on track!

The important thing for us is to be aware that daily in our lives, we always have to use and turn on the GPS - God's Positioning System. We should not attempt to walk through life on any day without the GPS. Surely, we will miss many exits and make wrong turns.

And if ever we are using and turning on the GPS, what is also important to note is to always listen and follow the directions continuously being given out. This will surely please God and make us reach the exact destination as planned by God.


I'd like to share 3 points...

1. God's plan
This might not be the first time you've heard someone saying "It's part of God's plan!" Indeed, God is the play maker and the director of the stage called life. He works in magnificent ways that is far beyond our human understanding. Believe and have faith on God's purpose. 

I admit that I have been so stubborn on His plans for me. Hehehe. I have my own plans. I tend to insist them to be the direction I'd like to take. I tend to cover my ears on His message, cover my eyes on His revelations, and ignore His signals. Oh well, human as I am. But I won't make my humanity as an excuse and I won't give out alibis to defend my wrong actions. I just have struggles and shortcomings. But despite this, I trust that God will still guide me all the way. That he will back me up in case my oh-so-called plan won't work.

It was God's plan to send me in this Singles for Christ community, I'm sure it wasn't mine. Through the SFC I was able to iron out my childhood pains, strengthen the bond with my family, receive opportunities to serve and become an instrument to others, and just accomplish the simple joys of fulfillment. 

2. God's time
God is playful most of the time. He answers prayers before we ask for it or answers it on time or doesn't answer it exactly with what we asked for.

After college, I wanted to take a year off from all the hustle-bustle of work and studies. I wanted to stop for a year. But God didn't want me to stop, He just allowed me to rest. I received a call for a job offer before I marched my college graduation. I didn't applied for the job at all. But I took the shot anyway and to the present time I am still keeping that same job. God wanted me to learn the lesson of hardwork and sacrifice. He knew that I am a good worker and a good servant. So I was directed to a path even before I maneuvered the wheel, God gave me a blessing before I asked for it.

God has always been faithful. I don't recall having a very bad 
experience. That is because He made sure that I find comfort and lesson in every trial. God is always in time. I believe that He let me do all the work if He knew that I can, and if I don't then He will be there to save me.

Not all of our prayers get answered. I take this as God's way of telling us that its not the direction for us to take. That there's a better way to get to the finish line.

3. God's will
If there's one thing I am sure with in my life, it's D. This could be unbelievable but I did saw my life unfold the first time I saw him. I saw myself growing old with him. That is why I am firm to pray for him. I am not ashamed with the things I did. I am not ashamed with my long wait. Waiting is my life's core lesson - God wanted me to wait.
The 14 years of wait sounds too long but it's not for me. It's worth it. The pains and sacrifices are not burdens, those are frosting. Even if everyone tells me to give up, I didn't. I waited and prayed for D and God answered my prayer! That is why I stand by what I prayed for. D is my destination in life - he is my North. 
I know it won't be that easy. God will test me. I find it funny because every time I tend to give up, He pokes D. It's not every day that you find a person that you can put up with no matter what, a person you can't afford to hate, a person that you find so easy to love - as easy as breathing, and a person you can't give up on. For now, it is enough for me to know that D loves me...he does.

Kidding aside, the GPS I used to know was Gilbeys Premium Strength. Hahaha. Surely that was a wrong turn.

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Slimming Toe Ring

I first heard about the slimming toe rings from my sister who actually ordered a set online. I don't think she already got the items though but in case it brings positive effects I'm sure I will hear it from my sister.

It's also affordable compared to other products. A pair of toe ring would cost you 200 pesos. So whether it works or not, it's safe to say that you didn't waste much money on a curious try.

I was intrigued on how the toe ring works its magic. I am not fixated with all the popping out of slimming remedies nowadays - from food intake, to juice drink, to lotion, to belt pads, to bracelet stones, to lypo, and all those wonderland of products. What clogged on my thoughts was how could a toe ring cause a person to loose weight?

How does the toe ring works?

With this diet plan, dieters purchase two acupressure toe rings made of silicone. These rings contain magnets, with 1100 Gauss to stimulate the pressure points in the feet and boost the power of acupressure. One ring is placed on the left big toe and the other ring goes over the right big toe. According to the manufacturer, these rings stimulate the pressure points on the big toe and second toe, working to curb appetite. Wearing the rings will also allow dieters to be more aware of their core muscles and causes them to use them more and make them stronger. Dieters simply put on the rings and wear throughout the day.

For more details, read here.

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titans and battleships should I start my rating on this movie. As much as I would like to give Wrath of the Titans a good review...I can't. Maybe because I have expectations of this movie coming from a very good prequel - Clash of the Titans.

The effects are great, hands down to that.
One factor that contributed to my disappointment is we watched this movie in 3D. I am not sure if the 3D shades is defective or what but it did gave me a bad headache during and after the movie. I should have watched in a regular cinema, I could have enjoyed the movie.

Second factor would be Cronos. If he is the father of Zeus and Poseidon, how could he be that so easy to defeat and I don't even get the point of his character in this sequel. His slow movements and shouting are all pestering to me. Then he got killed by just one shot. Oh boy! I've waited for more than 1 hour for that climax. 

Lastly, it didn't end with a BOOM. I can't spare it with an applause (like Transformers). It just ended simply and I just went out of the cinema not thinking or talking much about the movie.

This gets a 2 stars out of 5 from me.

Effects. Action Scenes. Smart Tactics. Movie Lines. Characters. Witty punchlines.
There's no unnecessary scene in the movie, I can't throw away any scene at all.
I like the irony when the lead character was asked on the difference between a destroyer and a battleship. He said that a battleship does this and that but the destroyer is way cooler.
But then in the end, it was a battleship that led their triumph against the invaders.
I like that the war veterans has a part in the movie - i love old people.
 So I give this movie 5 out of 5 stars.


sketches and burn

While I was cleaning my cabinet yesterday, I found my old drawing book. I found my old drawings when I attempted to create a comic strip a very long time ago. It could have been nice if I finished it but then I only made it through 4 pages of the story. I'm sure I got lost in the middle of story - as I always have. 

Honestly, the drawings are cute and funny. Hahaha. I think I must reunite with my pencil and drawing book soon. I have a pending project posted in my to-do list for 2012.

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who? me?

SEXY? Sino? Ako? Weeeeh? Di nga?

Thank you D. Although I was in doubt if it was really for me...haha. And kahit nakatanggap ka ng letanya from me, buti naman at hindi mo binawi.

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Holy Week at Estancia Resort

Just recently, this Holy Week, the Ibea family of Samal and Jaramilla family of Paranaque decided to go on a vacation in Tagaytay along with the Ibea family of Cavite. The first plan was in Subic but unfortunately, all resorts were fully booked. And that's why we ended up with a reservation in Estancia Resort in Tagaytay.

The family has been to Tagaytay twice while I has been there I think four times already. But this doesn't spoil the vacation because this will be the first time that we will spend a night in a big family group. Besides, wherever we are - it will always be fun.

After almost 2 hours of land travel, we reached Estancia Resort. It was Good Friday so the roads are less busy and no traffic problems for us.

The first look I had in the place, it gave me the impression of Santorini, Greece. From the receiving area to the hallway to the rooms...all seems to be Greek-inspired. It gives you the feeling of being abroad - in a far place that's quiet and new. And if you'll ask me the price, uhm its a bit on top of your budget. The rooms we got are 8,000 pesos per day (we got 3 rooms for each family) and you will be asked for a deposit of 2,000 of which will be refunded upon checkout depending if you have consumed any of the food and beverages in the room.

Yeah, I'd like to share that it was a treat from the Ibea family of Cavite so we were able to dodge those blinking 5-digit amount (8,000+2,000=10,000).

Available amenities are swimming pool, jacuzi, sauna, billiards, pingpong, playground, and more.
 a view on the top deck of our room
that empty seat has remained unoccupied for so long now

walking away and not looking back

The price of food cannot fall under the category of "affordable". For example a sandwich would cost you P200.00 - this ain't a reasonable price for a bakasyonista like me. Maybe because I am used with the affordable prices in Davao where my 10.00 pesos would be enough to fill my tummy. So we preferred to went out for dinner in Leslie's - famous for their bulalo. The place was jam-packed and we were forced to rub elbows with the other customers just to get that table reservations. Right after dinner we passed by 7/11 and bought food - AGAIN, and some drinks.

 arby playing with the curtains

 at Leslie's

 the girls
 the boys

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3 is an ODD number

It is a rare opportunity for the three of us to get together nowadays and spend some sister-brother time.
Ate (big sister) is already married and settling in Manila while our family stays in Davao.
Brother and I are together most of the time though.

For that once in a blue moon occasion - we always have that kindred feeling of goofing around like we were kids. The three of us have different personalities I must say. We were not really as this close when we were young maybe because of the age gaps, teenage adjustment period and whatever. But what matters is now. Although we are separated by distance - we try to bridge the gap.


Indeed...3 is an ODD number. 

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airport hustle bustle

After a looooooong vacation, now I'm back at home...back to work. Since I am reserving the story of my vacation on a separate entry, let me just share my experience today at the Airport.

I have a 7:40AM flight to Davao. Around 6:00AM I am already at the NAIA as I am dropped off by my sister and her husband (thanks to the new Toyota Adventure). The first thing I noticed was the line in the entrance gates.

(zoom in images) Oh noooooo!!! I hate waiting in lines!!! But I can't magically transport myself inside and so I waited in line with no choice. (play clock ticking sound effects) Then for awhile I was inside the airport, I breath in and out then went to the next stop. 

(play wheels screeching) Ugh!!! There's another long line to the airline gates where I need to check-in. This time the line is triple times longer. And this is the part where I say the F word. BLEEP!

My eyes are rolling around, observing my surrounding, finding a way that I could escape this dilemma. 

(play sound effects of angels singing a-lle-lu-ia) There it is! A heaven sent electronic machine called "self-service check-in" ...if I remembered it correctly hehe. All I need to do is enter my ticket's confirmation number then boom boarding pass is printed out. Good thing I am a lite traveler because it can only be used by passengers without check-in baggage. In less than 5 minutes I am done. I'd like to jump and dance in happiness...put out my tongue to those who are still in line and say "so long suckers!!!" - but that would be rude right?! So I quickly went to the next stop in the terminal, grabbed a sandwich & coffee, then waited for boarding time.


(Airline crew announcing: Flight 5J 963 is now ready for boarding) I grabbed my things & coffee cup then lined up again. But this time it is bearable. When I handed my boarding pass to the airline crew I was in shocked when she asked me a question.

"Are you pregnant Maam?"

SERIOUSLY?!!! Could it be part of any protocol to ask all women passenger? I looked at my tummy bulge as I answered her with a No. Hahahaha. That was EPIC!

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Poongsan (rare korean dog)

Why i love watching DONG YI
1. She acts childish and foolish. Her character gives me a warm feeling than those exaggerated-overkill characters in [some] Pinoy Teleseryes.
2. She's not afraid to take in all the consequences of her being curious and fearless.
3. She takes time...she waits...before she reveals her cards to the enemy. And they all stand in awe - defeated.
4. She collects proofs and the truth behind all her questions before she draws her sword in the fight. Then she patiently prepares a righteous scheme.
5. She accepts the pain of loosing friends and trusted people along her battles.
6. She doesn't hesitate in admitting and acknowledging her faults.
7. She moves on with a light heart.

Bottom line:
Some bridges are NOT meant to be crossed and some bridges are meant to be burned. Do not falter on times of pain and defeat if you knew that you have a better judgment than those who put their words above their head because "Big mouths are only holes to the deaf" (Armi Millare, 2010)

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[photo diary] One Fine Day

i like looking on patterns. do you see it?

I always wear comfortable shoes

Arby: Wala na hair!!! Huhuhuhu