Wednesday, February 13, 2013

K to the nth power

“K” is for kilig and this is the perfect and exact words to describe what I feel when watching these Korean movies & series.

Back in college, I have watched plenty of Korean films since those were the years that Korean films were introduced to the Pinoys and it definitely became a hit (especially on the deebeedee deebeedee). Then local TV networks were conquered as well with what we call “Koreanovelas”. It was a Korean invasion indeed! The hearts of the Filipinos were captured by the heart warming stories - without the exaggerated stories and kontrabidas in Pinoy films/series.

In this post, I’m gonna list down my favorites – this is a fangirl moment for me. Hahaha.

Yoon Eun-hye & Park Yoochun
I just finished this series last week and I'm still having a bad hangover on the story and characters. I find the conflict of the story very heart breaking. And I love how every character played their roles – Bravo!

Keun Suk & Girls' Generation's Im Yoona
I bet the “kilig” that this series brought me would never fade!!! I swear!!! I just wish that they would end up together in real life. Hahaha (fangirl moment again)
Yoona and Keun Suk are just perfectly cute!!! The conflict in the story is also unique, well for me it is. The transition of the story from the past to present was nicely presented – it’s just very sensitive. I don’t know how to describe it with the right words – I just love this series to bits. 

Yoon Eun-hye and Kang Ji-hwan 

FUN + KILIG = just my type of film/series. Kang Ji-hwan's character is "suplado" (ten-te-ne-nen) - I fell inlove. hahaha. Eun-hye is just bubbly and goofy.
A "suplado" person and a "bubbly" person does perfectly fit together (ayiiiiiiiiiii).

Ha Ji-won and Hyun Bin
Oh my! It seems I ran out of words to describe all these Korean shows. But nevertheless, Secret Garden is in my top pick! I would watch it over and over. I love the hint of magic in the story - hey what's wrong of a magical fairy tale right?
I like that the girl is not the typical damsel in distress - she's a stunt woman. How cool is that!!!  
I love her short hair. I love that the guy is somehow a "weakling" and submissive to the girl.
I like the simple happy ending - not Pinoy-like ending with grand weddings and yet the main character would die in the end.

Note: I didn't include DONG YI because I already made a separate blog entry about it - here. Just being fair.