Friday, January 23, 2009


Internet connection is down, which means the absence of life in my online work. All of my tasks were halted (this could be a blessing in disguise though). What else is left for me to do here? Hmmm....i can read the 3 ebooks of Stephenie Meyer, the sequel of twilight. But my eyes seems to be sober for reading...bah. I can compose poems but my words doesn't seem to fit all the running thoughts in my head. So I guess, I'll just blabber out here while listening to non-sleepy-mood music.

Let's talk about chichings for today. "Chiching" is a pseudoname for the other woman or other man of a committed person, or the infamous "kabit". This is a pretty much interesting topic (if you don't agree close this page then).

"Alibi junkee"
B: May na lang ng mag kabit2x kaysa mag drugs2x (crap! stupid stupid stupid line!)

"Di naman talaga kami kasal, nabuntis ko lang sya"
"Dahil lang sa mga bata kaya kami nagsasama"

"Message wrong sent"
misis: sino ung ngttxt sae sa phone?!?
guy: di para sakin un. sa officemate ko un nakitxt lang sakin.

"Miss Brightside"
Hubby: "Naghahabol sa'kin eh. Hayaan mo lang honey, mapapagod din yun"

GF: "Look at the bright side, as long as he comes home to me"

"Award winning"
"It's me, it's not you" (Cruel sobrang gasgas ng linyang to...ang sarap )

We've heard plenty of lines or stories about "chichings". I cannot judge the mistakes and decisions of others so in my little own point of view a wrongful action is not equated with its reasons or results. What's wrong is wrong. A sin is a sin.

internet connection is work work


Ciel Bleu said...

hahahaha... nice one.

mga gasgas na linya.