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loving wrinkles

I'm getting smile-wrinkles because I just can't stop smiling and laughing when I'm with these girls...and I love that

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dum-de-dum dum-de-dum

This is one of those days that i should not miss blogging about!!!

Today, i had dinner with D♥ and his mother. yes, you’ve read it right. this is quite very unusual. something’s up. could all the planets have aligned today?

For more than 5 years of being together, this is the very first time i had a formal meal with his mother. i don’t want to exaggerate or raise my expectations but this is something i am surprised, happy, and nervous at the same time.

Its not like i don’t know his mother. we’ve met plenty of times and we’ve talked plenty of times before considering that D♥ and I were classmates from elementary to high school. i just was not formally introduced as a girlfriend to her by D♥ and that I understand — he has his own ways and reasons.

Today is different.

I arrived last at the restaurant but i wasn’t late. i welcomed them with my smile. believe me, my lips and cheeks could hardly move to form a smile. my hands were so cold and my thoughts were running in torpedo in my head. i was worried on what to say and on how will i be myself with my boyfriend’s mother. hahaha it’s not like i’m gonna ask for her son’s hand in marriage!!!

The funny thing is i ended up having a good conversation with D♥’s mother as he sat there quietly. we talked about D♥ and we both agreed that he’s often quiet, aloof and strict — and there are few people who would really know him. here are some of the memorable things we talked about:

  • D♥’s mother recalled our childhood days and revealed that she’s still keeps a picture of us when we were kids
  • She likes my cooking. I did cooked/prepared quite a few dishes for D♥
  • She mentioned “destiny” —- kapalaran gyud mo
  • She narrated stories about D♥ when he was a baby. I like hearing this kind of things specially straight from the woman who brought up the man I love
  • “Kumusta naman mong duha?” in english translation “How’s the both of you doing?” — and this felt very awkward. I wasn’t able to give an answer
  • “Most of your batchmates are already married and have kids right?” and I replied in my head “Yes, and we are the ones remaining to be single” hahaha
  • “So when will the both of you get [M-word]?” and I was like o_O whoa! I didn’t expect her to drop that question. I just pointed my finger to D♥ to give an answer but he was mum about it — as always
  • She shared stories about her being the eldest of 10 siblings, being a mother of 3 and now a grandmother
  • She shared about my grandparents whom are her teachers back then. I like listening about my grannies
  • She complemented about my community service before - that I was at my best. Geez!
  • She whispered to me, “D♥ is just like his father — the quiet type. But what’s important is your characters complement with each other.”
  • She mentioned that eventually in the future D♥ and I would have equal tasks in the household since I am good at cooking and other chores
  • We talked about career, family, vacation and happiness in life.

In general, D♥’s mom and I agreed on most things. There were moments I noticed that D♥ was uneasy and uncomfortable. He just don’t want to talk about some matters and we smiled each time we notice him smirk.

Today I am happy.

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team "call-us-maybe"

Last Friday, we had a prenup photoshoot for my friend ditsi Jennifer and kuya Popong. Of course, I took a leave from work just to witness and participate in the photoshoot. And since I will be the host in their wedding reception this September, it would be a plus for me to spend time with the future couple.

I consider te Jen2x's family as my second family. I am close to her other sisters atsi Joahnna (i call ate Atz) and satsi Jam. I have witnessed when kuya Popong asked permission from te Jen2x's parents to wed their second daughter and I was also present in the formal "pamamanhikan".

Back to the prenup photoshoot, in my previous post I did shared some of my shots. The pictures I took are not the official photos, those are just backstage candid shots. Besides I am not a pro and my camera is not an A-type. I would like to share some pictures of the working people behind the photoshoot -- photos are from the official photographer.

me in my favorite Artwork 3/4 shirt with the GANG

Me with Shirwena, the director of poses

Meg and Dale. Guilty as charged! Yes, we did made some few rounds of beer shots even under the scorching heat of the sun

Jam, the photographer

Jurex, the videographer

And of course.....more pictures of myself. Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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that crazy thing

It's not everyday that you find that someone you can spend the entire day laughing about things - those things that you eventually forget why you're laughing at.

Someone who shares that same spirit of adventure in traveling - a pair of happy feet

Someone who don't just entice you with candy-flavored promises...

but the simple truths and joys of life...

...and the fact that life makes all complete sense when it is SHARED ♥