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suicide post

Maybe in this post, I'd rather shut up.

And while scrolling and clicking, i found this blog post - Rebellious Brides
The "Tanan" prenup was cute :) Simple as it is and leaves a smile once you're done viewing the photos.

Here's a few more:
The Pats
Marco & Lara
Mark & Jolina
Real Men

And this is one of my favorites (I might use the same song in the not-so-distant future)
For their photos and video - check here

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I was having the time of my life in the waiting list
Just letting time pass by

I didn’t mind of not being asked to the dance floor
I acted like I didn’t want to be bothered

A few did try to ask
I hesitated

I believe that the right partner would come at the right time
With the right music
And so I went on whistling

When that someone reached out his hand to me
I knew I heard the right song and our feet were made to dance

I took someone’s lead in this trance
Surrendered into his embrace

Forward and backward steps we took
Swaying along

The music skipped
My heart went out of beat

I realized that I have been dancing around for quite some time
The same steps, the same music

There’s nothing wrong with settling,
It’s not such a bad thing at all

And as I look upon those eyes of yours
I see the could haves and might haves if we both took the risk

The music went on and on, on and on
Will you ever take that brave step or not?

Now somebody else’s gentle hand is asking
And my defenses weakened

I felt scared
Could that somebody else want to dance in a new music and dance floor?

I would not want to entertain the thought
But we’ve been moving in circles
We’ve been very careful not to step unto each other’s toes
We’ve been holding each other but not feeling
We’ve been looking into each other’s eyes but not seeing
I would love to keep on dancing with you
I would love to hurt my toes when you take a wrong step
I would love to be touched, felt, and seen by you

And where do these words lead to?
Nowhere - Nowhere far from you

Forward and backward

inspired by "Take This Waltz"

This movie awakened my fear. It bothered me for a while.

This movie caught my attention basically because it's a Michelle William's movie! I loved her in the movie Blue Valentine where she paired with Ryan Gosling and she received quite a lot of nominations. I loved the truth and the passion transcended in the movie. No make-ups in the characters.  

In "Take This Waltz", once again Michelle portrayed a simple character but remarkable! A for impact - well, for me on that note.
It's a story of a wife who is scared to admit the problems in their marriage. She lacks the courage to speak of it. She tried to survive and go along as she has been in the past years. She longs for intimacy. She longs for a change in her marriage. But this doesn't put his husband into a bad light because her husband is loyal and nice, played by Seth Rogen. Maybe she got bored. That's how I see it.

When she met this guy who seemed to have awakened her curiosity, she tried to evade his presence. But her boredom sinks in everyday and her wanting of something -- something she's been missing in her marriage. So eventually she gave in and decided to leave her husband over the guy she met on a shirt-trip.

Just a few thoughts: 
If the husband just didn't let his wife take that short trip alone... it could have changed things.
If the husband took notice of her signals that she wanted to be touched and seen.
If the husband just took that extra leap of changing "the usual" things.
If the wife was just vocal of what she's been going through, it could have given her husband a chance to save their marriage.

“Life has a gap in it, it just does. You don’t go crazy trying to fill it like some lunatic.”

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perks of a clean slate (tabula rasa)

In my 2012 checklist, there’s an item that says [ ] Read a book and I am so happy to tell you my dear readers out there that I am able to accomplish it, finally – whew! Pat on my back. I admit that I haven’t read a book from cover to cover for years now. I get bored. My eyes get tired. And I don’t think I allot a time where I can just sit and grab a book to read.

In our 2012 Office Christmas Party, I sent a shout out to my anonymous manito/manita that I would like to get a book as a gift – “Perks of Being a Wallflower” in particular. Good thing is I did get the book! I acted surprised :)

I am interested with the story. I’ve read some good reviews about it. So the challenge was to find the eagerness to flip the pages. I must commit.

In the beginning, I found myself floundering. I could not understand what was I reading – nothing is sticking in my head. I have to read the lines multiple times. The words are actually dancing in a very scattered pattern. It felt like I was chasing or finding the next word to read. Eventually I caught up with the phasing. And at 12:30AM of January 23, 2013 I finished reading the book :)

Before I forget, I already saw the movie version of the book by the way. And just like what I expressed on the twilight movie vs. twilight book – the book version is way better! The movie helped though – it materialized the characters. It’s like I knew how Patrick, Sam and Charlie looked. But the book made me feel what the characters suppose to feel. There – just a small comparison.

The book stroked a lot of memories. I suddenly missed my friends. I suddenly longed for a get-together with my friends. And “remembering” the old days grew in me. I promise that I’m gonna write about these some time. I just need to sort my thoughts first – I am still overwhelmed with the checked off item from my bucket list.

Now, I am looking for the next book to read. These were some few of the suggested books I found:
Before Ever After by Samantha Sotto
Why we Broke Up by Daniel Handler
Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols

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There has not been a day in a month where we eat out to fancy restaurants.
And when I say fancy this means a “sushi-day” or let’s call it “Japanese-meal”.
Each meal is special my dear, as you are to me.
When you serve my plate with food or let me finish the last sushi roll, 
those moments make my heart smile.
Oh boy! No doubt we enjoy food.

There was nothing special with last Friday really
Same food, same restaurant
We just had a candle-light dinner ^_^

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ALL-STAR cast ^_^

A surprise for Matit with our all-time anthem ALL STAR. Ha-ha-ha-ha


Blatant Narcissism

Okay, this is another day at work where we have technical problems causing unavailability of emails. Rather than ranting, I'd just blog about anything random. :)

Hmmm...so for today let's see what's inside Pandora's Box. Jeez! That thought just lighted up an idea! Let me tour you inside my pouch. Hey, I'm gonna warn you that there won't be fancy things 'coz I'm not a "Carrie Bradshaw" girl.

I love this Victoria's Secret pouch. Its casual and simple.

  1. Vitress Hair Protect
2. Eyebrow Pencil
3. Lipstick - Christian Dior
4. Nivea Lip Care - to avoid dry lips 
5. Maybelline Powder Foundation

6. Victoria's Secret Honeysuckle

7. Flash drives

8. Hand lotion

 9. Pocket Alcohol

10. Keys

I guess that's about it.

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say you, say me

 [a farewell poem for Matit]

ang mga tula dili lang angay sa mga bertdey2x
pwede sad kini sa farewell partey2x
ang paglupad sa layong dapit sa usa ka higala
angay ra alayan ug usa ka bulahan nga tula
bisan kani na buhat2x kay sulay ra
ug ako nasayod na walay mo-pildi sa abilidad ni Abellana

...clears throat...

this girl used to be unknown
subject lang gud ang unod sa iyang application
"Hi I'm Matit!"
we all thought na sya'y isang ta-ar-tit
na manghod ni Lot2x ug anak ni Nora-walang-Himala
but no no no, we are wrong...sya pala ay si Maria Teresa

palpak man ang iyang introduction
pero sa iyang interview ako naka-uyon
w/ flying colors pasado sa eksaminasyon
apan labaw na nag-marka sa akong katakos ang iyang mga pulong
"i cannot control others, but i can control myself" - bungga di ba?!
mao ni iyang tubag sa akong pina-miss universe na pangutana

ug tungod niato miabot ko sa usa ka desisyon
na sa lima ka aplikante sya ang akong pilion!
ug sugod ato hangtod karong adlawa
wala gayod ako gamahay...nga ikaw Matit akong na-Selecta
maski man kalahi nimo si Kokey (ezlang version)
sa among heart ikaw ay okay na okay!

salamat kay nahimo ko na buhing saksi
sa imong kamaayo ug coco-lumber legs na seksi (hahaha)
labi na sa imong donasyon na beef steak ug pichi2x
way duda nabusog among mga bitok sa kalami (yummy!)
pero kung buot huna-hunaon namo ug pagbalik
mas labing nabusog ang among kasing2x kuyog ka ug hagik-ik

usa ka takna na wala nako na-foresee
to-wait to-wait to-wait ingon sa birdie
ikaw mi-confess sa akoa atong bulan sa Hulyo
didto sa Mang Inasal imong luha mitulo
i kusi myself many times 'coz it might be a dream
na from "loving-a-name", labing-tatlo na lang mi nabilin sa team

a-ni-a na!
mitulo na!
simhot2x ta gamay kay ang sip-on mosagol na sa akong luha
(my gosh! parat man diay ni ug lasa)
kaning mga "babay" dili malikayan kung mao ang gitakda
bug-at sa dughan nako ang imong pagbiya
sigurado ko na ang ipuli sa imo maglisod kog pangita
pero akong ihatag kanimo ang akong 100% na suporta
duyugan pa gyud ug pag-ampo na giyahan ka NIYA sa maski asa

Padayon ug kab-ot sa gihandum nimo na bituon
Ug kita manag-tapok2x lang sad puhon
Goodluck sad sa imong "right here waiting" na storya
Balitai lang mi sa susunod na kabanata (ayiiiiiii)
Ang masayran ang imong kalipay usa ka grasya
Andama na dayon ang kinakusgan na bihon para sadya!

Maaaa-Tit! Maaaa-Tit!
Usa ko malimot, naay gusto mo-gukod sa niining tula
mingawon kuno si "UMANG" sa imo "MARIA"
hahahaha -- katawa ta dire na side
hahahaha -- katawa once more
we will miss you 'tit...as in over over gallore

Saying "see you" in a song
It was a fun night... a little sad at the same time
The next day, I lose my voice... could be because of too much laughter and singing (wink)

False snow!!! Yipee!!!

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The Pablo Experience

[Another late post]

The boat and ferry trips were suspended due to the storm signal no. 3. This is not the first time that trips were canceled. For a person who lives in an island and travels daily to the city to work, suspended trips is not a good thing.

I understand that SAFETY is being considered as priority during these times. But you can't take away the tantrums of a person who really wants to go home.

Early in the afternoon the suspension was announced.  I was not bothered by it. Because in the previous similar event, the suspension was lifted hours after. So I did not worry about it and continue with work. But then the suspension was not lifted, my brother and I waited in the pier for awhile. Since there's no sign of possibility we decided to head back down town to find a place to stay.

We turned things to positive. My brother and I decided to enjoy the stranded-experience. Boyfie has a place to stay - her aunt's house, so he won't be joining me in this experience. 

My brother and I rented a room in a dormitel. We shopped for clothes. We dined out. This seems to be some sort of vacation! The next day, rain is still pouring. I need to go to work so I showered and dressed up. Then I received a text message from our HR that work is suspended. Since the suspension of trips were not yet lifted, I don't have a choice but to wander around.

Boyfie's work was also suspended so the three of us got together and watched a movie, ate out and just wander around the entire day.

  View outside our room
Quick moment for a snapshot

See how calm the sea is and yet boat trips were not allowed. This pissed off a lot of people

Boat trips resumed at 7PM

People on board the 7PM ferry trip. MOB!!!!

PS: That was fun :)

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A Decade After

Photo stream from my 2012 High School Reunion
Batch 1998-2002