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finally, somebody figured it out

Lately, I have distanced myself from all the traffic of social networking sites. Yes I am guilty of having accounts that I can hardly manage. I do have facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr, multiply (site closed down), plurk, and more.

I do keep myself online but I try to resist the temptation of posting an emotional/personal opinion. I can afford a few clicks to LIKE a photo or post and care to share some documented events in my life.

So what I am saying in this post is that as I browsed along in these social sites, a friend whom I have never met or talked to and whom I actually forgot how we became friends even (hahaha) posted something that made my tummy giggled. It made me exclaim – “See! Finally, someone figured it out! Finally, I am hearing this side rather than always hearing the usual ‘what are you waiting for?’ and ‘you are reaching past the age for that stage’. Finally!”. I exclaimed it silently in my head. Fist bump!

Here’s the article post with my inside notes:

5 Good Reasons Why You Should Wait Until You’re 30 To Get Married

(Hahaha – a smile sneaked in your face right?)

1. You Barely Know Yourself
True enough. Even in getting into a relationship, I had the chance to get to know myself more before I shared my being to another person. I was able to patch up confusions and pains from my childhood to teenage years and all the struggles of growing up (also known as maturity – I sound old! hahaha). With that, I skipped the (dramatic) part of being confused on what I really want and on how to handle myself in every situation.

2. You’re Most Likely Not Financially Stable
Marriage is not an overnight thought. It's not like jumping into the boat where most of your friends are in and they are calling you to join - definitely not! I don't think I would settle myself in a situation where I would have too many worries. Wouldn't it be nice if you are calm and relaxed as you enter the gates of Married Life? Yes, pressure will always be there but I prefer not to stress out myself when it comes to finances. Well, I am a guru in terms of money matters but marriage in my personal opinion requires stability. 

There are things that I am considering like a house, stable job, and for my family to be ready for my departure from our household. It is my personal goal to help out my family and provide them a convenient life. Before being a wife, being a daughter and sister are FIRST for me. 

3. You May Very Well Feel Like You Haven’t Experienced Enough
I have seen first hand how most of my friends wanted the freedom of being single. They can't go out late at night and attend events because they have kids and a partner that would rant about them partying. I don't want to have hang-ups in my youth. 

Well, I enjoyed my teenage life (wink). I participated and experience what it is to be young - so I guess I will give myself a pat in the back. I know that when I settle down, I will not have regrets for not experiencing things that I should have. 

4. Marriage is Forever; What’s the Rush?
INDEED. Yes, for us women we often see marriage as a ticking time bomb because of our limitations in giving life. But other than that, why rush? 

Marriage is an indelible contract - a vow and a covenant by all means. So it requires a lot of thought and discernment because when you exchanged "I do's" there's no backing out - you will say those two words with that person forever (well, ideally! without considering the legalities of annulment and divorce).

5. Succeeding Does Get Harder with Age

I strongly believe that every person needs to fulfill his/her dreams in the field of career. A person who has achieved contentment in his/her career makes a good husband or wife. Self accomplishments bring confidence to a person and it boosts up your personality - removing insecurities, worries, regrets and other factors that might contribute to an unhappy marriage. 
Of course, practically speaking having a good job will provide for the family.

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escape to #SarbayFest

2014 SARBAY FEST [Late Post]

Last May, we decided to jump in the festival boat. We went to the famous SARBAY Fest of Mindanao!

Even though we had few weeks of preparing, we were able to get GLAMPING (Glamour Camping) reservations. You rent a tent for the duration of the festival and you get to own it after. And we were able to hitch in a pick-up truck so somehow we dodge the troubles of commuting.

1. Sarbay fest is attended by thousands of people. Thus the beach line and the venue gets too-crowded. There are pros and cons.
2. Participate or witness the lined-up events. The festival starts on Thursday and ends on Sunday.
3. There's a variety of food available in stalls so you don't have to worry. Price is pretty much affordable.
4. Wear sunscreen! The temperature gets pretty much high so if you don't want to fry yourself, wear sunscreen with high SPF. 
5. If you are a party-person, this is one of the go-to festivals for you. It's like a 3-day straight partying!
6. Water is clear so enjoy the beach.
7. FIREWORKS are the best!!! 
8. Be responsible in throwing garbage. There aren't much of bins around. 

1. Book in the resorts early because they get fully booked 6 months prior to the festival. Contact and inquire to the organizers or the local government.
2. If you don't have your personal vehicle, rent a van. The venue is quite far. 
3. There are portalet. BUT - with the thousands in attendance you cannot expect cleanliness in the portable CRs. There's no water supply even. Hence, the bad smell! If I would rate the smell with 10 as the worst I'd give it a 10. Ha! There are resorts that offers use of there CRs with pay however the people lining up reaches more than 50 meters. 
And with some twist of (bad) luck - had my share of "portalet-nightmare" experience. I had no choice. My kidneys are going to burst! Even when you hold your breath, the smells sticks in your nose and skin. There's no light and water inside so imagine the torture of trying to escape and endure everything with not breathing. 
4. Enjoy taking a plunge before Saturday or Sunday. Because by then, the water gets polluted with garbage and drunk people.

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2014 beachin' in Paradise

It was around 6:30 in the morning when I got a call that my workmates are in the beach in my island. It took me about 5 minutes to change my mind countless times whether I'd hang out or not. It's Labor Day and I can just spend the entire day laying in my bed and spare my skin from the scourging sun. But then I found myself packing whatever in my bag and off I go to the beach.



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So it's been a while since I've typed in words into this blog. Much happened and I'd rather not disclose it now - not yet. I have decided not to write about the things that would make me sad - things that would make me return to events that I am still coping off >_< Although I can afford casual conversations once in every while but my "walls" are trembling and it's shaky so I won't test it - not now.

This should be a happy place - a happy blog! Yes to that!


I wake up one day and it's already 2014!!! So for today I decided to list out any thing that is new.

1. New HP laptop from work ^_^ Dude, windows8 is creepy! hehe
2. New 1 GB WD hard disk. I got it with a very good deal - thank you to connections!
3. New Bath & Body Works scents. Thank you PHL boss! Now I smell like a girl hahaha
4. Incentive - I should keep myself mum about it :)
5. Finished a book - Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. I promise to write a review on it - pinky swear!
6. 4 adorable puppies. Soon, I am bidding goodbye to those babies :_(
7. Team Badminton tournament - our team got a straight of 3 losing streaks. Hahaha

I think that's pretty much about it. I guess.