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2012 ilihan beach outing

February 18 & 19 - the very first team outing for the year 2012. Venue was at the Ilihan Beach Resort in Samal Island.

As always, everyone is excited. 

But hold your horses. Before I give you details on the trip, I'd like to snick in what happened the night before - on February 17, 2012. Okay, it was the 60th birthday of the mother of my very-close friends slash neighbors slash adopted family. Of course I wouldn't miss to be there in the party. These people are older than me by age but we share the same childish humor. And so we partied and by this I mean we drank, if my Math is correct, 36 bottles (3 cases) of red horse stallion and 6 bottles (1 case) of red horse Litro. Note that our group are all girls and this made it even more fun - the jokes, the dance routines, the karaoke, and everything. Went home at 2 in the morning :)

The next day I had to wake up as early as 6AM to prepare for the team outing. And as much as I would not want to say this but I did have a bad hangover - no! it wasn't a hangover at all (in denial)... I suffered dehydration due to non-stop vomiting and hyper acidity. Anyways, I survived it and was able to attend to the outing in a normal state but I spent the entire day mostly asleep. Hahahaha.

 Played UNO-STACKO but then it bored us right away.

In my hangover state.

 Here's the exciting part. The boys brought drinks - as I have agreed weeks before the outing and I even promised to participate in the drinking. With my bad hangover I have to resist the temptation or else - I'll end up in a hospital bed. Thank Heavens that I was able to say NO - consistently. But I felt bad skipping the shots so I decided to knock myself out by sleeping and pretending to be asleep.

 Hep-hep hooray game

Shots taken while we were grilling the BBQs

 Oh no! I just pose for the champagne-cheers picture but I didn't took a single sip. Good girl!

Pinoy Henyo game. I can't still figure out what we were saying/shouting in this picture. Hahaha. "Pamatay na litrato"!!! LOL

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sucking at chemistry

I think I mentioned somewhere in my blog that I loved chemistry back in high school. I was so fixated with the table of elements -- to the point that I memorized the order of elements along with their atomic numbers, the oxidation process, the octet rule, and etc. I drool over chemical formulas and their chemical computations. Geeky right?

Now, where is this blog entry leading? Nah...I'm not gonna bore you out with geeky stuffs. Relieved now?

I suppose I suck at chemistry at some point -- my physical chemistry with the one and only element in this universe that will complement with my atomic existence to its stable form. I don't know...can't help to get fidgety. I kept on nagging him on the things he falls short on but then when you turn the tables, I myself didn't make up the half of my share. Yes, I did write him letters, I cooked for him, did favors and cut myself some slack for him, and a whole bunch more. But then again I don't say "i love you" that much, I don't tell him that I would love to spend weekends with him, I don't tell him what I really want but rather make him go crazy on figuring it out for himself, I don't ask him about his future plans...all because of the fear of being rejected. I don't hold or touch him unless he does it first. I don't kiss him unless he does it first and I don't ask him for a kiss either. So many unsaid words trapped in my clouded mind. I tremble infront of him. It kills me seeing him quiet. I'd like to figure out his thoughts -- is he sad? is he having some manly periods? did i say or do something that offended him? Do you get what I mean? I can ask him directly and get a straight answer but I don't...I wait on the safe side. I can't grab a hold of myself and I don't even make any sense! And so I say he keep my insanity alive.

Last week, he said he has something for me. He dropped by the house and handed his Flash Drive (my gift years ago ^_^) and told me to check the 5 videos. And knowing me, my thoughts would go fast forward in its maximum speed with all negativity. I assumed that those were porn videos. Hahahahaha. Silly me! I said stupid things to him. When I checked the files -- 4 video episodes of Kushina and Minato's love story. For a brief background, I am a Naruto-addict and one of my favorite characters are Kushina and Minato, Naruto's parents. He downloaded the fresh episodes for me. And the 5th file was a music video of the classic song "Constantly" by Cliff Richards. In the end, I felt stupid myself. Here's the chorus of the song:
Just as sure as the stars keep burning
In the sky your love will stay a flame in me
A flame that burns so bright
Not only through the night
But constantly

Still last week, I was keeping track on the movie "The Vow". I told him earlier that I can't miss to watch it in cinema. So he said we would watch it together and in a sarcastic manner he said that it was in his watchlist. Who is he kidding?! Somehow we were able to watch it together. But inside the cinema I got pissed when I noticed him busy texting. So when the movie ended he asked series of questions about the movie. See!!! If he just ain't busy texting then he could have perfectly memorized every scene. And in a jumpy manner he said aloud that it was a great movie! Seriously?!?! It pissed me off.

And then I remember the other day I told him, "We don't even have a physical chemistry. We move apart from each other. What we have is more of a partnership...a good partnership though". He just laughed at me and said, "Maybe we should start a business then?". So I said in return, "What the!!! Bwisit!!!". This made him laugh even more. According to him he found me so cute saying those words that he lost some strength in him. Hahahaha. Oh shut up!

This week, it seem that we were having some name games. The other day I was his "honeybunch", yesterday I was his "Sweetie", today I call him my "Baby" and he call me "my dear". Hahahaha. Can you follow how extreme we are? For one minute I'm pissed and in the next minute I am calling him with a term of endearment.

Then yesterday, I informed him that I'll come home late so he needs to go home on his own. Suddenly he started interrogating me. He's not like this before...he just says "okay" to me. But yesterday was different, he was asking me "why", "where are you going", "whom are you with", ''what time will you finish", etc. It's kinda weird but I blushed and I got goosebumps for his interrogation. He really did waited for 4 hours and we went home together. I like it.

While we were waiting for a ferry yesterday, a friend of his asked on who I was. I pretended that I wasn't listening when he answered that I'm his girlfriend that he is planning to marry. I snatched a smile behind him.
Anyway, my intention is just to write something about us. About our wars. About our distinct setup. About our road to a life of togetherness. Yes, we are opposites in so many things and there are a lot of factors that would justify that we are not chemically compatible...but hey we know better.

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I am not planning for a blog entry any time soon. I am consumed by anger lately so I better shut up. But then again...a surprise came my way. And I can't help but post deserves a spot in my blog!!! 

Girl in leftmost is my bestfriend Lovelle
Boy is D my boyfriend 
Second girl is MEEEEEEEE
Music: Boom Shakala (if your childhood years s in the early know this)

Hahahaha. It sure did made me super awhile ago to now to tomorrow. hahahaha
This is our presentation on our Recognition Day when we were Grade II.