Tuesday, July 6, 2010 0 comments



the first steps of leaving would be the heaviest to take
and of not looking back at you is the scariest
i have memorized your face in every angle
but still, im not sure if how long will i be able to remember it

if seasons change then so does a heart
i grew tired of painting rainbows in your skies
when you dont even mind looking...not even one look
and being here doesn't make sense anymore

true, life is a single skip of JOY
i had my share of strides so im taking that skip now
you brought horrible giggles and a death march towards hell (H. Roth)
do i keep you entertained? im taking a bow in this play

and if ever you found me still standing by your doormat
then only God know's why


Team QA

(left to right: Karren, I.C., Joyce, Beth, Kay)