Monday, December 14, 2009 0 comments

...on Greta

"She's a trip. But she's no vacation."

i like the soundtrack
i like Hillary Duff in this movie...serious and matured
i like the scrapbook story
i like the suicidal character


tell me something i dont know

Beyond all these written thoughts and trailing words
Where will I be?

Between each Hello and Goodbye
Where will I be?

Among all these figures and clues?
Where will I be?

Of life's cliches and malleable reality
Where will I be?

Of fate and uncertainties
Where will I be?

Of broken promises and hopeful tomorrow
Where will I be

Where else will I be?
You tell me...

ang utang ay dapat bayaran

ang dami ko ng utang na kwento...kaso di ko alam kung san ko sisimulan:
-birth ni baby Arby...first APO sa family (October)
-2 weeks stay in Manila (October)
-bday ng inaanak (November)
-Office Outing (December)
-Must Watch Movies