Monday, June 10, 2013

thursdays with rudy

Last month, a very dear person to me has passed away - Kuya Rudy.

He was my 5-year partner when I was still serving my post in the local government as SK Chairman - that was way back 2002 to 2007. Kuya Rudy and I were scheduled on office duty every Thursdays.

I was a college student back then so I often skipped on fulfilling my office hours. But I never heard a single complain from Kuya Rudy. He would love to cover for me. Honestly speaking, he treated me like his own child. I would always tell everyone - "pinangga gyud ko ni Kuya Rudy!".

He would always welcome me with a smile and would often tease me on always wearing jeans. He keeps on asking me - "when would I see you wearing a skirt or dress?". Hahaha. Even when my years of service were over, when we cross paths he would still greets me with the same charm.

5 years of government service was fun and fulfilling with Kuya Rudy. We traveled to different places like Cagayan, Iligan, Cebu, Bohol and Camiguin. We had plenty of laughs and stories to tell - too bad I wasn't able to capture them in photos since digital camera wasn't trendy during those years. We attended seminars and he would always tag me along to some of those meetings.

There were also occasions that we shared bottles of beer. And he is mostly remembered thru the song "Sa Langit Walang Beer". Oh Kuya, you are our advance party in heaven! When our time is up in this world and we enter the gates of heaven... we entrust to you that by that time "sa langit meron ng Beer" and you will welcome us with overflowing drinks! We are sure you will be close buddies with San Miguel.

Farewell Kuya Rudy! Much love to you and to your family!

Your Thursday partner,