Thursday, June 13, 2013


Sacrifice one day of hard labor for a scholar. Every pedal to the finish line means sending a less-fortunate kid to school. How could you decline such opportunity, right? Muscle pains will go away in days with the help of medicine but the impact you will bring to a kid's life is lasting.

Once again, I made my life extraordinary by participating in the Bike for a Scholar advocacy of the Couples for Christ. It's not a competition with winners and prizes - plainly a fun run. And what you get out of it - FULFILLMENT!

Actually, it was far from what I expected. I had no plans of joining because I kissed my biking days goodbye a long time ago. But when our Singles for Christ chapter head informed me that none from our sector would be participating, the urge grew in me. I felt like I had a responsibility to represent our sector so I held my hand up and volunteered - not knowing about the challenge that I will face.

So I asked permission from my father that I will be borrowing his mountain bike. Borrowed an amount of money from my brother's allowance to pay for the registration. Then an hour before the event I pedaled my way to the starting point.

To my disappointment, there were no participants from the SFC community. Only the Kuyas and the Ates from the Couples for Christ community. I wanted to back-out. Why? Because I am not comfortable being in a crowd where I have no one to talk to. I don't see a familiar face even. I waited for a while. I endured more than an hour in the registration area. Then light bulb lit up! I said to myself, "Hey, you can just join with everyone in the starting line then find an escape route". 

Yes, that's the plan! But to my surprise, the route was different! MAJOR FACEPALM moment. Why? Because #1 I don't have an escape route, #2 The route is 10x farther than I thought, and #3 it would be shameful and impolite to exit the activity. 

Hush hush. Okay, I decided to do it and go for it. It was definitely tiresome especially in the uphill trails where I am catching my breaths and my knees are about to surrender. But in the end I enjoyed it! I've mingled with the Kuyas who kept on throwing jokes along the road. I've met new friends! They might be +10 years older than me but there are a lot of things we can talk about and share about. Oh boy! I can tell you a bunch of good stories about the experience.  

And I am the only GIRL participant! How cool is that huh! \m/

My Prayer
Dear Lord, may this simple sacrifice lighten the burden and bring happiness to others. Heal us from any physical pains and nourish our spirit with joy for we have embraced a challenge to serve you. I pray for the education of the kids and for the people who will become instruments to them. I pray for all families Dear Father that they may be graced with the camaraderie that I witness within our community. Continue to bless us with this kind of opportunities Lord and grant us with a heart that is willing to sacrifice and serve - a heart that is MISSION READY.