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After more than a year of escape and alibis, finally I decided to go to the doctor today. I am not scared of those people in white suit, I just don't like to be examined and all. I felt healthy so I don't really need those prescriptions. But today is different, I had to go...I need to.

I went to an EENT specialist (Ears, Eyes, Nose, Throat). I experienced frequent headaches in the past weeks. So I am guessing that this is caused by the excessive exposure to computer radiation. What can I do? My job description includes an 8 hour or more computer tasks. To make sure, I had to see a doctor.

Let us rewind to my first eye check up. This is back! It was in the year...oh well it was a long time ago. But I can remember exactly how I passed the eye test ;)

As I stepped inside the clinic, I noticed the letter chart. The one with big letters in the first row and decreases on the next row. I figured that I might need to read those, so I tried to memorize it as fast as I can without catching the doctor's attention. I am as prepared as a girl scout. nyahahaha. When I was called to sit in the execution chair to recite the letters. Whoah! Believe me that I had a perfect score *evil laugh*. Call me smart-ass! hahaha

Today, I did not took my smart-ass pill. I failed the eye test and diagnosed as a nearsighted with a grade of -50. Crap! Eyeglasses are cool but...I'm not feeling it these days. Oh well, let's see if it suits me.

"Your own foolishness will go back to your own body" -Clarencio Ibea (papa)
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unbreak my heart


Since my motto for this year is "cost-cutting", I need to get rid of my credit card. This morning, I actually did torn it apart (huhuhuhu). Heartbreaking in a way but this should be done. I should have done this long time ago, long before I drown in debt (crap crap crap).

Okay, lesson has been learned so I don't like to hear sermons :) I am still struggling with my cost-cutting so bear with me.

Goodbye to:
• On-the-spot shopping
• "ituro mo inaanak at babayaran ko"
• KKB (kaykay bayad) dinners with college barkada
• Home Appliance Showcase gifts
• and the rest of my undisciplined expenses

But I still have to pay my outstanding balance of Php46,923.41


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in defense

when loving hurts, would staying make things better? or would it still make sense?

if a coin has two sides, then so does a relationship
if the other chooses to end it, it doesn't mean he loved less
it doesn't mean he gets hurt less
it takes much courage to hurt the one you love, it takes much pride
it is not for others to blame

please...just let it be, let him be
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Internet connection is down, which means the absence of life in my online work. All of my tasks were halted (this could be a blessing in disguise though). What else is left for me to do here? Hmmm....i can read the 3 ebooks of Stephenie Meyer, the sequel of twilight. But my eyes seems to be sober for reading...bah. I can compose poems but my words doesn't seem to fit all the running thoughts in my head. So I guess, I'll just blabber out here while listening to non-sleepy-mood music.

Let's talk about chichings for today. "Chiching" is a pseudoname for the other woman or other man of a committed person, or the infamous "kabit". This is a pretty much interesting topic (if you don't agree close this page then).

"Alibi junkee"
B: May na lang ng mag kabit2x kaysa mag drugs2x (crap! stupid stupid stupid line!)

"Di naman talaga kami kasal, nabuntis ko lang sya"
"Dahil lang sa mga bata kaya kami nagsasama"

"Message wrong sent"
misis: sino ung ngttxt sae sa phone?!?
guy: di para sakin un. sa officemate ko un nakitxt lang sakin.

"Miss Brightside"
Hubby: "Naghahabol sa'kin eh. Hayaan mo lang honey, mapapagod din yun"

GF: "Look at the bright side, as long as he comes home to me"

"Award winning"
"It's me, it's not you" (Cruel sobrang gasgas ng linyang to...ang sarap )

We've heard plenty of lines or stories about "chichings". I cannot judge the mistakes and decisions of others so in my little own point of view a wrongful action is not equated with its reasons or results. What's wrong is wrong. A sin is a sin.

internet connection is work work
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i am a suck up!

i am a suck-up for new system projects!!! i feel the rush of binomials, code bugs, java script errors in my nerves when i get to test for a new project...this is far more interesting than my monthly estrogen change (hahaha). i just don't wanna be stuck on everyday routine, i am bored to death with that. so today, my smile stretches to its ends....i get the new project! woohoo
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project MILK

okay fine, i have to cut down on my caffeine consumption (huhuhuhuh). coffee has been my constant companion at work, we bond twice a day or thrice at most. and now because of some health reasons shared by a friend, i have to say goodbye to my hot-habit-to-break.

as an alternative, i made friends with MILK (uhahhhhhhhh). so far, i am getting by but still there are moments that i feel sleepy *snoring*
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JACM developers

For confidentiality's sake...let's conceal the identities of the JACM developer team

Jon - ang team leader. Makulit, malikot, masipag (sa trabaho man o sa bahay), mas magaling ang lolo nya kaysa lolo naming lahat, mahilig sa sports (biking, bozing, basketball), hmmm ano pa ba....all in all mabait si jon kahit itanong mo pa kay Lorena (asawa nya na team leader naman namin). Kaya para sa'min super tatay itong si jon, idol ni Sofie and Bea.

Oneal - binansagan ni shynne as "tatay". Magaling gumiling-giling (sayang hindi namin nakunan ng video ang once in a lifetime performance!) Gentleman, sweet at caring na tatay. Sumbungan namin ng mga sekreto. Sya din si "Ricky Martin" dahil sa kanyang mga long sleeves outfit.

Eric - i call him "teto" or mas famous as "Barney Legal". hahahaha. Naruto addict, unahan lang kami ng updates. Tahimik lang sa unang tingin o di kaya habang nagtatrabaho pero deep inside his baby fats...joker! On-diet daw sya, di naglu-lunch, pero sa hindi maipaliwanag na kadahilanan o kababaghan...chubbylito pa rin sya.

Francis - our "chiching". Bully etong si manong francis (top secret ang totoo nyang edad). Maraming nalalamang kabulastugan (pang bribe kay kumander!!!!). Pero pero pero...bully ka pa rin! hehehe. Nerd daw sya, skaterboi dati, at nagtitipid ngayon para sa Hongkong trip nya.

Charles - sya ang "one-of-the-girls". Ikaklaro ko lang na hindi sya badingles...straight sya. Sya lang yung tipo na malalapitan ng girls at pwedeng makausap on girl stuffs. Sya si "HOW-TO" boy...mahilig mag google ng mga how-to steps ng kung anu-anong bagay. wahahaha

In conclusion, masayang kasama sa trabaho o kahit sa labas ng opisina ang mga kalalakihang eto.

wala ako rito

Sa bawat pag gising ko sa umaga, napapatanong ako kung nasa anong taon na ba ako? Maaaring bigla na lang akong magising sa dekada 60 o 70, malay mo di ba? Malay mo makabalik ako sa panahong iyon. Hindi naman ako ipinanganak sa dekadang iyon pero doon ako nabubuhay. Kung mangyari man...langit!!! May naka-imbento na ba ng time machine? Kung meron, pasabi naman na hi-hitch ako ha.

Nangangapa pa rin ako sa kasalukuyan. Ang hirap bumagay, ang hirap makipaghabulan sa lahat ng bagay. Ang bilis ng oras at pagbabago. Hindi naman sa may gusto akong balikan o ulitin, mas naayunan ko ang pamamaraan ng nakaraan. Halika at ililista ko ang ilan:

Dekada 60 at 70 nabigyan buhay ang magagandang musika. Ang mga titik at melodya na tila hinehele ang iyong puso at kaluluwa sa di mawaring karimlan. Musika tulad ng Crosby,Stills & Nash na may ipinaglalaban at may pitik ng pagka-rebelde, Michael Franks, Sergio Mendes, Carpenters, Carole King, James Taylor, Bob Dylan, Spiral Staircase, Tavares, Blue Magic, Earth Wind & Fire at marami pa. May iilang musika naman mula 80's hanggang kasalukuyan na nasasakyan ko ( the left, to the left!). Ngunit walang katulad ang oldies.

Totohanan na. Naiirita ako pag nakakakita ako ng mga batang pinagsusuot kung anong "latest fashion". Dati naman basta bata ay ternong kulay na up-and-down na damit, medyas na may lace o abot hanggang tuhod, naka-suspender, o mighty kid na sapatos ay ayos na. Bakit ngayon nagmumukhang matured ang mga chikiting. Nagmamadali ba sila? May idea na sila kung ano ang uso, sexy at gwapo. Pwede bang maging bata na lang muna sila?

Mahilig ako sa vintage na gamit hindi sa kadahilanang mas mahal kundi dahil sa kwento ng bawat lumipas na taong nasaksihan ng kagamitang iyon. Hanggang ngayon, buhay pa ang tv namin na die-pihit ang channels at yung may parang sliding windows pa. Buhay pa din ang de-plakang player, mga larawan ng aking lolo at lola, at kung ano-ano pang napagkasya namin sa bodega.

Naalala ko pa nung mga panahong tumatakbo ako papasok sa bahay tuwing tutunog ang kampana sa alas sais ng gabi. Bawal na maglaro sa labas pag ganung oras. Tuwing bilog ang buwan ay kakalong ako sa lola ko sa may bintana at hihiling kami sabay sa buwan o di kaya magkukuwento sya. Pag walang pasok naman ay sasama ako kay lolo doon sa barber shop, bibilhan nya ako ng dulce o di kaya richie habang naghihintay tapos may halo-halo pagkatapos kina Lolo Yuling (halo2x na de-mana ang pag crush ng ice). Na-miss ko tuloy amoy ng pomada ni lolo. Hindi ko na nakikita ang ganun sa ngayon dahil ang mga bata nahuhumaling na sa teknolohiya. May nakasabit na psp, mp4 o cellphones sa leeg at di makausap dahil naka headphones. haaaay...

Ang dami ko pang pwedeng ikwento pero nauubusan na ako ng oras dito sa upuan ko kasi uuwi pa ako. Oo nga pala bago matapos ang blog na'to...dekada 80 ako ipinangak kaya burahin mo sa isip mo na matanda na ako! 1985 para sigurado, klaro?! "Mabilis ang oras dahil tumatakbo eto"

sugarcoats and raindrops

i woke up past 8 in the morning. it's raining hard! i was thinking of not going to work because for sure i'll get myself soaked as i journey to the pier, to Sasa, to Bajada. then thoughts of what-i-can-do for the day rushed to my head like lighting! dude, i can continue with my Grey's Anatomy marathon, watch "revolution road" or "the curious case of benjamin button" and i could cook!!! beautiful thoughts right?!

but then i started to think of a valid reason of not going to work...i failed. so here i am in the office. still, i am the "early-bird".