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Finally, I am reunited with my comfort shoes!!! What a high!!!
D♥ dragged me to the mall yesterday and told me that I should buy a pair of shoe for myself with one requirement: NOT SLIPPERY :)

We wandered for awhile but I am very sure at the back of my head that I want chucks!
And so I did! And now I am back on my old-school look: shirt+jeans+backpack+chucks

PS: checked off one item from my "MUSTs for 2012"

Friday, December 23, 2011 0 comments


"Planning" has never been a friend of mine and so does "New Year's resolution list". But then I figured to make one anyway just to kill my time...kill boredom...

I have listed out 26-must-do for 2012. Why 26? Because I am 26 years old and I was thinking of what I should accomplish before I turn 27 by May. This means I got only 5 months...haha. I am not nice to myself ;) I am not even expecting to fulfill the list because somewhere in between 2012 I will forget about this list anyway. I am not making any sense am I? Ha-ha-ha. Okay, now I am starting to be boring so here's the list:

1. get a whole-body massage...A MUST...ASAP
2. new wayfarer rayban...broke the one i have :_(
3. pantograph...i'll go back on charcoal painting
4. buy converse comfort shoes!!! i soooo missss youuuu...where have you been!
5. new J1 perhaps
6. buy a lomo cam
7. black & white paint for my room...a do-it-myself thing
8. 24" or 25" waistline...with the help of twist board (malayo-layong byahe to!!!)
9. trim down coffee and alcohol intake...limit it occasionally like yesterday, today and everyday. hahaha!
10. finish my scrapbook projects...scavenge-compile-cut-paste
11. bookbind all my written works...poetry, short stories, drawings, and rants
12. house renovation...install brick pavement in our outdoor flooring
13. start and invest on a business...these are the hard times so i need to double up my work
14. get a passport, driver's license, NSO birth certificate (i lost my original copy...crap!), college transcript of records (i'm so stubborn! i graduated 5 years ago and i didn't bother to get my records), CENOMAR (hahaha...kidding)
15. go back to school?...nah! study isn't my thing anymore so let's just see
16. set foot in Palawan or return to Boracay ^_^
17. get a new haircut (dream cut!!!)...i'm keeping my fingers crossed. I SUPER ENVY Raleene Cabrera's cut - she's an industrial designer and lead vocals of the Walkie Talkies
18. get my passport stamped...only on nearby countries
19. learn more recipes and try pastry making
20. read a book (this is unaccomplished from last year's bucket list)
21. new laptop bag
22. do something unforgettable and FUN...zipline? zorb? water rafting?
23. get to see more movies
24. get more sleep...get rid of these eye bags
25. buy an engagement ring and propose (this is the part where i don't know what else to list so dont take me seriously)...blah!
26. get a tattoo?!? (i must get very very drunk first so i wouldn't remember doing it and i can regret it the next day)

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you care too much of the future that you take "today" very easy
you make big plans for the next two years...when all i wanted is for you to paint a rainbow in my skies right now
promises...what use will it make right now?
now that everything is cloudy and i can't even say those 3 words

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secret track

Purse of Stories from Vanessa Augustin on Vimeo.
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kill the boredom

my favorite playmate
my partner in crime and goofs
the man who tolerates my mood swings and tantrums
my safety net 
the man who will watch girly-movies, ruin his schedule to accompany me, take long walks, wait for long hours with me, and bear with all my whims

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I am tired.
I am tired of speech and of action.
If you should meet me upon the
street do not question me for
I can tell you only my name
and the name of the town I was
born in–but that is enough.
It does not matter whether tomorrow
arrives anymore. 
If there is only this night and after it is morning 
it will not matter now.
I am tired. 
I am tired of speech and of action. 
In the heart of me
you will find a tiny handful of dust. 
Take it and blow it out upon the wind. 
Let the wind have it 
and it will find its way home. 

BLUE SONG by  Tennessee Williams