Monday, June 17, 2013


to the man who taught me how to tie my shoe laces,
how to keep the right lace over the left lace,
and to always shine my shoes before school days
no matter how long the miles these feet have walked
i would always run home

to the man who taught me how to ride a bicycle,
who invited me to ride with him on weekends to the green fields and hills of our island,
instructed me how to shift gears on uphill and downhill trails,
when to use the front and back breaks,
how to adjust my breathing pace,
to not push myself too much - to just pause and take a rest,
and when to stop pedaling to enjoy the view

to the third person who taught me how to draw
well, lolo and lola came first & second in my list
as a kid i am always fascinated with your caricatures Pa
then you guided my every pencil stroke
taught me the proper drawing skills
let me played with my imaginations with your pens

to my invisible supporter
it is seldom that you come to the competitions i join,
to recognitions and graduation,
to the events i organize
but i know for sure that you support me because
you accompany me on my late-night planning & worrying
you give me ideas and suggestion

to the man who didn't limit his kid on knowing, learning, and experiencing
you let me do the electrical works when we set-up christmas lights
you let me climb the trees
you let me climb to the rooftop and fix the antenna
you let me paint our house
you let me join competitions from quiz bee to poster making to landscaping to street dancing
you let me contribute opinions on our house renovation
you let me wander far far places as you silently wait for my return

to the man who bought me my very own typewriter
so i can work on my school projects and paper
it made me explore words that i can type into the pages
then in college bought me a computer
so i can work on my programming subjects
it sure did exercised my brain cells
you have always supported my studies 

to the man who secretly sneaks at my room every night
to check if i am already home 
and sometimes tucks me in 
as a child Pa, one of the most magical thing that I continue to treasure is...
to fall asleep in the sala watching tv then waking up the next day at my bed
Superman could be real!

to the man who shared his music to his child who has an old soul
i love guessing the song title and artist with you on weekends
then you tell a story about the song and the artist
i love sharing a cup of coffee during rainy days at the veranda as we listen to the radio
i love to get scolded by you when you catch me listening to the music of the new generation
i love hearing you sing those old songs then somehow comically change the lyrics - hahaha

to the man who religiously do the household chores 
instead of hanging out with friends you prefer to go home early to do the grocery and cook
you are so stubborn that you don't know the word - REST
i admire your calloused hands that do the laundry, cooking, cleaning, small repairs, and more
i wish that i could lighten the burden as i try to share those chores with you
i am your ROBIN in all your father-missions!

to the man who would cook a special dish only for me (hehe)
just because i am not a fan of a fish-dish
you always try to cook another viand for me
you have spoiled my taste buds
and it doesn't end there because you even teach me your cooking prowess

to my talk-buddy!
every morning before we go work
every night as i come home
you tell me how you're day went as i tell you mine
you give me your opinions and stand on an issue
you somehow listen to mine and contradict annoyingly - hahaha
to the one of the greatest story-teller
you filled my heart with wonder Pa!
and when you became a grandfather
i witnessed your tenderness
i witnessed how you loved that little boy like he was you're own
you were the only one who could stop that little boy from crying when he has tantrums
there is something in your swing - only you can do that!
you would always talk to that little boy even he can't utter words yet and he would try his best to respond
and it was amazing Pa!

you see Pa, i have always followed whatever you tell me
because I trust your gut, I trust your intentions
i read the graduation speech you wrote for me, but i skipped some of the lines (hehe)
i took the government exams you asked me to
i ran for public office when you asked me to
i took the college degree you asked me to, but eventualy I shifted
i would skip school or work when you ask me to just to perform a task
but there's one thing i would do without you asking me
i will stay by your side - believe me :)
i won't chase those elusive dreams if that means being apart from the family
i will be here...

Pops, i wanted to grow up with you looking at me
I didn't want to be far from your sight because I wanted your eyes to witness
That i am your kid - your very own reflection!