Wednesday, June 26, 2013

from zombies to aliens

It's a Brad Pitt movie for crying out loud! Of course I'm gonna rate it high! But in all honesty, this is one great movie to watch over and over again.

From the beginning to end - my eyes were glued to the movie screen. It was kind of scary in the beginning because the story was fast-moving and it felt like you were running along with the people in the movie. Running away from you-don't-know what.

Family factor - checked
Action scenes - checked
Cool Effects - checked
Pinch of comedy - checked
Solving a mystery - checked
Awesome ending - checked

 D and I have been looking forward to this! This superman movie is definitely far different from the rest. Gone is the boy-next-door factor for Clark Kent. He did not attract girls in this movie. No cheesy and corny parts! No rescuing girls in distress!

The history of planet Krypton was unveiled and narrated clearly. The movie focused on telling Clark Kent's story - his origin, his struggles, and how he reached the decision of standing up for the human race. 

Of course, the action scenes were A+


My brother watched this movie in the cinema and he told me that it was funny. Well, I could go for a funny movie. But unfortunately I wasn't able to watch it in the big screen, rather my officemate downloaded a clear copy for me :)

So for the love of zombies!!! Hahaha. Yeah, there are too many zombie movies now and blame it on Edward Cullen. And I must say that the lead woman looks so much a-like with Kristen Stewart. 

This movie is not the typical zombie-movie we usually see.
Yes, it's a love story! It's just a light romance with cheesy, funny and corny lines narrated by the lead guy zombie

Well, I didn't regret the hours I spent watching so it was fine :)