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movie review: Bachelorette

Earlier this month I scavenge through a DVD shop and randomly picked a movie with catchy titles. One movie is like a cut in the throat --  "Bachelorette" but somehow it caught my attention. Specially when I read the synopsis:
Three friends are asked to be bridesmaids at a wedding of a woman they used to ridicule back in high school.
This sounds fun! I like stories of friendship and I like wedding movies (coughs). And by the way I am fascinated with movies with less press promotions.


One insignificant day where I wanted to torture myself by staying awake, I decided to watch the movie. Here's my 2 cents...

In every movie, we usually find a character that we see ourselves or a character that tells our very own story. My rundown on the characters that left a mark in my head:

Regan, the leader of the "B-Faces" (go guess what B stands for)
She's the focused, well-planned, and goal-oriented persona in the group. Her opinions and decisions usually gets the vote. She's the smarty pants. But behind these qualities, she's a rebel in disguise. Oh well, she drinks and parties like a man. She smokes and knows how to get stoned too.
She's also the most plastic among the 4 members of "B-Faces" because she appears to be the closest friend to the bride-to-be and yet she's also the brain behind the silly and rude acts of destroying the wedding.
But then, I ended up sympathizing with her when she said these lines:
"I'm the one who did the right thing! I went to college. I got a great job. I have a pre-med boyfriend. But why am I not engaged? Why am I unhappy"
How sad right? And as much I would like to escape the thought, somehow I wanna borrow those lines.
In the end, I have to commend the character on finding a resolution to the trouble they caused their friend. It may not be in all honesty and cleanest intentions -- but they did pull it through! They were able to fix the wedding dress 90% in 15 minutes late.

Gena, the bummed and stoned character. 
She's my favorite! Her character rocks for me! Yes, she's quite the addict in the movie but I like her. She's the girl who fell inlove in highschool, got her heart broken and messed up her life after. She's the girl who still have issues with her first love and tries to avoid to see him in all possible ways but ends up doing the opposite.
Among the "B-Faces", she's the one with a strong personality. The girl who loves rock bands, doesn't like fancy dresses, prefers shirt and pants, and talks like a man.
And behind it all, she's the one who knows more about love. She's scared to admit and accept the love she thought she doesn't deserve anymore.

(L to R): Gena, Regan and Katie. 
Katie is the dumb one among the "B-Faces", she's all about the looks.

I see honesty in this movie. Whether we admit it or not, among our set of friends we do make fun of someone. We do talk on each others backs. We pretend to do things because we care. We do envy one another. Friendship is not perfect. But what makes a difference is how you stick it out together in the end. You may hate a friend but in times of trouble, you'll see yourself doing favors for them and protecting them in all ways possible. I won't even call it hypocrisy.

But note that a friend would not go as far as hurting you too much -- as much as it would give them a reason to end the friendship.

And so my final verdict would be 4 out of 5 for the rude but funny schemes they did to their friend and maybe that's all about it. I'm just gonna rate this movie on how funny it was for me.

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Before bidding goodbye to September, a friend celebrated her 25th candle cakes - Gretchen.

You may not have the best first impressions for her. But as you get to know her, personally, her personality gets in to you. She's sweet, thoughtful, caring, and kindhearted. As much as I don't want to write all these about her (hahaha) because we often bully and make jokes on her...she truly is one of a kind. In her own way, she leaves a mark that washes off your pointless first impressions.

On a personal note, I truly appreciate her honesty. Only few can afford to tell you the plain and blunt truth - and it takes a good friend. I won't forget when she told me these things ~ "you trust people quickly"
"move on, don't be bitter"
"that's bad!"
...and more,

To our beloved Greta / Chenai / Inday / Mommy Chen / Ti... go chase for your happiness! 
You deserve love and happiness.
More more and more fun to come...cheers!