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i got tagged by shyn not once but twice! hehe

The goals of this award:
1) As a dedication for those who love blogging and love to encourage friendships through blogging.
2) To seek the reasons why we all love blogging.
3) Put the award in one post as soon as you receive it.
4) Don't forget to mention the person who gives you the award.
5) Answer the award's question by writing the reason why you love blogging.
6) Tag & distribute the award to as many people as you like.
7) Don't forget to notify the award receivers & put their links in your post.

The reasons why i ♥ blogging
...i ♥ it once
...i ♥ it twice
...i ♥it three times a day!

:ahaha: Seriously, I love blogging because I can flush out some of the raging thoughts in my head. You can't imagine what runs in my brain cell factories each day. This way I can manage the traffic.

I have plenty of stories to tell, some might be overrated, but i love sharing my daily experiences through writing. It's like an archive (ar-kay-b) of my life's adventures.

What else...hmmm...blogging is fun! i love fun so i love blogging. make sense? hehe

I'm tagging kevin


weekend target practice

Code #: 05231985
Mission: Hit the marked X spot

This weekend, I got so bored. My brother is not at home so I have no one to goof around with. So I decided to practice shooting.

Actually, I did plenty of activities. I played darts, I climbed our macopa (tambis in bisaya) tree, I took a siesta nap, and I cut the grass in our front yard. I'm such a home buddy these days. So back to my target shooting practice...

...I guess I need more practice
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birthday for a cause

Each year, I have a community project. It may not be extravagant like what you see on posters, streamers, and tv ads. It's just my own little way of giving back. My main beneficiary is the Gawad Kalinga SIBOL School.

In the past, we organized feeding programs to the SIBOL Kids. I joined in weekend bible lectures. And last year, I took part in their Christmas Party.

So I think it would be nice to do an early charity work this year. Good thing that I received an opportunity. The SIBOL school teacher, asked me to donate materials for the upcoming school opening in June. Snap! This is a good way of celebrating my 24th birthday next month. I will start saving money for the rubber mats.

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green-light district

I ♥ road trips

Running away, traveling, and taking trips have always been at the back of my head. Stepping on uncharted territories and being lost in streets is always an exhilarating experience. Living in the island, I am blessed with the opportunity of experiencing a lot of adventures. One of my favorites is road trippin'. With the wind kissing your skin, spreading your arms like wings, exploring thin roads, and reaching far far destinations. Oh I just love that feeling! ♥♥♥ I decided to spill out some bits of the rides of my life... There's no school bus or car pool in our Elementary School, not even in the whole Samal Island until to the present time. Most of the pupils walk their way home. Well, I am fortunate enough to have my personal uncle's bicycle. He gives me ride to-and-from school. I rode that old, rusty, squeaky, old-model bike until College days.
(the bike looks like this)

I even got to have my very first bike when I was about 3 years old (I guess). In high school, I had my mountain bike. I used to take bike hikes with Papa. Whenever I feel like running away, I took off with my bike. Now, I can only spare myself with few leg paddles because I think it doesn't suit for a grown up girl to ride a bike...(minus chick points eh...hehehe). But on very rare occasions, I still jump on my bike and conquer the rocky roads of our island with my brother and Papa.

Later on, I got hooked with motorbikes :) Back in high school, we practiced on Francis Paul Camino's motorbike every after class. My friends and I took turns and shared bruises on each fall. Whenever we got spare time, we practice. And as far as my memory can recall the motorbike looked like a hobbit.

It was fun! fun! fun! After exams, weekends, after class, and night time...we take road trips. We sure did gone far with those wheels. From 2 wheels...we shifted to a 4-wheel road trip! The bigger the group, the bigger the fun! Fhelyriel Capuyan's red truck was a devil on the road. He didn't mind all the bumps and road signs...a true adventure ride! Then drag racing - this became a hobby for my friends in college days. I witnessed all the betting, cop-hiding, midnight-escapes, and the danger of getting into an accident. Eventually, that habit stopped in the long run. At least I got to learn the "superman" trick!!! Asteeeeeeeeeeeg noh!

Since Papa won't allow me to buy my own motorcycle, I only got few chances of driving now. I can't borrow my friends' motorcycle as often as before. Also I don't have a license...I just make sure that the traffic committee has no schedule so I can have a blast on the road (hehehe). Lucky enough, bf has his own motorcycle. I'd still get to have my adventure rides!
I just love road trips...I will always do ♥♥♥

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april household

Yesterday, I was suppose to lead our SFC household. I got so frustrated that it was canceled a few minutes before I head to the venue.

I was excited all week for the household! I prepared handouts for the activity and sharing. I read the bible for the readings that I could have an input. I actually prepared myself for it. I even bugged my SFC sisters to attend. Too bad it was canceled...

Its okay, there's always a next time ;)
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indian summer

this will be the last time...the very last time

song playing: Thinking of You - Katy Perry

When i said i have moved on, you never understood it...not even a bit! I was left with no other choice but to take those steps away from you. That was my death march. Why? Because wherever I move you're always there!!!

I am doing my best to be fine! Funny that four years isn't enough. Have you ever thought that I never wanted you out of my life? But then again, decisions should be made. My world was steady, I was keeping it all in balance. I stood by my decisions and I paid for my mistakes.

And then yesterday happened. I was with the person I chose.

You suddenly popped out from nowhere. You did not notice us though but I did notice you. I stood blankly for awhile. The thought of us being in different places crawled in my mind, I am with someone and you're alone. And the truth is I envy your place...I can see fun and adventure in your face. Our past kept on rewinding back each time! I've been shaking off these thoughts for a very long time and I just can't find the cure. I am happy now but deep in my heart I know that I could be happier...there...with you. But still I stand by my decision...I stand by the man I chose.

I will never enjoy looking at you in my rear view mirror...


Let's scavenge our wallets...
Tagging shyn

IDs - I still have my school ID in college, old Gov't ID, voter's ID, SSS, and Company

Community Tax Certificate

Singles for Christ covenant

Note from an old office mate, Genie
2x2 Picture
SSS Form
First dinner date receipt dated July 2007
Fortune cookie message
Civil Service form
Entrance Tax Receipt from Kaputian stroll

Old and new coins
Lucky bead from Yeng
Old Phone sim cards
Emergency sewing kit

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flipsy flops

While having my daily dose of "newspaper reading", i came across an article about FITFLOPS. Catchy name huh!

Since flops are in for summer, i took time to read the article. Eventually, I got hooked of the flops well-engineered features. It's like you spent a day in a gym just by wearing it. Oh no, i smell shopping...gotta resist the urge. huhuhu

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congeniality award

drum roll please....

and the award goes to....

• shyn

• gagay

• pretselmaker



*clears throat*

decisions...meron bang how-to guide para dito? o di kaya step-by-step procedure? eh pros and cons?

uncertainties...nakakatakot. kaya madalas mahirap gumawa ng desisyon. di pwedeng pabigla-bigla, di pwedeng di pag-isipan, at di pwedeng idaan sa maboteng usapan.

options...yan ang dapat i-consider kung gagawa ng desisyon. paano kung may scarcity sa options? paano kung nalulunod ka na sa uncertainties ng mga options mo? paano kung di mo maiguhit ang solusyon?

sa bawat desisyon, hindi natin palaging bitbit ang ngayon. hindi magiging panangga sa lahat ng oras ang natutunang aral ng kahapon. ang eksena ay ikaw...nag-iisang nakatayo sa dulo. ano na? hahakbang ba? babalik? o mananatili muna?

isipin mo na lang...isa itong pagkakataon para sa panibagong aral, panibagong karanasan, panibagong kwento na mabubuo, patunay ng pananampalataya, patunay ng pagkakaibigan, patunay ng pangako, at pagsubok na pinagdadaanan din naman ng iba.


midnight snacker

It was a super duper hot monday! After a 5-day rest for the lenten season, I got loads of tasks of which I'm dead-blank on where to start. I spent more than 10 hours in the office. I took the last boat trip.

Because of a very hot day, I quenched myself with a shower. And had a midnight snack... a scoop of ice cream - cookies and cream and a slice of maja :)

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100 truths from shynne

i feel so darn lazy for work...

001. Name → klarilyn
002. Nickname(s)→ kay
004. Zodiac sign → gemini
005. Male or female → female
006. Elementary → Angel Villarica Central School

007. Middle School → n/a
008. High School → Holy Cross of Babak, Inc
009. College School → University of Mindanao
010. Hair color → black

011. Long or short → long...i like to cut it short for the summer. "ang init!"
012. Loud or Quiet → a little bit of both, it depends on the people i'm with
013. Jumpers or Jeans → definitely jeans

014. Phone or Camera → phone
015. Health freak → not at all
016. Drink or Smoke? →
drink...but i'm starting to cut it
017. Do you have a crush on someone? → yes *blush*...dingdong dantes!!!
018. Eat or Drink → lamon!
019. Piercings → both ears
020. Tattoos → none


023. First piercing → cant remember
024. First best friend → jaysien, our neighbor
025. First award → first honor in kinder
026. First crush → danding
027. First pet → cat
028. First big vacation → 1997 in Manila, Tagaytay, and Laguna
030. First big birthday → 1986
...and in every year that followed


049. Eating → wala
050. Drinking → wala
052. I'm about to → sleep...hehe. ay dili pwede!
053. Listening to → Lady Gaga's poker face

054. Plans for today → just go home after work
055. Waiting for → my page to load


058. Want kids? → YES
059. Want to get married? → eventually, but it's not in my priority list for now
060. Careers in mind → option1:
artista, option2: politician, option3: teacher, option4: housewife, option5: doctor

070. Shorter or taller - taller
072. Romantic or spontaneous → i dont know...
073. Nice stomach or nice arms → arms
074. Sensitive or loud → i still dont know...
075. Hook-up or relationship → relationship
076. Trouble maker or hesitant → none from choices


080. Lost glasses/contacts → i never had glasses/contacts
081. Ran away from home → that's always on my mind, but i never did
082. Held a gun/knife for self defense → i held a gun for sport and a knife for cooking
083. Killed somebody → in my mind
084. Broke someone's heart → *sighs* i did...
085. Been arrested → hmmm...i was never caught anyway! haha
087. Cried when someone died → yes


089. Yourself → i have to
090. Miracles → yes

091. Love at first sight → maybe...maybe not
092. Heaven → Yes
093. Santa Clause → not really
094. Tooth Fairy → no
095. Kiss on the first date → no, that's a FOUL


097. Is there one person you want to be with right now → got me thinking. i don't know really...
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life → yes but i know that i could be happier
099. Do you believe in God → I do

100. Post as 100 truths and tag 20 people
→ sorry, i dont know who to tag

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Most Expensive Videos of 2008

1. "Womanizer" by Britney Spears ($236,000.00)
2. "4Minutes" by Madonna and Justine Timberlake ($197,000.00)
3. "Feedback" by Janet Jackson ($186,000.00)
4. "When I Grow Up" by Pussycat Dolls ($167,000.00)
5. "WOW" by Kylie Minogue ($152,000.00)
6. "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga ($149,000.00)
7. "Human" by The Killers ($124,000.00)
8. "Damaged" by Danity Kane ($119,000.00)
9. "Lollipop" by Lil Wayne ($117,000.00)
10. "The Fear" by Lily Allen ($108,000.00)

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nagtatasa ng pudpod na lapis

ikaw ba ay pikon?
halika at mas lalo kitang pipikunin
ikaw ba ay tamad?
halika at papagurin kita sa utos
ikaw ba ay matatakutin?
halika at sisindakin kita
ikaw ba ay laging galit?
halika at titikisin ko ang iyong pasensya
ikaw ba ay kasing-linis ng puting damit na nilabhan sa speed-babad soap ni piolo?
halika at bahiran natin ng dumi ang mapagkunwari mong katauhan

napagtanto ko sa araw na ito ang mga bagay bagay
kailan ba nagiging masama ang mabuti?
kailan ba nagiging mabuti ang masama?
kailan ba nagiging makatotohanan ang isang biro?
kailan ba nagiging biro ang pawang katotohanan?
ano nga ba ang sukatan?
may sagot kaya si bob ong?
eh si juan ekis kaya?
di bale, wala rin naman akong sagot
kung ikaw meron...
huwag ka ng mag-abala pa na sabihin
busy ako, malamang maabutan mo lang akong tulog

the day the earth stood dark

March 28, 2009
i've done my part...did you?

your participation is a vote for mother earth
a vote against global warming

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random-list experience

i come to bump again with the "" blog and so i figured maybe today i can have my own version of that. let's see how it feels. ehem...mic test...*clears throat* goes...

25 random things about me
1. i am...

okay, i went blank. let's try again.

what list was i'm going to make? i am doing this all wrong!!!

[NOT].25 random things about me
1. singer. i only get high scores in videoke for singing it loudly.
2. perfect attendance student. i like skipping classes in college. believe me it's so hard to keep up the habit of skipping. challenging!
3. into diet. it is not an even an option.
4. durian-lover. e to the w...EW!
5. enjoy PROM. forget the dress. forget the music. forget the themed-party. forget the dance. forget that word!!!
6. 100% clean-living. i puffed less than 3 sticks of cigarettes in my life.
7. alcohol-free. i am still enjoying it.
8. eat "kinilaw". oh no...
9. have a bank account. but i do have credit accounts instead! hahaha
10. have a tattoo. not even planning to have any.
11. and i don't like to finishing this list so 10 is the best i can come up with.