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MusicBoxDiary: Running

I miss my friends to bits. Let's slow down for awhile and stop running... let's head for a quick stop over and catch up!
I miss you! I miss you! I miss you!


Running all the time
Running to the future
With you right by my side

I'm the one you chose
Out of all the people
You wanted me the most
I'm so sorry that I've fallen
Help me up lets keep on running
Don't let me fall out of love

Running, running
As fast as we can
Do you think we'll make it?
(Do you think we'll make it?)
We're running
Keep holding my hand
It's so we don't get separated

Be the one I need
Be the one I trust most
Don't stop inspiring me
Sometimes it's hard to keep on running
We work so much to keep it going
Don't make me want to give up


obey & witness

I have been a member of the Singles for Christ community since 2005. For almost 8 years I've been in and out, seen and gone, and active and inactive in the activities. Maintaining the fire of service is definitely a hard road to take. Tiredness and dryness took a toll in me many times and even to the present time I still do experience these struggles.

Commitment is one meaningful word I should say.

The SFC community holds its annual International Conference or what we famously call ICON. It's one of the most sought-after event of the year. In my almost 8 years I have only joined a few: 2007 - Lanao del Norte and 2009 - Cebu. I missed the 2006 - Baguio, 2008 - Clark Pampanga, 2010 - Davao, 2011 - CamSur, and 2012 - Bohol.

In those two times that I joined, no doubt that the experience was meaningful. However there were factors that contributed that I became unsatisfied: Long travel, unorganized events/workshops, open venue that I almost suffered heat stroke, side trips that caused us to skip the activities and quite a few more to mention. But aside from all these complaints, I would not exchange what I experienced during prayer & song worship, talks and sharing.

This year, it was challenging. We just completed a Christian Life Program last year and welcomed new members in the community, I handled a household, and I was assigned to be the Chapter servant. So it is challenging for me to decline. It felt like I have a responsibility to attend. I knew that I should cut myself some slack, quit my unending list of alibis, and just attend the ICON in Manila. Well, the venue is not inviting to me - it's the least of my favorite places to go. But God's invitation deserves a response. I must listen to His call and be a good daughter at least. I need this kind of activity in my life to remain connected, fueled and restored in my service and purpose. Because somehow I knew I can drown and get lost in my journey in a snap - I could really break. I often get tired and shut blank with questions lately.

Going back to this year's ICON, the venue was perfect - World Trade Center. Why? Because it was a closed and air-conditioned venue ^_^ The food was okay, I commend the organizers for giving us a very relaxed event, the entire production team was good - I'd give you an A+, the talks were superb - well prep, and the sharers - BOOM! concise, fitting, well-chosen and they have the best experiences to share to the more than 8,000 participants.

I am not a squeaky-clean Christian, oh no I'm not. But I'd like to take a shot in every opportunity to return back the glory that I should be giving the Lord. God has been very generous to me. I try not to forget on how He has healed me with my pains, taught me the lessons and values in life, helped me to understand situations and people, taught me how to face my day-to-day life with a better perspective, and just how to live my life with meaning and purpose.

Bottom line of this post: I was there in the 2013 Singles for Christ International Conference. I was a WITNESS.


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It seems I'm gonna say goodbye to my heels now - I will be reunited with my SOLE mate ^_^

Yeah baby! Flats it is.

My super awesome-coolness RAINBOW-ROCKET-SHEEP canvass shoes from PunchdrunkPanda
 This shoe just makes me happy! See me smiling? Look at the details and colors - just childish isn't it? Yippee!!!

My day-out slippers has retired after more than a year of abuse. I'm a walker - so 1 year is quite long for my slippers/shoes to survive. 
Here comes a new one - almost the same color with the old one. Hahaha! Same same same me.

More shots w/ my sole mates

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a night in CHIYO

One of my favorite on-the-spot dinner dates ^_^

We're on the jeepney, heading home. You just blurted out that we should stop over and eat in this new and fancy Japanese restaurant that we pass along every night. I said, "Are you sure?" and you answered "Why not?".

So we stopped the jeep and we walked a few steps to the restaurant. We were laughing and excited because we're not sure of the menu, the price, and customs inside a real Japanese resto. Hahaha. We noticed shoes and slippers outside and we wondered if this is like what we see in TV. Good thing that there's an area where you don't need to remove your shoes.

We went in. The place is nice (wink). We were smiling because it's just nice. When the menu was handed out, we knew what section to look at - SASHIMI, SUSHI and MAKI ROLLS. ^___________^  (big smile)

The salmon sashimi was so good, so good I must say again, that we decided to order another one as our finale dish. The "unforgettable" rolls were equally good as well. The sashimi platter was the fun one - it's not presented like in our past dinners so we were whispering on how are we going to eat it. Hahaha. We didn't care! We smiled and laughed in between. Of course we have a dose of our fun talks.

We ended the meal by bowing to each other - a Japanese custom. Hahaha. That was funny really.

It's not the last time we're gonna sit in that resto. We'll come back soon that's for sure.

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K to the nth power

“K” is for kilig and this is the perfect and exact words to describe what I feel when watching these Korean movies & series.

Back in college, I have watched plenty of Korean films since those were the years that Korean films were introduced to the Pinoys and it definitely became a hit (especially on the deebeedee deebeedee). Then local TV networks were conquered as well with what we call “Koreanovelas”. It was a Korean invasion indeed! The hearts of the Filipinos were captured by the heart warming stories - without the exaggerated stories and kontrabidas in Pinoy films/series.

In this post, I’m gonna list down my favorites – this is a fangirl moment for me. Hahaha.

Yoon Eun-hye & Park Yoochun
I just finished this series last week and I'm still having a bad hangover on the story and characters. I find the conflict of the story very heart breaking. And I love how every character played their roles – Bravo!

Keun Suk & Girls' Generation's Im Yoona
I bet the “kilig” that this series brought me would never fade!!! I swear!!! I just wish that they would end up together in real life. Hahaha (fangirl moment again)
Yoona and Keun Suk are just perfectly cute!!! The conflict in the story is also unique, well for me it is. The transition of the story from the past to present was nicely presented – it’s just very sensitive. I don’t know how to describe it with the right words – I just love this series to bits. 

Yoon Eun-hye and Kang Ji-hwan 

FUN + KILIG = just my type of film/series. Kang Ji-hwan's character is "suplado" (ten-te-ne-nen) - I fell inlove. hahaha. Eun-hye is just bubbly and goofy.
A "suplado" person and a "bubbly" person does perfectly fit together (ayiiiiiiiiiii).

Ha Ji-won and Hyun Bin
Oh my! It seems I ran out of words to describe all these Korean shows. But nevertheless, Secret Garden is in my top pick! I would watch it over and over. I love the hint of magic in the story - hey what's wrong of a magical fairy tale right?
I like that the girl is not the typical damsel in distress - she's a stunt woman. How cool is that!!!  
I love her short hair. I love that the guy is somehow a "weakling" and submissive to the girl.
I like the simple happy ending - not Pinoy-like ending with grand weddings and yet the main character would die in the end.

Note: I didn't include DONG YI because I already made a separate blog entry about it - here. Just being fair.

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catch-up february

 i tell you... there's a lot of eating this first quarter of 2013
i must have forgotten about my diet
i must have forgotten about my "tipid" motto
oh well - #eatpraylove

 regular dose of pizza for distressing

 prelim room-warming ni Greta. tambay lang after lunch.

@ Mesa - Filipino Moderne w/ D


Tiny Kitchen w/ former officemate Joanne and HR Carlina