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I am fascinated on how a person comes up with a unique theme or gimmick that would make them stand out from the rest. They leave a mark in my little childish mind.

One example is the Filipina who always bring along with her a "tabo" also known as dipper. "Tabo" is one of the symbols of being Pinoy. We, Filipinos, definitely knows and uses a "tabo" or even prefers using it over than a shower during bath. She's a traveler and she takes picture of her travels with her "tabo" signifying her Filipino race. I remember the pictures as unique and funny. Of course, I can't copy that all because I wouldn't dare to always bring a "tabo" with me. So I salute that Filipina for her humor and guts.

Another character in my list is Bianca Gonzales who is famous for her perfect tumbling shots. She has a wide collection of her perfect tumbling in all her travels. Go check out her blog. Then I figured that her thing is doable for me. It may be a copy cat gimmick but there's the catch - I can never do a perfect tumbling! Hahaha. I actually look like a falling frog!!! So just for the fun of it I decided to do a collection of tumbling stunts - PALPAK EDITION ^_^

At Davao People's Park right after joining a 5K Fun Run

During a tree planting activity

At Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Hahaha. I look like a dancing-drunken-woman that is about to hit the ground.
Frog Style

Found an ally

At Vanishing Island

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SEALed with a Mission

S.E.A.L. stands for Strong and Empowered Army of the Lord
A weekend retreat of the CFC-Singles for Christ held last March 24-25 at Nabunturan, ComVal province.

Road trip to Nabunturan, ComVal

 A pinch of vodka on the way - to electrify our spirit ^_^

Our sweet ride

 The web

 JM giving out instructions

 Me (with glasses) with Garen

 Planning and panicking

Biggest team mate ;)

 there i go! someone from the boys commented, "she's so heavy!"

Lester preparing the giant maze

THE giant maze

Let ourselves be guided - by the RIGHT voice, RIGHT intentions, and RIGHT message

Every drop counts. We cannot accomplish a goal alone - we need help from others.

Giant Wheel Challenge

During the processing of team building activities

  in my UDD shirt with the Service Team

We are all called for a missionary life ^_^

BUT WAIT... a trip won't be complete without a goofy picture. I chose to pass on my traditional "palpak" tumbling shots.

Awkward! hahaha


when my mouth said NO but my head said YES

Recently, I received an invitation that I know that I must refuse. As much as I would want to say YES, I know that I should not. Jumping into opportunities right away may sometimes lead us to trouble. We need to be cautious of the signs, of the real message and the impact that it will bring to yourself and to the people around you.

At inakala nyo na naman na isa itong seryosong blog entry. BLEH! Enk! Hindi yata. Tungkol ito sa pag imbita sa akin na magbigay ng speech sa Recognition day ng High School Alma Mater ko. Hahaha! Loko ah! At ako talaga? Wala naman akong "PHD", "MD", "HON" o ano pang kadikit na letra sa pangalan ko ah. Malamang "MRS." lang ang madadagdag sa takdang panahon (hahaha). Kaya ang unang reaksyon ko ay - kalokohan ba to?! Alam kong hindi ako karapatdapat at alam ko sa sarili ko na may ibang tao na mas bagay na tumayo sa entablado at magbigay ng mensahe sa mga estudyante - at hindi ako yun.

Kasi naman ang isa sa mga guro sa naturang paaralan na yun ay kabarkada ko. Kaya hindi na rin ako nagtaka. Alam kong pakana nya. Gusto nya kasing ibahagi ko sa lahat kung gaano kami kasaya nung high school. Eh hindi naman iyon simpleng kwentuhan lang. Tsaka alam ko na mahihirapan syang maghanap ng papayag sa imbitasyon nya. Natural! Yung mga doctor, abogado, guro, at pulitiko ay busy sa career nila... magdadalawang isip ang mga iyon na dumalo sa isang simpleng okasyon. At alam ng kabarkada ko na "bakante" ako para sa mga ganun kung baga "easy-to-get" lang ako pag dating sa mga raket, community service at volunteer work. 

Nung ipinaalam ko sa tatay ko ang imbitasyon hindi nga ako nagkamali, tama nga ang inaasahan ko na sasabihin nya - "Sus! Ikaw lang ang niloloko ng mga iyan! Palibhasa ang dali mong papayagin! Bakit ikaw? Doktor ka ba? Pulitiko ka ba?! Bakit di nila kunin si Engr. Ewan o si Dra. Di-ko-sasabin o si Atty. Kapitbahay-Natin?". Hahaha! Etong tatay ko talaga...kahit kelan kulang ng bilib sa anak nya ^_^. At di lang yun ha, nakakuha pa ng kakampi ang tatay ko sa katauhan ni D - "Huwag kang pumayag Kay. Ikaw lang ang naisip nila na madaling imbitahin". Clap-clap! Pero may punto sila...alam ko yun.

Kamakailang beses akong tumanggi. At kamakailang beses din akong pinilit. Nagbabago na ang isip ko. Sa bawat tanggi ko...nakakapag-construct ako ng isang talata ng speech sa utak ko! Hahaha. Oo, may draft na ako ng speech. Naisip ko, ang saya sanang experience yun at ang saya din magkwento. Pero di bale na lang.

  • Introduction joke about Tomas Hayahay - local radio personality
  • Quote my 4th year High School adviser, the late Maam Precy Bacay - "Character over-weighs Intelligence"
  • Quote Bo Sanchez - "All of us are blessed with core gifts. Do not stray away from your core gifts because it is where you will be blessed. Be the best waiter! Be the best teacher! Be the best sales agent! Be the best doctor! Be the best person you can be."
  • Konting personal sharing - "Hindi ko alam kung bakit ako ang naimbitan, malamang dahil wala akong Talent Fee (hahaha). ComSci graduate ako, walang PHD, MD, or kung ano mang career license. Pero malapit ko ng matapos ang ala-masteral ko sa paghihintay na maging MRS"
  • Quote a few lines from my graduation speech
  • Final words of challenge, quote from the movie "Young Adult" - LIFE HERE I COME!


the perks of having S.A.D.

S.A.D. or Separation Anxiety Disorder is a psychological condition in which an individual experiences excessive anxiety regarding separation from home or from people to whom the individual has a strong emotional attachment.



I am my own shrink so my diagnosis for all these crappy-sentimental-baggage is S.A.D. I'd like to site some points of symptoms why ended up with this disorder.
  1. Death of grandparents. Lola died when I was 10 and Lolo died when I was 12. I am now 27 and I still cry whenever I miss them, I light up when I talk about them, and I feel envious whenever I see a Lolo or Lola with their grandchild/ren. Even to the present time I talk to them, I write letters whenever I can, I always think of them and I still wish that they are with me. It's like a wound that will never heal - ever!
  2. Summer vacation in the year 1997, Lolo and I went to Manila. We stayed in my uncle's home in Cavite. After almost a month, on the day of my birthday - May 23, I begged Lolo that we go home. All because I wanted to celebrate my birthday at home like I always have. My uncle was upset because he would have wanted to spend more time with Lolo. Of course Lolo granted my request and we went home right away. I don't like to change the setups where I am happy and comfortable.
  3. My older sister got married at age 24 (I was 22 at that time). Time was stolen from Ate and me. We never got the chance to have all those normal sisterly bonding. During college, she was renting a room at the city while I stayed at home with our parents. When she graduated, she moved to Manila while I stayed at home with our parents. I was more eager to spend time and invest bonds with friends as I was growing apart from my sister...physically, mentally and emotionally. When she tied the knot, that's the time I realized that we will never ever have all those sisterly bonding because her priority will be building her own family while I stay at home with our parents, still. Somehow I was mad at her because I felt like she escaped from all the responsibilities at home - responsibilities of the first child. I cried so bad at her wedding. But with some few good turns of God's magic wand we reconnected when she gave birth to my favorite one and only nephew, Arby.
  4. Graduating High School and entering college. I am bounded with the same set of friends since elementary days to High School. I have the same set of classmates for 10 years. In college, we all have separated since we went into different schools with different courses. I remember crying in the classroom because I don't know anyone. Not less than 2 months I shifted to a different course - Computer Science, which 8 of my high school friends took. And so happy days are back...I am surrounded with people I know. Although most of them didn't pursue the course, Padz and I stick out for more than 4 years as classmates.   
  5. Resignation of workmates. [1] Ren, my mentor, decided to resign during my 2nd year at work and left me her responsibilities. I cried on her last day at work and was depressed for a few months. Now, I am the godmother of her 3rf child and we get to communicate and see each other once in every while. [2] Shynne, my seatmate for more than a year and one of the closest friend I have at work, surprised us with her resignation. I think above everyone I was the one who exaggerated her exit because I didn't talked to her during her final days. Good thing is I got over with my immaturity and now we are good. [3] Glaiza, also one of my closest friends at work, resigned to find a better opportunity for career growth. I was hurt so I didn't gave her a nice gesture of goodbye. But we were able to patch things up eventually. I always have a tendency of "going mute" and giving an "i don't see you" attitude whenever someone close to me is about to leave. I am coping on this even to the present time. 

Not only with people but I also do have a very strong attachment on material things with sentimental value. I am an excellent keeper. It may look as garbage but I see them as priceless treasures.
  1. I can't let go of my childhood clothes, they are still perfectly starched and ironed in my old closet.
  2. My favorite pants underwent countless overhaul and alterations just because I can't throw it away. If only the pants can speak it could have told me "would you please give up on me already?!"
  3. My favorite shirts are still piled up in my closet even though the sizes doesn't fit me anymore. All because I like remembering the events that I got to wore those shirts.
  4. Scribbles, random notes, and letters dated from 1997 are all kept safely in my memory box.
  5. First rose I received is well-pressed and sealed.
  6. Receipt of my first date with D.
  7. My childhood pillow.
  8. Stones, shells, sand, leaf and anything I can grab from a memorable day.
  9. Friendship ring that I am wearing since year 2006.
  10. Pair of earings that Papa gave me as a gift I think more than 10 years ago. I never considered on exchanging it for a new pair. No way!
I am not good with goodbyes. I am not a fan of big changes. I stay and stick out. I settle. But you see, there were lessons I learned and one of it is "goodbyes" are inevitable in this life. We can't control some situations and there are people and things that we are suppose to let go.

What I am saying is somehow, I am trying to manage my reactions now. I'm not sure of how to cure this disorder...therapies won't work on me! Coping...this is the process I am in.

But whenever I am sad or I miss the old days...I take comfort from the old stuffs I keep, old people in my life, and old memories I stored in my memory cache.

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my name is kay and im not an alcoholic

"Never drink to feel better, only drink to feel even better"
I have said these lines countless times  - "I will never drink again!", "This is the last time I drink!", and "I will commit to a clean living lifestyle!".

What a bad liar! None of those were true - for a while yes but I find myself giving in to the temptation of an ice-cold-beer ^_^ Oh no! I am currently imagining myself diving in a pool of sparkling beer...swimming through its distinctive sweet taste as it leaves a very soothing sensation in my throat. Enough!!! Tsk!!! I am not an I? Is this the first sign of addiction - denial stage?!? Whoa! But hey I've been sober for almost a month now.

Let's take a trip down to memory lane - on how I started drinking.


During my high school years I have mandated myself not to drink, not to smoke, and not to do drugs. Fulfilling those could have been very easy but I took the route of which most of my friends took. It was in the year 2004 when I first took a sip of beer - I didn't liked it all. It tasted bitter. So I thought my curiosity ends there. But after high school graduation, my friends and I experienced the infamous Gin-Po, a mixture of Gin and Pomelo juice. Heck! It knocked out my senses and gave me bad hangovers and excessive vomiting. From then on, the number of consumed alcohol bottles kept adding up.

Later on I explored the forbidden vice of drinking - I started drinking a lot. Beer, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Wine, Scotch, and some mix 'n match of juices and hard drinks - were my new set of friends. I find happiness when I drink and I don't know why. It brings out happy hormones! There's a point where I drink beer and rum almost everyday - coming to work sober. There were also bad times specially when I could hardly breath - I think its an allergic reaction to a certain gin, rashes all over my body, dehydrated for excessive vomiting, and hyper acidity. But it didn't pulled me away from alcohol at all - living life dangerously eh?!

I have a very long list of embarrassing moments when I got drunk and I could remember almost everything, sadly. o_O

1. Vomited on public places.
2. Almost tripping a table in a barbeque house.
3. Hanged my half-conscious self by the window of a taxi while vomiting
4. Waking up the next day with an empty wallet - zero cash! Realizing that I paid for everything the other night.
5. Climbed up on the stage where a band is performing and being dragged down by a local police officer.
6. Stood on top of a chair in the center of a partying crowd - splashing water (crap!).
7. Took off my shirt (I was wearing a sleeveless shirt beneath so no scandalous act).
8. Went back to the office...
   a. Greeted the guard in a Japanese manner - bowed plenty times
   b. Talked to the plants
   c. Acted like a boss on everyone by walking around with my hands on the waist while saying, "What's keeping you busy?!"
   d. Locked myself in the restroom with 2 other girls laughing out loud.
   e. Pointed a finger and gave a high-five to our visiting American boss.
9. Danced in front of a crowd.
10. Believe it or not but I sang.
11. Threw ice on someone (Ooopsy! Sorry)
12. Cried (sh*t)
13. Minor motorcycle accident
14. Ransacked an embargoed house
15. And a lot more...

There were things I wish I didn't say or do when I was under the influence of alcohol but then I have learned to laugh it all off. Somehow I know my limit, the moment I notice that I am drunk I make my famous escape - I run home. As in I really run. Ha-ha-ha. If there's a runaway bride then I could be the runaway drunk version.

I treasure all the funny/comic memories and how I made a complete fool of myself. On October 31, 2006 - my first salary, I treated my friends in a party wherein we joined a beer-drinking contest. Luckily I won!!! That was one of my most cherished achievement ^_^

Now, I get to drink occasionally - yesterday, today, and tomorrow! Ha-ha-ha just kidding. My drinking buddies are hardly around since they have a family of their own or a very busy career. So, I'm just patiently waiting for occasions ^_^

 Which is which?

Tolerable Alcohol content
 Charice I challenge you!

Rockin' rollin!!!