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pay as you order

an anonymous quote, surely it does make sense


is a four syllable word for,

"Here's my heart and soul, please GRIND them into hamburger, and ENJOY."

bb. dependable

dependeble - di yan typo. first time mo bang narinig? puwes, heto ang brief background.

1. Call a friend
My friend's auntie called, she needs a credit card for her daughter's plane ticket home. To mention na they are one of my extended families out of...sobrang dami. So I took time to think...mga 10 seconds. Remember that I tore my credit card? That was actually the extension, the main card is still alive ang swiping! no swiping na. So I'm thinking...yeah...I'd let her use my card. OoOoopsy...there i go again.

2. Inbox full
My phone inbox is full. When I checked the messages, a friend informed me that she delivered na. It's time for "ninang-ng-bayan". She texted me the details: gender, weight, etc, etc...and she needs me to bail her out of the clinic. I signed off from work early and did the job. At least I get to name the baby.

3. Dear Kuya Eddie
My friend's mother came to talk to me two years ago. Her youngest won't be able to graduate because of unpaid school bills. She was all teary-eyed and all, telling me her oh-so-unlucky life. I went to the closest Cooperative Bank and loaned the amount that would covered the graduation. And guess what, I wasn't paid until to the present day that I am typing this blog.

Help is extended to those I know...depende. "Depende" sa rate of need, "Depende" sa mood (i have mood swings), "Depende" sa posibility na carry ko ang consequences, "Depende" sa reason...DEPENDEBLE.

segunda ronda

I have a thing with CRs...a thing called JINX. hahaha. Yes, I mean the comfort room! And I share this jinx with an officemate named Charles (sorry for name-dropping).
I seem to have a down-mood today but thanks to this jinx. hahaha. My officemate forgot to lock the door and I happen know. This happened for the second time na. Hahaha. Well, it made me smile...salamat sa jinx. Got to work...its a busy day :)
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i wish i wish i wish

whoa! i've been tagged by my uber-kulet-techie-wannabe-slash-beach-loving-slash-book-devouring-slash-adventure-seeking seatmate SHYNNE (applause applause). Below are the rules for the birthday wish tag:
1. Make a list of what you want on your birthday
2. The list should be 10 numbers
3. Post the image of this award in your posting
4. Give it to 10 friends of yours.

I WISH...(with explanation eto)
1. That I could clear all my debts (credit card & loan). So that I can completely wake up and sleep at night with a smile in my face without worrying on how can I make up for all the debts.
2. That I can take a vacation in a new place. This includes adventure trips (nerve wrecking ones), food trips (yum yum), picture takings, and meet new people.
3. That I can learn to play an instrument (piano or guitar). Since it's hopeless and a waste of money for me to take voice lessons...instruments na lang for our SFC household. Mas feel nako ang holy spirit pag live band eh...
4. That I can take my brother to an adventure trip (Bora or Camp Sabros). I've been promising him eh...naniningil kung minsan. But any trips with do, basta fun fun fun lang with my brother.
5. That I can have an extra job or an increase (hihihihi). I am struggling with my many bills to pay and so many demands to cover.
6. That I can be discovered in showbiz (LOL). Kahit pamalit lang ni pokwang or anything. Wala lang para kwela na wish...hirap mag isip eh
7. That I can serve in the Gawad Kalinga or the kids in GK (Sibol, Sagip kids). It's always an overwhelming and humbling experience. I miss community service.
8. That my friends, inaanaks, and all of the people I care for will find joy and peace in their lives. Deep! Teary-eyes man sad ko ani.
9. That my family will have a good health and more happy times together. Just a little more of their time, their talks, their hugs, their presence, their love...just them. Just a little more of what makes me happy.
10. That everything between me and Danding will sail smoothly as we take each day as a work in progress. That everything will come by as it should and we'll get by...i wish (selfish wish)
I'm suppose to tag 10 persons daw...hmmmm (i'll PM na them na lang)