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:25: mic test...

If LOVE is the sky, I'd pray for wings...
I'd bravely take all the bruises for every fall
I'd flaunt the scars that I might earn
I'd fly high as I can just to get the closest chance to you

If LOVE is rain, I won't take an umbrella with me
I'd soak myself under the bliss of every drop
I'd spoil the innocent child inside me
I'd take the risk of getting sick the next day

If LOVE is the wind, I'd fly a kite
I'd chase every blow
I'd patiently wait
I'd hope for a second wind to come each time I fail

If LOVE is the ocean, I will buy a boat
I'd endure the big waves
I'd fight every tempting and misleading current
I'd voyage every stream that will lead me to you

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extra! extra!

I'm on night shift again...but for two days only. I am filling in for an on-leave co-worker. On day time, blogspot site is blocked that's why I haven't made any entry for the past weeks. Anyway, just an update on my life...I am currently part of organizing a fiesta event in our district. oh yes! From barangay events to district events...whoa!

i love civic events!!!




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dalawampu't pito

HAPPY 27th Anniversary Mama and Papa :15:

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YahooNews error

Yesterday, the entire Philippines mourned for the lost of former President Cory Aquino. I was disappointed for not being able to watch the tv coverage because I have to go to work.

Yes, even it was declared as a holiday...we have work. :36:

I tried to watch online streaming but too bad video streaming sites are blocked in the office *grrrrr*. So all I could manage to do is read articles. A workmate sent me a site of which made my mood lighter.


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rewind back time

►knock knock...who's there?
►lolo and lola played a "rewind back time" game

lolo: balikan natin yung panahon na nililigawan pa kita
lola: sige sige

ACTIOn!!! :34:

lolo: magkita tayo mamayang ala-sais sa tabing ilog. hihintayin kita.
lola: oo, irog ko

Nag-ayos si lolo, naglagay ng pumada sa buhok, at naligo sa pabango. Dumaan sa tindahan ng bulaklak at bumili ng isang dosenang rosas. Pumunta sa tabing ilog bago ang napag-usapang oras. Lumipas ang kalahating oras, di pa dumadating si lola. Naghintay pa si lolo. Lumipas ang mahigit isang oras at wala pa din si lola. Napikon si lolo at umuwi.

lolo: Bakit di ka dumating?! Mahigit isang oras akong naghintay!

Nakahiga si lola sa kama, di kumikibo. At di nagtagal ay umalingawngaw ang iyak.

lola: Di ako pinayagan ni tatay!

toinks! ang balik-tanaw...BOW :26:

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This weekend, we had a taste of the latest drink, THE BAR. :43:

On a personal note...I didn't like it that much. The "swabe" feeling is not there. We were not able to finish one bottle of THE BAR...we switched back to our all-time favorite drink - RED HORSE. Cheers! ^_^