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gorging in the jungle

My recent pig outs

Army Navy Burger - YUM! YUM! YUM!

Taro Milk Tea. Lately, D♥ and I have been taking a daily dose of milk teas. Yes daily.

Siomai from Dimsum

Monthly Pizza intake

 Lyndon's worst baby back ribs

Balamban Liempo

 After lunch treat

Next target:
Tiny Kitchen located @ Torres Street, Davao City

 must try: PAELLA

Go check out below links:

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loop holes and bunny ears

I am always fascinated with patterns. The synchronized measurement, distance, length, and width of shapes. The doodles. The scribbles.

Today, I decided to knit the loops of my shoe laces with new patterns i found in the internet. You see, my memory is very good in remembering patterns and images rather than numbers and instructions. So when I was once browsing online, I found pictures of shoes with interesting shoe laces. So here goes my try.

 My usual right-over-left laces

The Ladder. It could have looked better if I used rounded laces rather than the flat ones.
 The Zipper.

The Zipper in black & white

I decided to stick with The Zipper for now. I liked it so I'll be flaunting this laces for now.

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am i the same girl...yes i am

It was a long weekend for me. Mom and Pop went on a vacation to Manila to spend the weekend + holidays with their grandson.

I didn't made plans. I decided to stay at home so I bought DVDs in case I would self-destruct due to boredom. Anyway, my brother Clinton was with me.

We did our chores - laundry, bathing the dogs, cleaning the house, cooking, and etc. We watched Battleship again. Then in the evening of Sunday, I decided to watch the Season 1 of New Girl. I was able to watch episodes before in a local channel but due to my on and off commitments, I skipped a lot of episodes and eventually forgot about its airtime. So I had the chance to start over with this series. Given that I love Zooey Deschanel - she's so bubbly, goofy and quirky. Hahaha. She's so talented as well, see below a video of her performing "Wouldn't it be nice".

Clinton watched the series with me. I bet that he would be bored in the long run because its a girly-type of show. But then it was past 1AM and we were both laughing so loud that it our voices seem to echo in our neighborhood. So he liked it. And I'm glad my brother would share a seat next to me with a show that I like. It is seldom that you can drag a guy or a brother to watch a girly-type of show.

When we were done with the 24 episodes, I said to my brother with a sigh "Oh how I miss my guy friends".

I grew up surrounded with boys - 5 uncles and grandpop. In high school I was close to the boys in our class. When I served for 6 years in the local government community I mostly get along and worked with the boys as well. Most of my closest friends were boys. So I say that I am "one of the boys".

In my younger years, I could say I really had a great time...hands down and 2 thumbs up! Most of those great times were spent with my guy friends - Gerald, Kiam2x, Jojo, Dhodong, Arniff, JK, Yayo, Dheo, Lester, Kevin, Jerphine, Aljohns, and more. Oh how I miss them! I miss them a lot - a lot like holla!!!

It has always been a "must-try" for me to live independently in the city. Rent a place by myself or rent a place with my friends. We even dream-talk before that it would be nice if we would live in the same village, with a house right next to each other. But then, things does not really fall into place like what we planned sometimes. My boys found the love of their life, got married and raised their kid/s. I hardly see them now. And this is the part that sucks - I am still not over with my singlehood. So at times that I want to go out, my boys can't be there in just a snap like before. They need to surpass their wife's "gates of fury" with a valid and acceptable excuse. For us to get together, I must exert a super-duper-ultra-mega-extra effort like (1) notify their partner personally, (2) clear their schedule for baby sitting, (3) invite their partner and kid/s along, (4) make the outing free for them so their budget for milk, medicine, and regular household expenses will not be put in jeopardy - and this means twice or thrice the budget for me, and (5) prepare everything.

In those seldom times I get to see and spend time with my guy friends - I had a taste of what we used to have before. The taste of happiness, worry-free life, and our youth. It's obvious as it is - I love them as much as I miss them everyday. But like what I have heard from a movie, love is letting the other person be happy even if it meant you're not being part of it. One thing is for sure, I will be in the same place whenever they remember me or need me.

I'd like to share this movie about a girl's life lived with boys - father, husband, and son.

One day can change your life. One day can ruin your life. All life is is three or four big days that change everything.

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stone totems

This is a post from my multiply site. After receiving a notice that all my posts will be deleted, I decided to back-up.

For the Greeks, offering stones on graves is a sign of affection...

Back in the year 2005 (i think), we went mountain climbing in the vast mountains of Tamayong. It is one of the highland entries to Mt. Apo. We also river trekked to Tres Marias falls and more other falls of which I forgot (tsk3x). I remember passing through a lot of piled stones along the way. I was curious enough to ask about it. According to my friend, it means that someone has passed by the same direction we are passing. Each passer, would place a stone on top as a sign of safety.



One of my ultimate dreams in this lifetime is to go on BACKPACKING.

The thought of backpacking has always made my entire being jump in excitement. "I can do that", "I should go try that", "I would definitely have the best time in my life" - these are just few of the things I tell myself whenever I come to think of backpacking. Oh how I envy watching those people in tv and magazines.

Backpacking in different countries, crossing borders, walking in unfamiliar grounds, traveling in public vehicles, eating foods that are new to my taste  buds, breathing in a different coast, looking up on a different sky, mingling with people whom has a different language, and just experiencing all of these... that would be a BLAST for me... top of my bucket list for sure!

Then I snap back in reality! Going on a "backpacking journey" would require me a loooong leave of absence from work and enough treasure in my pocket. And I just don't have that luxury you know. That's the downside in all this (teary-eyes).

And to cure my sadness, I spoiled myself with BAGS. Bags that I could use in case my backpacking dream would come knocking on my door. And most of these bags have encapsulations for my laptop - just in case I need to work on the fly while I'm on my extravagant vacation spree (wink).

medium-sized laptop bag. it's RED!!!
large-sized handbag

 large-sized backpack. this bag has come in handy for my previous travels

 extra-large backpack

By the way, here's a helpful tip for packing:

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dahilayan park · kaamulan · nasuli lagoon

Almost 2 weeks have passed and I still can't get over with the "fun" I experienced in my recent Bukidnoon adventure.

It is not my first time to step in the landscapes of Bukidnoon, back in the year 2004 or 2005 I stayed for awhile there when we had a trip to Tinago Falls, Cagayan, Iligan and Camiguin Island.

If you're up for an adventure and you want to get away from the city life, then Bukidnon is a good place to be. The temperature is humid (Baguio-like), the poblacion area is not highly-urbanized of which I like, people are friendly, and you may pass by the highway with a lot of displayed freshly picked fruits & vegetables in a very affordable price (pwedeng tumawad sa presyo na halos ipamimigay na lang). Also, it's best if you travel with your service vehicle. We rented a Grandia van for 2 days - worth Php9,000 and its a good deal!