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...on Greta

"She's a trip. But she's no vacation."

i like the soundtrack
i like Hillary Duff in this movie...serious and matured
i like the scrapbook story
i like the suicidal character


tell me something i dont know

Beyond all these written thoughts and trailing words
Where will I be?

Between each Hello and Goodbye
Where will I be?

Among all these figures and clues?
Where will I be?

Of life's cliches and malleable reality
Where will I be?

Of fate and uncertainties
Where will I be?

Of broken promises and hopeful tomorrow
Where will I be

Where else will I be?
You tell me...

ang utang ay dapat bayaran

ang dami ko ng utang na kwento...kaso di ko alam kung san ko sisimulan:
-birth ni baby Arby...first APO sa family (October)
-2 weeks stay in Manila (October)
-bday ng inaanak (November)
-Office Outing (December)
-Must Watch Movies

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movie pick: My Sister's Keeper

I watched a DVD of My Sister's Keeper last Saturday and until now I'm getting goosebumps whenever I get to remember the story. I could say that it's one of my favorites!

I'd give it a 5-star rating!

Well, I basically love movies that could make me cry in laughter or in sympathy. Now, I'm trying to get a copy of the book...I hope I could find one in the bookstores.

Spoiler Alert:
•Cameron Diaz still looks pretty even she's bald
•The girl with cancer pretty looks convincing...she sure does look like she has cancer
•I love the part when the family went to the beach with "Feels Like Home" by Chantal Kreviazuk playing on the background
•I didn't know about the Dyslexia disease

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link to Survivor Philippines fan site

Lately, I got hooked with the reality TV show "Survivor Philippines: Palau". And now that it's down to the final three: Justine, Jeff, and Amanda. One of them will be crowned the 2nd Sole Survivor in the Philippine's franchise. But before the verdict closes, I'd like to spill out my personal views on each of the 3 remaining cast aways.

Amanda Van Cooley :32:
In the early part of the show, she left an impression as a 'feminist'. She's part of the girl-alliance that planned to oust all male cast aways, which was carried out successfully in the end.

I admire her for playing the game cool. She knows her goals. She was consistent for me. She knows what is in stake for all her decisions. She knows her reasons and ground. And most of all she stood by her friends as much as she could (Mika and Jeff).

During the final days when everyone went whacked, she also became emotional and yet remained to be strong. She's upfront and she never said bad things against the other remaining cast aways as I could recall. She left a room for respect. That's why she's my sole survivor since Mika got voted off.

Jeff Gaitan:46:
She's strong in her own way. It may not be what everyone expected but I did appreciate her somehow. I'm just disappointed when she sacrificed her original alliance.

Justine Ferrer:33:
On the first day I hated her because of she shouted on an elder cast away. When she was sent to "isla purgaturyo" I admired her endurance, strength and desire to stay in the game.

But in the last days, she has shed her true colors. She has a bad-mouth and she's disrespectful. It's a freakin' game so what's her problem if someone's going to turn their back on her. It's a strategy! It's how others would want to play the game! So therefore I concluded...I don't like her (no offense).

For Tara and Charles ---> :42:
Please...listen to what you're saying! Maybe you'll realize how pointless the both of you are! Blabber mouths!

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hang-over days

I watched the movie "HANGOVER" last night. I expected some hard laughs...and I did laughed hard. But I didn't expect to hit me in my blind spot.

I could not sleep after watching the movie. I was smiling while I'm lying in my bed, remembering all the crazy times in my younger years. Take note: I really do mean "CRAZY"! And the sad part is I miss all the fun times...I miss my crazy friends...and I miss myself being crazy. Oh well, growing up do *stinks* in some ways. One way of relieving this sad feeling is to write it down. So here goes...

Running/Playing/Soaking ourselves under the rain
We ♥ the rain! It never made us frown back in high school. Right after classes we'd walk our way home not minding our uniforms, bags and books to get wet. We'd chase each other in the streets.

Cinema Goofs
We we're only minors when we wanted to watch R-18 movies. So we faked our ID's. We didn't enjoyed the movies but we had fun:
-sitting far from each other then talking loudly inside the cinema
-using the other gender's comfort room (hahahaha)
-spying on every couple inside the cinema...catching their gooOoeey moments

Best Valentines Date Ever!!!
Yes, I do mean the best I ever had! It was a date with my bestfriends: Lester, Kiam, Padz, Lhot and Lhab. Everything was perfectly planned. The place: Punta del Sol by Lhab; the food: I cooked; the baloons & flowers: by Lester; the wine & beer: by Lhot, Padz, and Kiam; transportation: by Lester's kuya. We brought a cassette with our favorite musics, we played games, we laughed all night, and everything was fun and unforgettable.

Taxi Extra-Challenge
We stroll in groups so it's hard for us to get a taxi ride. But there are times when we get to meet cool taxi drivers. We were 7 people and we fitted inside a taxi! I got to lie in the lap of 4 people in the back seat plus 2 people were sharing the front seat.

Ten-te-ne-nen!!! Alcohol is a big part of my younger years. Most of the fun and crazy stuffs were when we were drinking. We joined beer drinking contest using a different name. We were chased by dogs when we entered a "No Trespassing" property and ended up with scratches when we escaped through the barbed wires. We cut classes and spend the day in drinking bars. We sang, danced, laughed, and fell so hard that we'd love to do it the next day, again and again. All the stories and the goofs in between left a marked in my memory (emo mode). I can't even write or tell everything, I can only afford a smile when I look back.

Extra-curricular events
My friends and I were active ni joining civic events. We love to organize reunion parties for our high school batch. We joined in different local contest. One embarrassing contest is the "F4" look-a-like, I played the San Cai role *hahahaha*. Our boys almost-always grab the championship trophies in basketball leagues and there were unforgettable victory parties. Geez....

Good thing is I remember everything!!! Not like some who forgets the fun and all that remains is a bad hang-over. Mine is a great hang-over! Cheers!

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little things are bigger

"little things are
when shared to others"

Old clother for the 2009 "Ondoy" victims. May this tragedy serve as an opportunity rather than suffering. An opportunity to be good, to share, and to recognize God.

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club 24

Happy Bday Lester!!! :11:
Cheers to the friendship! See you later! Let's chill...iloveyou! mwah!

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:25: mic test...

If LOVE is the sky, I'd pray for wings...
I'd bravely take all the bruises for every fall
I'd flaunt the scars that I might earn
I'd fly high as I can just to get the closest chance to you

If LOVE is rain, I won't take an umbrella with me
I'd soak myself under the bliss of every drop
I'd spoil the innocent child inside me
I'd take the risk of getting sick the next day

If LOVE is the wind, I'd fly a kite
I'd chase every blow
I'd patiently wait
I'd hope for a second wind to come each time I fail

If LOVE is the ocean, I will buy a boat
I'd endure the big waves
I'd fight every tempting and misleading current
I'd voyage every stream that will lead me to you

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extra! extra!

I'm on night shift again...but for two days only. I am filling in for an on-leave co-worker. On day time, blogspot site is blocked that's why I haven't made any entry for the past weeks. Anyway, just an update on my life...I am currently part of organizing a fiesta event in our district. oh yes! From barangay events to district events...whoa!

i love civic events!!!




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dalawampu't pito

HAPPY 27th Anniversary Mama and Papa :15:

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YahooNews error

Yesterday, the entire Philippines mourned for the lost of former President Cory Aquino. I was disappointed for not being able to watch the tv coverage because I have to go to work.

Yes, even it was declared as a holiday...we have work. :36:

I tried to watch online streaming but too bad video streaming sites are blocked in the office *grrrrr*. So all I could manage to do is read articles. A workmate sent me a site of which made my mood lighter.


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rewind back time

►knock knock...who's there?
►lolo and lola played a "rewind back time" game

lolo: balikan natin yung panahon na nililigawan pa kita
lola: sige sige

ACTIOn!!! :34:

lolo: magkita tayo mamayang ala-sais sa tabing ilog. hihintayin kita.
lola: oo, irog ko

Nag-ayos si lolo, naglagay ng pumada sa buhok, at naligo sa pabango. Dumaan sa tindahan ng bulaklak at bumili ng isang dosenang rosas. Pumunta sa tabing ilog bago ang napag-usapang oras. Lumipas ang kalahating oras, di pa dumadating si lola. Naghintay pa si lolo. Lumipas ang mahigit isang oras at wala pa din si lola. Napikon si lolo at umuwi.

lolo: Bakit di ka dumating?! Mahigit isang oras akong naghintay!

Nakahiga si lola sa kama, di kumikibo. At di nagtagal ay umalingawngaw ang iyak.

lola: Di ako pinayagan ni tatay!

toinks! ang balik-tanaw...BOW :26:

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This weekend, we had a taste of the latest drink, THE BAR. :43:

On a personal note...I didn't like it that much. The "swabe" feeling is not there. We were not able to finish one bottle of THE BAR...we switched back to our all-time favorite drink - RED HORSE. Cheers! ^_^

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wont go home without you


Though it's tiring and stressful...I go home to our Island every day. Yes! Every day it is! i ♥ samal

At least it would take me an hour to go to work - inclusive of boat ride and jeepney ride. Maybe one day I will no longer need to take the tiring journey...maybe one day I'll work in my very own city. For now, I am just excited of the civic events that I am invited to volunteer for the coming months.

I miss my stage and crowd...:14: