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RIOT [post] birthday celebration

Just a few weeks after our barkada had a gathering in the beach, an  occasion called for second time around to hangout. It was Lester's post-birthday celebration.

Honestly, nabitin lang kami nung huli kaya isa pang pagtitipon - bakit hindi!

Na-miss kita Gerald!!! Ang leading man ng barkada.
10,20,30,40+ years from now...we'd still look great in pictures Les. 


before sunrise in SUNSET beach

Credits to the famous "THROWBACK THURSDAY" paandar ng mga social networking. After posting series of old barkada pictures we all realized how we missed those good old days we share. 
We haven't gathered for quite some time so with just a text message we all decided to meet up last month. Finally!

And of course where else would we gather - in the BEACH baby!!!
Unlike previous gatherings, this time around most of the barkada came. 

Paulit-ulit man ang mga kwento - ang saya pa din! It was past 2am when boyfie & I decided to call it a night. Besides I had enough tequila shots hehe :)

Bottom line is it was a fun night with friends!

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Back in the days when all I knew was school :)
It was cool to be smart and get all the attention & acknowledgment.
All this shiny medals used to flaunt in our walls but I decided to take them down and keep them in a box along with ribbons, certificates, and plaques.

I've moved on. No need to remind myself of what I have achieved.
A teacher of mine has left me this unforgettable message that I have instilled in my mind - "CHARACTER OVER WEIGHS INTELLIGENCE".
My brain cells can still keep up nowadays but they are stubborn. Hehe

Awards that are close to my heart. Left medal was from a poster & slogan making competition in our city where I won 1st place. Right medal was from a landscaping competition of our city also - we ranked 2nd.