Thursday, April 16, 2009

indian summer

this will be the last time...the very last time

song playing: Thinking of You - Katy Perry

When i said i have moved on, you never understood it...not even a bit! I was left with no other choice but to take those steps away from you. That was my death march. Why? Because wherever I move you're always there!!!

I am doing my best to be fine! Funny that four years isn't enough. Have you ever thought that I never wanted you out of my life? But then again, decisions should be made. My world was steady, I was keeping it all in balance. I stood by my decisions and I paid for my mistakes.

And then yesterday happened. I was with the person I chose.

You suddenly popped out from nowhere. You did not notice us though but I did notice you. I stood blankly for awhile. The thought of us being in different places crawled in my mind, I am with someone and you're alone. And the truth is I envy your place...I can see fun and adventure in your face. Our past kept on rewinding back each time! I've been shaking off these thoughts for a very long time and I just can't find the cure. I am happy now but deep in my heart I know that I could be happier...there...with you. But still I stand by my decision...I stand by the man I chose.

I will never enjoy looking at you in my rear view mirror...


Shyn said...

do i know this guy? haha

kay said...

not telling...lips are zipped

Jessica said...

Hey Kay! Nice to see more Filipino bloggers! :)

kay said...

@ Jess

salamat sa silip...:)

Melissa Is LOVE said...

Believe it or not I can totally relate with your post girl. Ok lng yn.

Nice blog. :) SFC k puh pla..

kay said...


thanks...SFC ka din?