Sunday, February 9, 2014 0 comments


So it's been a while since I've typed in words into this blog. Much happened and I'd rather not disclose it now - not yet. I have decided not to write about the things that would make me sad - things that would make me return to events that I am still coping off >_< Although I can afford casual conversations once in every while but my "walls" are trembling and it's shaky so I won't test it - not now.

This should be a happy place - a happy blog! Yes to that!


I wake up one day and it's already 2014!!! So for today I decided to list out any thing that is new.

1. New HP laptop from work ^_^ Dude, windows8 is creepy! hehe
2. New 1 GB WD hard disk. I got it with a very good deal - thank you to connections!
3. New Bath & Body Works scents. Thank you PHL boss! Now I smell like a girl hahaha
4. Incentive - I should keep myself mum about it :)
5. Finished a book - Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. I promise to write a review on it - pinky swear!
6. 4 adorable puppies. Soon, I am bidding goodbye to those babies :_(
7. Team Badminton tournament - our team got a straight of 3 losing streaks. Hahaha

I think that's pretty much about it. I guess.