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workin' my ass out on a sunday

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on twilight

For those who haven't watched the movie yet...better not read this entry.
Article contains movie spoilers

As I have mentioned in my previous blog, I got hooked with the vampire novel "TWILIGHT". Though I haven't really finished reading the e-book (source: Shynne), I guess I have already foreseen the possible scenarios. After a month, it was released in the big screen so I might as well find out the ending of Book1 in the cinema. I had high hopes and expectations for the movie.

I'll rate the movie 4 out of 10 (mabubusing kritiko!). The cinematography isn't that good. The story isn't explained very well. I liked it more when i was reading it. And one more thing, I can't concentrate because people kept on screaming in the jam-packed theater. Okay, got to work...ta-ta!
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"a blink, I am lonely... a blink, I am happy again" -anonymous

i am just tired...all drained up in a way! please let me deal with this for myself, just now. i know that i can give more and more of much as you want and need. but this time...i'd wave that white flag...just this time because...
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fished off

Last Friday, the PAG-ASA issued a statement to cancel all the boat trips to Samal because of the Storm "Tonyo" that is said to hit Davao in Signal #1. I received messages in the morning but I ignored it. Later on, I received calls from my parents so eventually I am told to go home and catch the last trip.

It was all in the wrong timing because the project that I am testing is scheduled for a release and there were several critical issues that needs to be fixed ASAP. I can't risk my task and I can't risk my safety either. I went home.

In the pier, people were cramming. Everyone wants to get a seat on the bus.

While I'm waiting for the next trip, i was feeling the gush of the wind. There's no sign of a storm at all. The skies are clear. The sea is calm. Well, nature could be unpredictable at times so I trusted the weather forecast. When I got home, my thoughts are still stuck in my PC monitor...testing! The message of my boss in YM kept rewinding in my head. GAWD!!!

In the evening, I stared on the skies. Stars were all scattered and Mr. Moon is shining. Is this some sort of mockery?! Then I received the news that it was all a false alarm. The boat trips resumed in the evening. Heck! I should have stayed at the office! Anyway, I am thankful that there's no storm....but then again I should have stayed in the office.