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twenty seventeen

hello there! 
not that there's actually someone's bound to read this.
anyhow, 2017 is almost over and this is actually my one and only post for this year.
been busy of actually participating in life than writing down the words in a page.

but fear you must not! 
this solo post is going to have a lot of beef (wink) 


yes, finally! after more than 10 years of going out we've exchanged vows last February. i was suppose to write a post about D-Day but then again i got side-tracked with the adjustments and changes of being a Mrs. maybe, on our first year i can write something down --- maybe.

i learned surfing!!!
my husband and i went in Siargao for our honeymoon. it was a surprise that i was able to stand on the board and glide with the waves. it's definitely one of my favorite "first experience" this year. 

no big travels this year, same work, and same routine.
i'm glad i was able to spend time with my long-distance friends whom i schedule regular dates within the year. also, i was able to go on outings with friends and workmates --- just about enough to satisfy my soul and beach body (hahaha). 
still watch movies and collect books.
i cook dishes every now and then. 

with unexpected turn of events, i said yes to an offer to teach in a college university. it was a part-time offer from a friend that i can't say NO. it was only for 2 months and i endured it hahaha. i realized that it is one of my "what-ifs". so i am happy that i've done it.

this is basically the focus for this year. my husband's priority project. it's 90% done so hopefully we can move in by January or February next year. 
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MusicBoxDiary: Better Place

by: Rachel Platten
The sixth track on Rachel Platten’s Wildfire Album

[Verse 1]
I'll tell the world (I'll sing a song)
It's better place since you came along
Since you came along
Your touch is like sunlight through the trees
Your kisses are the ocean breeze

Everything's alright, when you're with me

And I hold my favorite thing
I hold the love that you bring
But It feels like, I've opened my eyes again
And the colors are golden and bright again
There's a song in my heart
I feel like I belong
It's a better place since you came along
It's a better place since you came along

[Verse 2]
I see the whole world in your eyes
It's like I've known you all my life

We just feel so right, so I pour my heart into you hands
It's like you really understand, you love the way I am

And I hold my favorite thing
I hold the happiness you bring
But It feels like, I've opened my eyes again
And the colors are golden and bright again
And the sun paints the skies
And the wind sings our song
It's a better place since you came along
It's a better place since you came along

Now I'm alright, Now I'm alright
Everything's alright
Cause It feels like, I've opened my eyes again
And the colors are golden and bright again
There's a song in my heart, I feel like I belong
It's a better place since you came along
It's a better place since you came along

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Seoulmate Found!

 December last year, we finally found time to visit "Seoulmate" - a Korean restaurant in Bajada, Davao City. 

We have dined to several Korean restaurants such as Gangnam, GuiGui, Manna, and more. And because we love Korean food it is impossible to skip "Seoulmate".


If you're the "hugot line" type or you have the knack for "laslas-puso lines" then Seoulmate might be the place for you. They have a post-it wall where you can write off your thoughts.

"Makakita lage ko ug forever!!! Tiwala lang"
To whoever wrote this...fighting!
I don't want to be judgmental...but...never mind :)


As for the food, I'm going to rate the basic factors from 1-5 with 1 as the lowest and 5 as the highest.

FOOD - 4
The level of spiciness of the food is perfect. In other Korean restaurant, MILD spicy is still very spicy :) 
In general, all of the food we ordered are delicious!

Location is good, it's along the highway with enough parking space. There are many available seats as well and there's a section where you can squat with pillows. Comfy!

We were the only customers but all of our order were served almost an hour. Although the crew are friendly and accommodating to our needs, our hungry tummies were just upset. Maybe our "bad" experience was a one time thing though.

A bit pricey :)

 Side dish: sweet dilis, radish and kangkong
 kimchi chigae

Beef Bulgogi

Tuna Bibimbap

 Lunch box meal 




"FRIENDS are those who know the song of your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words."



i will never forget how hard i laughed with you guys
the overrated smile that i can't hold  ^___^
and yes, the expensive food to satisfy our stressed lives haha!

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One stressful Monday, we decided to fill our tummies with happy food.
We went to the newly opened Korean resto "Gangnam" in Abreeza Mall

Food and place is good.
I love the smoked salmon maki (drooling).
 The price is a bit expensive though compared to other Korean restos in the city.



to my used-to-be seatmate
who easily believes in my "made-up" stories(hahaha)
who endured all my daily quirkiness and unintentional bully mood swings
who went penniless with me with our first online business venture

madam (naks! we have a term of endearment)
it was a not-short-yet-not-long enough time we've shared as workmates
but we were able to build a strong foundation of friendship
we don't agree on same things yet we often end up laughing on our differences (di ba?)

from creating test scripts to testing bugs
 from reading system logs to running queries
(there were days we turned into zombies)
our goal was perfection!
but know that there's always that silver lining for errors

so now you're a MRS?!?!@#@!$
(paano na si "edward" nyahaha)
truly, i am super-duper-over-over happy for you and oj
wait-while is worth-while :) 
love love love you shyn!
see you in our monthly date!

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dear coffee, let's breakup

dear coffee, 

    let's break-up.

mornings don't pass without a sip of caffeine from my old-cracked- heart-painted mug
you leave a bitter taste on my tongue that awakens my sleepy cells
you warm my cold thoughts on system bugs, critical emails, and failed cron jobs
you charge me up and electrify my veins

it was too good to last

then the betrayal of the human anatomy took place
my stomach no longer wants to take you in
i tried to push it more and continued on with morning caffeine sessions
i lose the battle in the end, damn acid reflux!

it's one of those things in life that brings you happiness and pain at the same time

so i had to bid farewell to your smell, warmth, taste, and the mere thought of you
but it wasn't easy! 
people around me reminds me of you
it was decided, i had to get better

after then let's get back together and never break-up