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waaaaaaaaaaa....september is almost over. im running out of days in the calendar.

i have this crazy but fun activity every year. i have to step on a new place once a year. 2004, i was in boracay; 2005 i was in camiguin, iligan, cagayan, bukidnon, 2006 i was in cebu and bohol; last year, i went to Lanao (right before the crossfire). and now the last quarter of the year is coming and i still come empty handed.

there's one place that comes to my mind. i really have to go to BATANES baby! i fell inlove with the place just by looking at pictures. i can imagine myself standing in the marlboro hills and sleeping in the stone houses. it's a perfect place for an escape and vacation baby!

so who's with me on this trip?! pautang dayon! hahaha

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plurk plurk

it's been a week since i got hooked with plurking -->
i'm anxious about my karma points. yes, we are making a big fuss about it in the office. more karma points means more bullying for me. hehehe

by the way, you can add me if someone out here has a plurk account --> search for "clarelen"

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science project

I used to be a science geek in my primary and secondary years. I dream of becoming a scientist and discover something that would change or save Earth. I even tried to make my very own microscope made out of scraps, also read science books from cover to cover, and excel in Science quiz bees. Oh childhood! Well, the excessive intake of alcohol in my growing up years could have damaged my brain cells and now I'm just not that nerdy anymore. So the point of this blog is to reminisce my science subjects (boohoo!).

One of the unforgettable lessons would be Galileo Galilei's Law of Free Fall. Yes, the theory of gravitational force causing objects to fall on a vacuum with consideration to the resistance of the object. Just a mind boggler, do people "Free-Fall" or somehow resist the "Pull of Nature"? I just thought that when I took the fall I had no control of things, it just happened. I was falling hard and fast, I tried to resist and somehow change my trajectory but the result didn't changed at all. My hypothesis was to end up in some softer grounds where it would hurt less. I was wrong, the conclusion of it was I keep ending up on same vacuum point, over and over again. Could Galileo be wrong?

Next would be Sir Isaac Newton's Third Law of Motion: Reciprocal Actions. The famous "in every action, there's an equal reaction" theory. Who could have miss this lesson? Again, I do have some doubts on this theory (no offense to you Mr. Newton). Believe me that it doesn't imply in most aspects of my personal life. Let's take for example two entities: boy and girl. Girl gives out emotional and physical actions and yet receives no equal reaction from boy. So how does this reciprocal action really works?

I know, i compared concepts of physic with actual life experiences. So do you think I could still be a scientist? Hahaha. The important thing is I did my homework for today, post a blog ;) And for my dear science project, I won't be needing a compass for direction because you are my north and I won't have to argue with all these science theories because I make my own conclusions with you.

connect the dots

sa markado mong balat
naiguguhit ng iba sa isipan ang kwento mo
nagagawa nilang husgahan ka

ang naka burdang pangalan
sya nga ba ang tunay mong minahal?
karapatdapat ba sya sa bawat dampi ng karayom?

ang palatandaan ng kapatiran
nangangahulugan bang magulo ang buhay mo?
ito ba ay dahilan para iwasan ka?

naiguhit ba nila ang iyong kalungkutan?
nasuklian ba ang iyong pagmamahal na di na mabubura?
ang nakikita lamang ay ang mga bakas sa likod ng hibla

mapaglaro ang tinta
kinuluyan ka ngunit di ka maipagtatanggol
hindi patas! at sadyang ganyan talaga...

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memory cache

sa masikip at madilim na sulok,
sya ay naghihintay
tulad ng dati
tulad ngayon

sya ang katuwang nya sa tuwa
ang sumpungan ng mga lihim
ang kanyang isang-pitik na takas
ang kanyang kaligtasan

sya ang tila alkansya ng mga himugto
ng mga agiw at kalawang
ng mga lumilipas na oras
gaano ka na ba napapagod?

at sa masasayang araw na kasama ka nya
ang mga ngiti ay hindi para sa'yo
hindi dahil sa'yo
gaano na ba kasakit?

walang humpay na parusa
di nya nakikita na napapagod ka na
at dahil kailangan ka nya, babawiin ka sa sulok
na parang basura na ire-recycle

at magkaganun pa man, iniintindi mo
dahil alam mo ang lugar mo sa mundo nya
ako ba ay natagalan?
ako ba ay naging madamot?

sa pagkakataong ito,
andito na ako
andito para sa'yo wakas

para sa bisekleta ko na kinalawang na. at dahil madami na akong pinagkaka-abalahan, di ko man lang malinis-linis. sumasagi lang sa isip ko kung gagamitin ko, kung kailangan ko

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gulpi de gulat

[Round 1]
binabasa ang galaw ng kalaban

[Round 2]
inansayo ang footwork
tumapon ng ilang suntok
tinantya ang pagitan at bilis

[Round 3]
nangmanhid sa bawat suntok
tatanggap ng ilang suntok pa

at sa mga sumunod na rounds ay kakapusin na sa hininga
mag iisip at maghihintay ng pagkakataong bumawi
ibubulong sa sarili, "isang matinding uppercut lang!"
at sa isang ganting suntok na iyon, makakamit ang tuwa
na kahit papaano, tinamaan nya ang bumugbog sa puso nya
ang kasunod ng isang suntok na yun ay hindi na mahalaga
palarin man sya o hindi sa labanan sa loob ng kwadradong paraiso,
ay di bale na dahil patuloy pa rin naman syang mabubuhay
sa isang bigwas, kahit papaano naiganti nya ang kanyang sarili
di man nya naisigaw na "tama na" habang inuulan sya ng suntok
...tinapos nya ang laban
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i have to be in perfect shape, i mean my head should be! i am currently chatting with the head developer in New York. Since our team leader is on maternal leave, I am left with all these advisen tasks. I have my sympathy to Shynne, my co-worker, who shares the same burden with mine or even more.

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mission accomplished

after lunch, i stepped out from the office. i lied, i didn't went to the bank. so i'm spilling out the truth in this page

i went somewhere else, to the Davao City Law Office. (kasalukuyang gumagana ang isip mo kung anong ginawa ko dun). Letter A. Civil Marriage? enk! Letter B. Case matters? enk! of course not! Sige enough of the multiple choices. Truth is, i have to meet someone and eventually talk about some concerns.

<<---Rewind Back to 4 Months Ago---<<

A close friend of mine shared about his dreams. (Itago natin sa pangalang "Ryan") Ryan is married with 2 kids. Like a typical family, they have struggles. He went abroad for their so-called "greener pasture". But before he left, he entrusted me something (oh how i wish na kayamanan o last will of testament! hehe).

Ryan dreams of his first love. His first girlfriend back in high school. This happens often and it bothers him. He wakes up in the middle of the night or early in the morning with all the doubts in his head. Why dream of her?

Here's a slice of the story, he promised his first love to wait. That he'll return or something like that. For sure it was of pure intent when he said those words. But that was way back in high school. They parted ways after high school as they pursue their college education. I can't put all the details after that, all i know is somehow Ryan forgot about the promise. And thinking about it, "Who would keep a promise like that? Or who would hold to such promise?"

>>---Fast Forward to Present-->>

I walked the streets of Uyanguren, in search of a Law Firm, not minding the burning temperature. A stranger directed me to this old 3-storey building. I went upstairs with neither idea of the person I am about to meet nor practiced lines to spill. I am welcomed by the front desk secretary and required me information. "Of course I can't give my name 'coz she doesn't know me", I said to myself. So I said I am Ryan's friend. As the door of her office opened, I started to hesitate. But there are no "take-two" in this situation, aja!

I introduced myself as Ryan's friend. (I remember my team leader's first impression on my job interview: "NO EYE CONTACT".) So I battled out my shyness and establish all the eye contact and I even shook hands with her. My eyes somehow strolled around and noticed the table plate "Davao City Lawyer". Heck! This isn't a normal confrontation! (Pwede maulaw? or pwede mo-exit na lang?)

Moving on, I told her about Ryan's dreams. I dared to ask if somehow Ryan caused her some trouble or anything alike? If he broke some kind of promise? (imagine her reaction!) I was in the middle of my fast talk when she offered me a cup of coffee. Okay, she's nice...way nice! Not that of what i expect from a lawyer. She said, "I know him as a good person. Tell him that I am fine, I am happy for him, and that he should be good in Singapore. There's nothing to be bothered about". Whew! I guess it was a mission accomplished.

To my friend, have a good night sleep ;)
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loop of fate

for(us=lifetime; us<=infinity; us++)
alert ("More or Less?")

i could not deny all those stolen glances of you
and the silent giggles of my heart when you look back

i am becoming more selfish everyday
wanting more and more of you with each goodbye

we knew better, this and that might not be enough
let not the endless battle of reasons consume us in this rhapsody

soon enough, everything will break
leaves will wither, winter will take over summer

love will grow cold, but believe in us
in the magic we have that everyone else tried to dispel
i love you still
more than this lifetime holds

//mind scribbles of kaY 09/08/2008

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unbelievably sad
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counting crows

numbers make me sick, literally and figuratively speaking. O_O

i remember in first grade that i suck in the "as many as" lesson. crap! the '0' red mark on my paper zoomed in and out in my sight over and over again. that was an easy lesson, how could i not figure that out! more crap! i did good in school anyway ;)

want more 'back-to-the-past' memories? fine, a whole lot more of crap loads to come.

in college, i became a 'Houdini' in getting a 5.0 grade (FAILED). A 5.0 in your TOR is bad for the eyesight when you're applying for a job. It's like an unpaid debt that
will haunt you down for the rest of your career (i'm exagerating here). So right before my algebra teacher give me that grade, i dropped out of class. swoooooosh...whew! the problem now is the 9.0 grade (FAILED, which is better than FAILED. This is where my father comes in to the rescue, he manipulated my school records and permanently got rid of that 9.0 (off you go to the recycle bin!). And now I can have a clean start.

My nightmare didn't end there, too bad. Here comes my accounting class, which I really have to pass. Since the first and second generation of the family tree are all accounting grads, the pressure is on me (boiling hot pressure!). The subject failed to grab my interest (i have high standards..hahaha). I come to class only on Thursdays only, a suprise quiz day. Yeah, call it a surprise! I don't even take exams because I prefer the special exams in essay, which would only require me to answer in 200 words per question
(a whole lot better for me!). i passed anyway ;)

In my fourth year, our math teacher required us to create a program for special mathematical formulas, matrices, etc. Since I took up Computer Science, this is just an expected scenario. I have to take off my Houdini's robe this time, no more tricks on my sleeves. This was a different situation for me, i loved math this way. More love came when i created programs for my classmates in P300-600 for simple applications and P4000-10,000 for a system. Oh business is doing great! hahaha.



i spent almost 30 minutes writing a blog entry in my multiply account. i hit the save button with a smile just to realize that my session has expired and i am logged out. everything is gone, gone, gone. (multiply BUANG!!!!!!!!!!!!)



woohoo! another blog site for me. my other sites were dull, forgotten and closed.

first reason of having this is because i am spying on someone's blog. hahaha...i know, it's an insane reason! i just figured why not have one for myself. so here it is! ka-ching! :D