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It's day 3 of reading "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer.

I dont' usually read novels, i mean i really don't. I prefer short stories or poetry. I don't have patience in unravelling word by word the every detailed-description of the character's face, body movement and surroundings.

Edward Cullen, the perfect looking guy in the novel somehow caught my attention and is worthy enough to trash my short patience for a while.

Okay, just a piece of revelation. I have weakness over guys with "suplado" and "antipatiko" effect. Ignoring me would be a plus factor, that way you got my attention and interest. It's easy to find a nice guy in a crowd, believe me! This weird choice might be brought of my being "one-of-the-boys", i just know most of the tactics that's why i don't go for all the cheesy lines and predictable moves. surprise me darling!

Somehow i found the character of Edward Cullen come to reality in the form of Danding (sorry for name- dropping). Not that he got a pretty face but because of the gestures. The tone that doesn't question or suggest, but rather commands. The look and stare that makes all the invisible strings in my body move towards him or do of anything he says. The eyes that makes me tremble every time, damn! The feeling of being safe but somehow worries more about his condition rather than my open wound. And when he's intentionally hurting you, it doesn't even matter because it's him.

Background song: Alive - Frio
"Make me alive
Make me suffer
Make me feel"

incy wincy day

waaaaaaaaa... i think im sad :D (oh bakit may smiley pa?!)

truth is im not in the mood to crack jokes or share my exaggerated fairy tales today. i don't really know. this is bad! this is terrible! i suck when it comes to being sad.

i know, i folks would ask me "WHY"

besides the fact that i've been skipping dinner for more than a week now, i just have don't the energy today. i guess one factor of this feeling is my playlist (puro sad songs mehn!) or maybe its the weather. hmmmm...maybe it's the long hours here in the office or the frustrating workload loops.

my tear ducts are even experiencing abnormality! gawd! i'm not gonna cry...oh no not i (kanta yun di ba?). it's half of the day, i'll figure something out or i'll just make it through the day just like the usual.

coffee anyone?
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test and destroy

Yesterday was a super toxic day sa work. Ang daming priority tasks for the upcoming demo on templates and release of News 7.3 version. Here's a hint of my job description:

•read project specifications
this includes drawing in your mind the possible input, output, navigation and over all actions necessary

•create test scripts and test plan in accordance to the provided specs

•prepare database queries for correct data storage and retrieval

•[ready for test signal] start preliminary test of UI

•thorough test using your created test script - Development Stage
Project clarifications exchanged via email
Checking system logs - this looks like binary number flashing in 1000 lines per minute (i assume), just like in the Matrix movie
Daily Compile-Deploy of developers

•[patch] test in Integration Stage
less issues are expected after bug clean-up in DEV Stage. Issues found are listed in bugtracker

•[release] test in Production Stage - the www site that can be accessed by the clients

•added enhancements requested by clients after demo

In general, we make sure that a project is bug-free and 100% functioning ;)
Too bad, may nakakalusot pa rin na bugs after our meticulous testing...grrrrr
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i hate banks!!! i hate the long long long hours of transaction

i don't like waiting
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sunday outback adventure

date: october 18, 2008
destination: from babak to kaputian, to white house in limao
attendance: me, danding, gerald
type of transportation: honda XRM

rock bolders along the under construction road to kaputian

white house in Limao

overlooking view sa among hacienda...hahaha


gerald ( you rald)
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shall we call it truce then?
you're there and i'm here
i'm waiting and you're dying
you're someone that i look forward for
i'm someone that you look back at
you're my tomorrow
i'm your past
how can we meet halfway?
how can we fill these space between us?

as i dream of you in the night
you daydream of me
even in time, we are halfway across
i hang on the stars
as you bounce from cloud to cloud
when will this world stand still?
so let the truth be told
that after all, our love remains the same

an ode to a Long Distance Relationship the sound of every goodbye tomorrow's rainbow
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glib talk

today, i celebrate my 2nd year in "JACM Software Services" company. yupi!!!!! until now, they haven't figured out that they hired the wrong person...hahaha (kidding aside). i super duper love my workmates (no malice ha!).

•thank you to my coffee buddies every morning and afternoon
•thank you to gio for allowing me to touch jud ko kay wala nimo gi-block ang mga file hosting sites.
•thank you kay john sa baby back ribs...i feel so special (teary eyes)
•thank you to my lunch shared ice cream and softdrinks
•thank you sa mga friendships nako sa hotel...for all the favors
•thank you kay manong delio
•thank you sa yema and munchkins ni beth
•thank you sa toothbrush mate nko, si shynne
•thank you sa DEV team: john, oneal, eric, charles, francis
•thank you sa QA team: ren, beth, shynne
•thank you glaiza (ortigas team)...mahaba-habang XMLs na naman eto
•thank you sa mga bosings
•thank you sa buong JACM family

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click! click! click! goes his camera. Continuous shots. Capturing every angle. Then a clear image flaunted on his lenses. He saw her. And the camera rolled back to the drifted years of yesterday.

"I will be a photographer when I grow up! I will tour the world and capture every scenery in my camera. My pictures will be in a front page of a famous magazine. I'm gonna be famous", said by a boy with a funny haircut and in a tucked-in shirt.
"So that's you're dream huh? I guess I'm just gonna marry you", said the girl with a pony-tailed hair and a bunny in her right hand.
"You're silly! Who said that I'm gonna marry you anyhow? You're not even my type! I can't marry you .coz you got a big and loud-barking dog in your house. How am I suppose to visit you? You are allergic to flowers and you sneeze all the time. So how am I suppose to give you a dozen of roses? Besides, we are like brothers and sisters coz we go to the same school, same church, weekend outings, and in almost every event. And you got those big front teeth that annoys me a lot", he confessed while they were swinging in the park.
"Oh believe me you will be over me when I grow up! Mom said that I'm gonna be a pretty girl and boys will pile up in our door. But I told Mom that I'm not gonna give them any chances",
"And why is that?" he asked curiously.
"So you won't feel bad. I told you, I'm gonna marry you someday", she smiled.

Light flickered. His fingers were stuck over the camera button. His blood seemed to be stuck in his veins. He was frozen. His world crumbled. The words that he let go seems to be choking him...slapping his face. And all he could afford to say to himself is, "You're mom was right".
The camera rolled. The camera flashed. Time goes fast forward. And the task halted. He sneaked his camera into his bag. He started to walk away when unfortunately, he needs to be in a place he don't wanna be. But he needs to be a man. He needs to face his own battle. And so he stood in front of that door.
Steady. The walls seem to be mocking him. His battle ends there. He must leave. A dog bark echoed...a loud bark. A woman came running. She drove the dog away.
"Hey! Why are you here outside? Come in. Everybody's having fun inside", she said that triggered his ears. "Don't tell me you're leaving? I hired you for the entire day so you better get inside"
He turned. He sat down in the stairs. He was quiet. She folded the white gown and sat beside him. She joined his silence.
"I actually got my dreams, those that I told you before. I'm obviously did became a photographer. I've been touring different countries for the past years. And next month, I'll do the cover of a magazine", he said. Her heart went out of its phase.
"Oh those dreams! Yeah, I remember", she confirmed.
"But you see, those weren't really what I wanted. I would love to hear the bark of your dog as I visit you during the night. I would love to be sneezed at as I hand you a dozen of flowers. I would love to see you smile even with those big front teeth of yours. I would love to spend sunny Sundays with you in the park as our ice cream melts in our hands. I would love to join other boys to pile up in your front door. I would love to marry you! As I took pictures of you today, I envy the man that stood in the altar beside you. You were right, I grew head-over-heals for you as we grew up but it never came to never sank down in my head coz my lenses were capturing a different view. I made a portrait of you and me in my head, you were right close to me and yet I never felt that someone has already taken you away. The nearness of you seemed to overwhelm me with confidence. And the moment you stepped right of the car in a white dress, it was the first time that I felt the distance. I felt cold. I was away for two years. I embraced my dreams. And today, I broke my heart. Just for you to know, my dream actually is to be the man beside you in the pictures that I took today. It does feel bad."

puff daddy's bday

happy birthday 'pang
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"keep your words sweet in case there's a need for you to swallow them" -anonymous

Today, I am enlightened with how strong our words can be. I have always been careful. Mind over my mouth. But there are people that I don't get, will I ever?

Let me put it straight. Bringing up your past does not interest me. Just be mindful of posting in this interactive world. I will not get myself involve in a feud that I am not part of. I am just wondering how far will these public rants go on? Let's all be accountable of our actions. Respect begets respect.

beep beep beep

Ang pagsakay ng jeepney ay parte na ng makulay at mahaba kong paglalakbay patungo sa mundo ng mga drones (officemates ko. hehe). Mula pa nung college days, katuwang ko na ang jeepney mula Lunes hanggang Biyernes. Kaya naman klaro sa akin kung bakit jeepney and National Transport System ng Pinas.

Hilig namin mag abang dati ng "uso2x" na jeepney. Yung may nakakabinging volume level sound system, walang eksaktong route, nakikipaghabulan sa traffic officers at higit sa lahat mabilis magpatakbo. Pinagbawalan ako ng tatay ko sumakay ng "uso2x" kaso palihim pa rin akong sumasakay. Masaya kasi, halos kakilala mo na lahat ng pasahero. Di bale na kung gitgitan kayo, minsan nga napapakandong na lang. At kahit si manong drayber at manong konduktor ay nagiging kaibigan mo na o text mate pa! hahaha

At sa loob ng halos anim na taon, nagkaroon ako ng past time habang nasa kahong-de-gulong. Napapaisip ako sa bawat kwento ng pasahero o minsan ginagawan namin ng script ni Padz. At heto ang nagawa kong jeepney thesis. May iba't-ibang uri ng pasahero. Alin ka kaya sa mga eto:

•Open SesaMEN
These are men na naka open-legs kung umupo. Kahit gitgitan na ay deadma lang sila. I wonder how much space do they need for those ba? hahaha.

•Gooey Lovers
Not that I am jealous or envious of them ha. It's awkward to see lovers with oozing sweetness in a public vehicle as if they are in a private room lang. Kung may bitbit lang ako na sinturon, nakatikim na kayo ng tig iisang palo. Super eye-sore kayo. Well, this is on a personal level naman.

•Sleepy Sam
Eto ang mga pasahero na ipinagpapatuloy ang kanilang panaginip sa loob ng jeepney. Nakakatawang tingnan minsan habang binibilang mo kung ilang beses mahuhulog ang ulo nya. Parang knockout count sa loob ng boxing ring. hehe

Eto naman ang super ayaw ko na makasabay o makatabi. Yung tipong halos huhubaran ka ng kanilang mga mata. Hello? Kuya? Mahuhulog na mga mata mo oh! O baka gusto mong makatikim ng sundot sa mata! So a piece of advice to girls, wear comfortable clothes that would spare your skin some respect. ;)

•Mr/Ms Congeniality
Makwentong passengers. May times na nakakaaliw at may times na nakaka bwisit. Specially those conversationalist na hindi nakakahalata na ayaw mong makipag usap. Naalala ko tuloy si Mr. Pet Lover na ikinuwento sa akin ang life story ng kanyang mga alagang baboy.

•Head to Foot
Eto yung nakaka self-conscious na pasahero. Na parang may dumi ka sa mukha o something na mali sayo. At pansin mo na tinititigan ka nila from kuko to split ends.

•Loud Speaker
Passengers na nakikipag compete sa loud speaker ng jeep. Kung mag usap sila eh dinig ng lahat. Eto ang mga panahong I wish my headphones ako.
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afternoon swim

Yesterday, Sunday, we went for a swim. Me, Danding ang Gerald. For the past month, the three of us has been together in afternoon swim, buko-hunting, food trips, movie marathon, and of course beer sessions.

For a brief introduction, i will introduce these men. Gerald is one of my closest friends. He's the type that's easy to find and reach, and someone that i can talk to about anything under the sun. Danding is the complete opposite of Gerald, we've never been close friends, and he's not quite a talker or listener. The common denominator is that I l♥ve them.

Back to our afternoon swim. It's like were 10 years younger when we ran, splash, dive and play in the water. Then we would soak ourselves and share interesting conversations. Yesterday, Gerald spilled out his thoughts for the future. He told us his plans on going abroad. The part that I was deeply touched (secretly) was when he said that after 3 years he would come home, we're 26 by then, he would call me first. Well, we are both sure that we'll still be friends for all the years to come. Danding would just laugh when Gerald starts to exaggerate.

Right after the swim, we filled our tummies with barbecue. A perfect sunday!