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do-it-myself dogma

Things I keep on telling myself over and over again:

NEVER depend your happiness on someone
   you are always responsible for yourself,
   the decisions you make, and the chances you take
DON'T expect someone to complete you
   instead you yourself should find/fill the pieces that would make you whole
   and then share that completeness with someone
SHARE that happiness

With waiting, I have learned to let things fall on its place at the right time. It is such a blessing that someone came to play that part in my love story at a time that I am no longer in doubt of myself, no longer in search for what i want in life, and no longer longing for the things that i thought would make me whole. He came into the picture at God's perfect time. So it's be happy...and to love.


Armi's one4tree campaign

the more i admire you...

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my puff daddy

Since yesterday, I was browsing over my old blogs. I knew and I'm sure that I created an entry for Papa. And it's so frustrating that I can't find the page anymore. I guess it was written in my friendster page - of which I can no longer locate since friendster became a gaming site now.

Oh well...I just wanted to read again what I said back then. However, I found the other entry dated 2009 - click here.

I still have the same things to say to Papa. As time passes, I get to know you more and by that I appreciate you more. Gone is my fear towards you - now I am so eager to hear your stories and spend time with you. I admire the man in you Pa. I thank you for all your sacrifices for the family, for giving up some of your dreams, for choosing a simple & quiet life --- I am grateful for the man in you.

Thank you for granting me the FREEDOM. You have always let me do things my way, you let me explore my capacities, and you let me enjoy life as I should. I cannot really explain in words how thankful I am to you Pang. You let my ears listen to music from your generation to mine, you let my eyes see the beauty of nature when we bike around the island before, you let my imagination play, you let me taste the grandeur of your cooking, you let my hands paint and draw, you let me climb trees and our roof, you let me do carpentry and electric works, you let me laugh with your jokes & witty punch lines, you let me discover the stories of our family when you narrate your childhood life (i love it when you tell stories -  my eyes would glow in excitement), you let me experience what it is to serve others, you let me join different activities, you let me fail and do mistakes, you let me learn on my own, you let me grow in my world... and you have always let me know and let me feel that you are there for me Pang whatever happens.

I think I am a reflection of you. Seriously Pang! Can't you see? We both love to cook. We are good in writing -- I found some of your written poetry and quotes (hehe). We are suckers for music. We have green thumbs. You and I are good in drawing. We are stubborn. We even think the same way most of the time. We hate getting sick. We don't like resting - there's always something productive that we must do. I have inherited a lot of traits from you, believe me.

Oh well there's much more to tell. For now, I'll end it here since I must spend some time with sleep. Happy Father's Day Papa

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Extra! Extra! Extra!

If I’d be given the chance to be in the front page of the newspaper…I would hesitate.

Why? Scroll down

The bandages look real right?
Closer view

Mayor D. playing Pinoy Henyo

 People guessing the Henyo word

Corona on trial? Enk -- he's just playing with spiders

Papa loves to doodle on the characters found in the front page of the newspaper. He might be bored at work so he found a resort to have fun. I always look forward each day on what would be the surprise in the frontpage.
There were a lot more of pictures but above are the most recent.


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comic boom

I have already finished watching the 16 episodes of the Korean series Lie To Me and watched some downloaded movies for this week. And because I got totally bored yesterday, I decided to doodle on my idle hours.

 Inspiration: Team Mates

Angie with sharp teeth - signifies her nasty laugh and thoughts (hehe)
 Anings with a piggy sign in her shirt (she calls her boyfriend "baboy")
 Chelle with the kinky hair
 Charmie with her curls - in slimmer version (hehe)
Janice with her diary
 Kalile sporting her cap
Khane in her naturally demure self ^_^
Me with glasses and UDD shirt

Now I am thinking of creating a comic strip. What could be the title? Hmmm...

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Doubt No More

6/5 Household


Many times, we experience situations that cause us to question whether God is real or if He is truly beside us. It is during these times that God calls us back to the root of our faith. He calls us to believe and to be at peace, certain of His grace and unending love. He never wants us to be restless and doubtful of His existence.

Do you know Doubting Thomas? He was the disciple who questioned Christ’s return from the dead after hearing the news from the other disciples who witnessed the miracle themselves. Since he was not around when the risen Christ visited, Thomas said “Unless I see the nail marks in his hands and put my finger where the nails were, and put my hand into his side, I will not believe.” (John 20:24-29).

It was when Christ appeared to Thomas that the later believed.

In many ways, we are like Thomas. When difficult times arise in our lives, we look only for the answers we have set our mind to see. We are stubborn and we question His power. We are numb to God’s love and deaf to His words because we selfishly reject the peace He provides.

When we experience pain, suffering, confusion, fear, anger, and doubt, God wants us to lift our hearts and allow ourselves to rest in His embrace. Peaceful – what a beautiful way to be!

Question: What doubts linger in my mind still?

Ha-ha-ha. Absurd thoughts came to my mind as I was outlining my answer to the question. It's funny when very recent events are related to the household sharing. It's like God is teasing you and you tell yourself - so that's it! Okay, to answer the question...I doubt the sincerity and intentions behind the SORRies I've been hearing lately. I just don't trust the person anymore. If you have been hurt by someone and everything are still fresh, its like an open wound that is very vulnerable to bleeding.

The reason why I laugh on my answer because I have been praying almost everyday to God to help me find in my heart to forgive and heal the pains that these people have caused. And when these people handed out their sorry after quite some time, I doubted. Could it be God's way of answering my prayers? And yet I have doubted! I don't know. It is hard to weigh things right now. 

I trust that eventually everything will be fine - in God's time. However, on the present time I undoubtedly despise these people and the acts they have done against me. 

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Remember May

Rosemae's Birthday and Chapel Fiesta

 Rosemae with the kids

Covenant Orientation @ Padre Pio

Holy Cross of Babak 50th Alumni Homecoming

 With Sr. She Solmeron ^_^

Mother's Day

My 27th Birthday

 My girls

Matit's 23rd Birthday


Kabasan Festival 2012