Tuesday, June 4, 2013

spoiler: harlem shake the BT style

Just a month after our goofy video recording for our CEO's birthday greetings, I received an email.

Once again, we - the Business Team,  is requested to record a video for the birthday of our very own Ed_Forer. Of course, saying NO is not an option because Ed is so dear to us and considering that it is his wife who included us in the surprise that she's planning. It is our pleasure to make him smile on his birthday.

Eddie will be celebrating his 50th year as well. They will have the surprise in the Yankee stadium. 
Eyes zoomed out O_O
And the request was specifically to record a HARLEM SHAKE video. Hahaha. I guess they already figured that we are one funny team who knows how to have fun and goof around.

And so here's the initial video...