Monday, January 25, 2010 1 comments


Dear Gerald,

Last Saturday was your wedding day. Who would have thought that you'd settle down ahead of us (hehe). I hardly slept on Friday night because I was thinking about you. You are one of my closest of the most trusted. I am happy for you as you embark into a new journey in life. Along with this will be changes of which I am not good with dealing with.

I feel pain. I know that I will surely miss you! I will miss the constant togetherness and the incomparable companionship that I found in you. I'm so used of you being around always! This is me being selfish! This should not be about should be about you but I can't help it. I am really sad to say goodbye to those's so hard to let go. Good thing is I will always be part of your family, rest assured!

Oh well, congratulations! No matter how far the venue of your wedding and I don't even mind the rain...I was there to witness one of the hallmarks in your life. Oh boy! We're really grown ups now...

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2009 xmas in Paranaque