Friday, December 19, 2008 1 comments

buhay kengkoy ni may+vie

may + vie ...bow
ang mga adventures sa buhay buhay nina "klarilyn MAY" and "shynne VIE"
(pahiram sa images kiara. this is my own version)

1. Kung may bagong specs sa system (nose bleed?)

2. Kung putol ang internet connection OR absent c francis (peace!)

3. Kung malapit na ang code-freeze o release

4. Pag may emails galing sa kataas-taasan o di kaya biglang nag pop sa YM (master yoda: "i dont want unpleasant surprises")

5. Pag may nakitang bugs (wam point!)

6. Kung applicable ang Philippine holidays

7. Kung hindi na-fix ng DEV team ang bugs tapos mas lalong nasira ang system after deploy

8. After release

9. Pag may nagdeploy ng walang paalam o biglang nag brownout at di na-save ang testscript/notes

10. Pag na-remember c edward cullen

11. Pag makapuntos ng bully points kay francis

12. Pag mag leave at mag-iimbento ng valid reason (hahaha)

13. Nagkakaganito ba tayo shynne? Hmmm...secret!

14. Pag nang-aaway ang DEV Team

15. Pag nag YM message c sir...kaka-lost

16. Pag galing lunch out

17. Pag walang tasks

18. Pag bibigyan ng increase

19. Ginagawa para ma postpone ang release (hurem hurem)

20. Pagkatapos ng di mabilang na overtime, biglang mag ro-rollback ng codes...super ULIT sa testing!

21. Pag nakalibre ng Choco hazelnut brownies ice cream. hehe

22. Weeee.....xmas parteeey?!?!

23. Pag maaga uuwi kasi may date

24. Pag kailangan mag overtime

25. Pag pinauwi dahil walang gagawin

Monday, December 15, 2008 0 comments

a good find


Fingers crossed, let me see a meteor fall tonight
So I can wish with the moon full and the stars, bright
A kiss from the breeze, a lonely, but hopeful heart
Ever I be so silent, consciousness torn apart
a transition, my decision, my invention
will is my shelter and hope, my foundation
It's just a dream, but bigger than the sky
almost at reach, but always too high
simple in a sense, complex in measure
there's discontent, and there's pleasure
it will last long, but never permanent
inch by inch done, but not to it's fulfillment
too intangible, but truly is inconsistent
but dream, I can dream to my heart's content
a state of brilliance, greatness, and happiness
a temporary immunity to hopelessness
I see the stars, I hear my heart beat.
I feel the air, and the dying afternoon heat.
I am alive, in a world built by my pen
a blink, I am lonely... a blink, I am happy again.


weekend DID list

•wash day...labadami!!!
•moved cabinets and boxes of old stuffs (right leg got scraped on a cabinet edge...OUCH!)
•gave our 6 dogs a bath
•haircut day for Fara (my dog)
•general cleaning sa mansion
•serious conversation with Papa about past, present and future tenses. hehe
•calamares...simo't sarap! nawala ang kapoy
Mama went to Davao and didn't came home. Clinton went to a retreat. So Papa and me are left at home with all the chores.

•recycled old xmas lights (na short circuit pa bitaw ko...buto! feeling kurentisyan man gud ba! hehe)
•climbed the tree to setup the lights (nagka pangos2x intawn)
•cut grass (de-mano ha!...kung baga...nang GUNA ko! Naluthan akong kamot...huhuhu)
•went for a quick visit in the cemetery
•fixed the lock in my room (panday-pandaot)
•shared a bottle of beer with Danding
•gave xmas gifts to the SIBOL kids of gawad kalinga

ANG SARAP NG WEEKEND!!! bahala ug daghan ug pangos...bahala ug pobre

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To a friend who finds a masked clown in himself,
...find that familiar landmark in the highways of despair

When the traffic light gets fucked up, take a walk
...there's no easy run

Carry your cross upon your shoulders
...and endure until you reach the closest beacon

I dont have the right words
...when you question the answers

People need to loose something along the way
...but it won't make less of a person

sorry for the short and quick YM conversation...
Thursday, December 11, 2008 1 comments

bitter half

for several weeks now i have drowned myself with test scripts, spec changes, bug IDs, rush emails, templates, and more brain-wrecking tasks! this is my i hate it and tomorrow i'll love it again.

Forwarded Group Message from our boss: "You'll get your salary for the 2nd half of the month on January 5"

What?!!!!!!!! Crap! It was delivered bluntly like we can't argue about it. I wished it was brought up in a meeting to discuss the reasons or explanations about that silly message.'s just not fair! And so I'm pissed off...could it get worse?! Crap...truckload of craps!
Tuesday, December 9, 2008 0 comments

china eyes

naaaliw ka ba sa singkit kong mga mata?
mukha bang nakangiti sa bawat tingin?
namumutawi mo ba ang kwento?

di sa lahat ng araw ay singkit ako
di rin ako chinita gaya ng iyong akala
di mo pa rin ba naalintana?

nauupos na ang yosi ko
at di mo pa rin makuha-kuha
mga mata ko'y mugto nang dahil sa'yo gago!
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untitled post

this is for my seatmate, shynne vie, who assumed that i am writing a blog entry today. hehehe. magsawa ka sa blank page! peace 'nyora (bully mode)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008 0 comments

the day i sat still

crap! yesterday, the rain poured in massive amount causing traffic, unavailability of public vehicles and flood.

it was late when i set off from work. most of the jeepneys have changed their routes to the south so it was an advantage for me. i got hitched easier than a usual day.

i was in the sasa area when i scavenge money from my pocket. it was when i realized i left my purse in the office. i tried my luck to find coins in my bag but i failed. so what's the plan now. i texted danding to head off first to our rendezvous so he can pay for the jeep. but then i texted him late, i reached my destination point without any penny. so here goes...i cleared my throat...

"manong, nabilin akong pitaka ba. wala jud koy coins dire" (i can barely remember if my voice was audible enough)

"naug na day"

gawd! busilak ang heart ni manong driver!!! i'm not sure if he murmured some words, i just stepped out of the jeep as fast as i could.