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last minute curtain call

For the past months, my life has been a routine. Not that i'm bored with it. It's just that nothing extraordinary happened, which is not so-like me.

So when I was again called to organize for a fiesta event, i said YES right away. It will be my escape from my desktop, test scripts, system logs and adapter monitoring. Though I wouldn't get paid at all, I know that I'd be of BIG help so for the second time I joined the team of organizers. This year was a lot more exhausting and troublesome. I had to take a leave from work and spend extra hours to extend my service.

I was suppose to be the EVENT DIRECTOR of our district's pageant search. Due to emergency purposes I have to play extra parts:
1. Create a concept for the stage design
2. Create/design invitations, trophies, tarpaulins
3. Write letters
4. Create picture and video presentations
5. Create and manage the flow of the program
6. Analyst for the computerized tabulation
7. Accompany the candidates in their practices and community activities

And last but not the least, HOST for the show. It was a last minute call. The suppose to be host did not respond a day before our show. Then I realized that all fingers are pointing on me. They said that it would be better if I host since I exactly know the program, the candidates and their activities, and the entire happenings for the pageant.

At first I had to say NO because it would require me to wear a dress :) But later on, NO was no longer an option so I called my friend - Lester. I would never get on stage with a different partner and so is he. We have the chemistry and we knew each other since were five (5) so it would feel a little less scary on stage. Good thing he approved so we had a very quick rehearsal of spiels.

The show was unforgettable and the experience of hosting was a BLAST! Lester and I had so much fun and we knew that it won't be the last time seeing us together on stage.

A bottle of beer helped boosting our confidence ;)

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Who would have thought that 3 years would be that quick.
It's a joyride that I won't exchange for anything else
No matter how sick it feels or how crazy it becomes
My seat belts are fastened tight!!!

So let's hold on for more <3

for you... level-up na ang kitchen prowess ko

my very first chicken cordon bleu

happy anniversary

4 years tayo pero 3 years straight na walang break up. hehe

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1,095 days