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adventure checklist for 2010

February 20, 2010 - BEach Outing plus war games :1:

January 17, 2010 - MOuntain Hike to a Lumad village in Calinan, Davao :26:

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tell me now or never

so tell me, how am i suppose to love you?

i told myself that love should not waver and that it should not tire down. but why am i feeling all these? i am running out of reasons, i'm running out of breath in this happy-ever-after marathon, i'm running out of hope and faith in my pocket, i'm running out of defense and optimism, and i'm just running out of everything that would keep me waiting in this same place you've put me into!

have you ever wonder of the pain? i may have covered it up with a smile...
have you ever wonder of the torture? i may have bluffed it with an embrace...
have you ever wonder of how i wanted to be free? yet i'm still caught in between this and that...
i may not have the courage of hurting you but i am slowly gaining strength of fighting for what i deserve...

when will you be here? when will you play your part in our story?
i'm so pissed with myself for staying. i can go anytime but why the heck am i still here?
i hate it when you just come and go in your own terms and time
you keep on shoving into my face this "you'll still be there when i come back" feeling
crap!!! this is full of crap!!!


mushy-gushy feeling

i don't normally talk about my "feelings" toward people that i am often with. considering that i am always surrounded by them, it would only sound redundant if i break such mushy-gushy feelings.

but let the truth be told! i l♥ve my workmates dearly as much as i love my long-time friends! almost 4 years of working together as a team, i could say that we've become a extension of each of our respective families.

and through those years, we've come to see some people come and go. each goodbye is painful and each hello is a relief. but i'd like to reassure that the bonds are irreplaceable that would not acknowledge erasure by time and distance!


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My Sister's Traveling Pants

During my lunch break at work, I went to the closest Plaza from our office to buy two (2) skinny jeans for my Ate (older sister).

Ate is residing in the Luzon area while I am in the Mindanao area. Maybe you've figured out by now that this will be a story of the traveling pants.

I have a 2-years age gap with my Ate that would explain the little body size difference (but big height difference...I'm way taller! hehe). We almost fit the same sizes of clothes that is bothering me now because she just gave this means I'm kind of beyond the slim and fit figure.

On my Christmas visit in Manila, we had a lot of chit-chats about this and that. One thing that caught her attention was when I told her that my skinny jeans are just about P200.00. She was shocked of how cheap it was! She can't buy a decent jeans or shorts in Manila with that amount of money. So, life here in Davao is way cheaper! Things are more affordable compared in Luzon. So she called me up this week and sent me money to buy her a pair of skinny jeans.

Ending: Mission Accomplished! :49:
If she won't like the design and fit...then those jeans are MINE! bwahahaha

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akala mo corals? yun pala hindi
akala mo paper mache? yun pala hindi
lintik na ANAY!


pimp our room project

We are currently under house renovation.
FYI: Our house was built more than 50 years ago. My grandparents bought it in the 1950's. So there are expected casualties...and I mean termite casualties.

2010 Room PRoject:
-Separate rooms for me and my younger brother who's already 17 years old.
-Tiled flooring
-Air conditioned Rooms
-Repair walls, ceilings, replace main pillars that were already housed with TERMITES :1:

Old Room - cleared

Unfinished Room division

Tiled Flooring

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chicken ala kay

"chicken ala kay"
THis is my valentines day dish! :okay:

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pseudo class

"I'm not gonna fuss about the things that I can't change. I'll end up tiring myself while returning into the same point. It's like walking in circles...crooked and wicked circles!" -Anonymous

There's a girl I knew for quite a long time now. She loved a man for the longest that I could remember from all of her told stories. She loves the man now, tomorrow and for all the days after each tomorrow. She can't change that fact...she loves that man.

But she handed me a big surprising story. She finally waved that white flag. :36:

I did the unchangeable suddenly turned malleable? So I asked her and she answered, "This doesn't mean I'm going to stop loving him because I know that I won't. But I can't let him continue hurting me. I don't know if it's even possible that I'd stop loving and hurting at the same time. But enough is enough. I'd like to be selfish for awhile and give myself a credit. So I'm calling it off. Yet I'm all unsure of this and that but for now the white flag stays on."

Oh well, it's not the end I know for sure. I'd be waiting for the next story that she'll tell. But I know for sure that she's strong-willed and that tomorrow will be better.

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:38: i close to being brain-dead?

My work seems to drain every brain cell that is left in my head! crap! crap! crap!
There are days that I could just get by and there are also days that I'd like to change my career (like today).
The task seems a mission impossible...


Tomorrow's another day!