Friday, November 13, 2009


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Lately, I got hooked with the reality TV show "Survivor Philippines: Palau". And now that it's down to the final three: Justine, Jeff, and Amanda. One of them will be crowned the 2nd Sole Survivor in the Philippine's franchise. But before the verdict closes, I'd like to spill out my personal views on each of the 3 remaining cast aways.

Amanda Van Cooley :32:
In the early part of the show, she left an impression as a 'feminist'. She's part of the girl-alliance that planned to oust all male cast aways, which was carried out successfully in the end.

I admire her for playing the game cool. She knows her goals. She was consistent for me. She knows what is in stake for all her decisions. She knows her reasons and ground. And most of all she stood by her friends as much as she could (Mika and Jeff).

During the final days when everyone went whacked, she also became emotional and yet remained to be strong. She's upfront and she never said bad things against the other remaining cast aways as I could recall. She left a room for respect. That's why she's my sole survivor since Mika got voted off.

Jeff Gaitan:46:
She's strong in her own way. It may not be what everyone expected but I did appreciate her somehow. I'm just disappointed when she sacrificed her original alliance.

Justine Ferrer:33:
On the first day I hated her because of she shouted on an elder cast away. When she was sent to "isla purgaturyo" I admired her endurance, strength and desire to stay in the game.

But in the last days, she has shed her true colors. She has a bad-mouth and she's disrespectful. It's a freakin' game so what's her problem if someone's going to turn their back on her. It's a strategy! It's how others would want to play the game! So therefore I concluded...I don't like her (no offense).

For Tara and Charles ---> :42:
Please...listen to what you're saying! Maybe you'll realize how pointless the both of you are! Blabber mouths!


Anonymous said...

Amanda is not deserving at all. Justine should have won. I hope GMA asks the people who they favor...Amanda is as greedy and as asshole as her friend Mika and Jef.

kay said...

Amanda won anyway :D