Wednesday, March 4, 2009

a-z = me

i am not sure if i was tagged for this...i'd post this anyway! wahahaha

Adventurous. i am always up for an adventure and i love new and exciting experiences
Beer-drinking champion. oh yeah! an unforgettable achievement
Conversationalist. i love to talk...blah-blah
Dancer. hehehe...private dancer. i miss the "red-hot girls" performances
Error. Part of my find errors in a system. (salamat kay shynne for giving this stuck ko)
Film-critic. I make my own reviews and ratings for a movie with my own set of standards. hehe
Housewife. i love to be in the future. i love house chores! hehe
Imaginary. i have imaginary friends...hahaha
Jan Clinton. my nako sa katanang earth + universe
Keeper. I keep a lot of memorable things from the past, secrets of friends, and more
Loyal. i stand for the meaning of this word
Music buff...more of the oldies
North. my destination in life...
Optimistic. i always look on the brighter side of things... :)
Papa's girl
Quiet. I know when it is needed and wanted.
Rain. I like rain..sometimes...
Samal. my HOME...i have dropped my anchors and nailed my life in this place
Tripper. i love surprise trips! movie trip, food trip, walkathon trip...
Umbrella. I don't have one...
Vigan. i'm looking forward to visit. (nagpatahi nako ug kimona para sa pictorial)
Waiting. something that i hate but i still end up doing. hahaha
Xoxo. your very own gossip girl ;)
Yes. i always say this word more often than i should. i have problems in saying NO.
Zsa Zsa Padilla. mama ni karylle na ex ni dingdong! dah! kumpleto na...again again...
Zero. score ko sa math quiz when i was in grade I

huh! done!