Monday, October 6, 2008

afternoon swim

Yesterday, Sunday, we went for a swim. Me, Danding ang Gerald. For the past month, the three of us has been together in afternoon swim, buko-hunting, food trips, movie marathon, and of course beer sessions.

For a brief introduction, i will introduce these men. Gerald is one of my closest friends. He's the type that's easy to find and reach, and someone that i can talk to about anything under the sun. Danding is the complete opposite of Gerald, we've never been close friends, and he's not quite a talker or listener. The common denominator is that I l♥ve them.

Back to our afternoon swim. It's like were 10 years younger when we ran, splash, dive and play in the water. Then we would soak ourselves and share interesting conversations. Yesterday, Gerald spilled out his thoughts for the future. He told us his plans on going abroad. The part that I was deeply touched (secretly) was when he said that after 3 years he would come home, we're 26 by then, he would call me first. Well, we are both sure that we'll still be friends for all the years to come. Danding would just laugh when Gerald starts to exaggerate.

Right after the swim, we filled our tummies with barbecue. A perfect sunday!