Monday, March 9, 2009

request timed out

when i wake up each morning, i dont know if i want to take more sleep or wake up.
i'm not much of an eye-shutter so i don't get enough rest for my conscious mind. i struggle to conserve every dim part of my room but i can't really seize the morning. as i try to extend my sleep, the morning rays crawls up in my skin and then i'd give up.

i don't know if i want to wear heels or flats to work.
there are days that i feel to red-carpet-walk my way to work and there are days that i'd settle for that comfortable feeling.

i dont' know if i want to ride a taxi or jeepney.
i'm not much of a "waiter". time is precious for me and i always have the feeling of chasing every second. that's why i am often caught between my cost-cutting routine ang convenient-mood.

i don't know if i want an extra rice during lunch.
obviously i am gaining weight (*sighs*). i used to have a fast metabolism, i don't know what went wrong with my body system. i have never gained much weight this fast before. and i don't go for diets because i am a growing girl who needs nourishment.

i don't know if i want to post a blog or not.
i haven't posted much entries in my blogs lately. i just feel like i can't keep up with my raging thoughts (snap snap). there's plenty of stuffs that i want to write but i know that i should not for some reasons. i am learning to control my "sharing-syndrome".

i don't know if i want another cup of coffee.
i am not a morning person, oh no! a single cup of coffee is not enough to boost up my optical nerve. it is not enough to satisfy and kick my working vibe. and due to some healthwise advice, i am controlling my craving.

i don't know which restaurant or foodchain i want to dine.
i am a certified food tripper!!! after work i get confused of where to eat out. i usually settle to the closest from my vacuum point but when i get there i change my mind. i like to try something new but then again i change my mind and settle for the usual meal. hahaha....gemini!

i don't know if i should complain whenever the jeepney driver overcharges my fare.
i don't complain, that's my problem.

i don't know which road to take when going to sasa pier.
i have two options: the less-muddy but dark road and the safe but muddy trail. i know that my basis is not sensible enough...but still i have a hard time choosing.

i don't know if i want to ride a tricycle or walk my way home.
our house is about 200-300 meters away from the pier. a very walkable distance. i just get stubborn in some days.
The list of "i dont know what i want" goes on. Kaya naman nabansagan akong "gulo-gulo". Though i don't have all the answers to what i really want, i know for sure what i don't want. i don't want to dine out alone and take that walk home without his hand held into mine. i don't want to go home without my family. and i don't want a day without listening to my playlist, run around the house with my dogs, have silly and memorable conversations with my everyday people and just everything that i am sure of. (di masyadong madrama noh? walang connection sa office eh)