Thursday, March 19, 2009

counter strike

"in the old age, a good samaritan rode a carriage but these days they come with a non-air van."

today, davao city is under transport strike. unlike the past strikes, today almost 90% of public transport has been disabled. i would not complain and rant about this because i understand though it generally affects the passengers. still, i understand their point and their demands was surely felt today. i hope that the government would respond and do something this time around.

knowing that there will be a strike, i pushed through my way to work. i waited for more than hour for a jeepney or just any vehicle that would give me a ride. people gathered in flocks at the jeepney stops, i was losing hope of getting that long-awaited ride. i stood in my waiting spot hoping. few empty jeepneys passed by but they didn't gave any of us a ride. some vehicles bullied us to just go home or would pretend that they are for hire (*bleep! crackheads!*)

then i looked on the other side of the street, i saw a man waving. could he be waving at me? oh it was my "dispatcher" friend, who gets cab for me every morning since i was in college. he sometimes escorts me as i pass the street and act as a traffic police. i then figured out that he got a van for hire to downtown. people started running for that seat. i was lucky because my friend reserved a seat for me...fresh, special, front-row seat. hehe. though the fare was a bit was a sweet ride! iloveyou manong! iloveyou friend! it really pays to be patient and friendly :) got to work