Monday, March 30, 2009

backpacking in the office

It's almost a week now when my PC in the office crashed its system. I put the blame to the frequent power failure here in Davao last week. Its oldness could be a factor too, considering that I inherited that PC from a former employee three years ago.

So I've been jumping around in vacant computers in the office lately. No permanent seat. No permanent seatmates. No permanent files. I'm like a visitor student in a classroom.

But I don't really find it hard, not that much. Somehow I am enjoying my vacation in different sections here in the office. Last week I was in the research department and now I'm at the System Admin's section. The down part of all these is the fact that I don't have my files with me. I feel like I'm not prepared for the battlefield but still I'm coping...I'm still firing some bugs over the Developers' camp. Never say die! hehehe

I wonder if my PC could still be fixed. I could lose my most precious mp3 collection, which took long hours of download and my uploaded pictures, which I didn't have a back up copy. Oh well, that's how things went...I don't have control over that and I won't rant like a kid okay. I just want things to be back to normal again with me seated in my department's section and my file access.