Monday, March 30, 2009

unico-little boy-bunso

As I am writing this blog, I will not promise not to cry. I will try my very very best not to, you bet I won't! So here goes...

Tomorrow is the Graduation day of my "unico-little boy-bunso" Clinton. Yes, I call him Clinton in public now because it's minus pogi-points for him every time I call him "Ontoy". But just a secret between us, he is still that "ontoy" kid I knew.

A brief backgroud for this dramatic blog. For 8 years I have been the "bunso". My parents wanted a boy. They waited. Unfortunately, the twin boys who were born after me on the year 1988 died on birth. So the family waited again. And on 1993, Jan Clinton was born. It was expected that he will be nourished with much love and attention by each member of the family. I remember going home after classes in primary school, I won't forget to bring a food or toy as pasalubong for him. I could even remember the first time he called me "Ate". Somehow, I grew protective over him just like a mother does.

The sense of my "ate" role began when Ate, our eldest, went to Manila for work. All I knew was I won't let my little brother experience the pains that I did experienced. As much as I could, When he's sick, I always pray to God to transfer the illness to me. When he gets spank, I shield him and catch all the hits. I attended his school foundations, PTA Meetings, Parent's Day, and every meaningful activity in his childhood. Okay, the next thing I'm going to reveal is a top secret: I cried on his school presentations.

For 16 years of being Clinton's ate, I could say that i have a fulfilled life. Not everyone is blessed with such a sweet, innocent and kind brother. Not everyone is given the chance to share craziness with their sibling. Not everyone is as lucky as I am. And now that he is taller than me, I know that any time soon he will be a grown up man. He won't have that same unconditional love for me and he won't have that much time to share with me. These are the few things in life that scares me...scares me to death. But anyway, I know for sure he knew this...i love him.

And now, knowing that there is another girl he cares kinda hurts my ego. I kept on lecturing him about young flames but in contrast I buy the gifts he give to the girl. Hahaha. So to you my "unico-little boy-bunso"...congrats! :)