Friday, March 27, 2009


Dear six-year-old kaykay,

I have plenty of things to say to you my dear. Above everything, never have that "lampaso-cut" ever in your girly life! You look like a "dugyot" boy who's not been fed for days. In your growing up years, you've hated each time someone doubts you sexuality. People will judge you by the way you dress, act, talk and by your HAIRCUT.

I know that your childhood is one of the best times in your life. All those games played, found friends, unforgettable adventures and experiences including the funny misfortunes. I would say that you remember it, always! Keep it in your heart and never lose that child in you.

Also, you might wanna practice that fighting attitude because when you get older it's hard. It might be too late for you to learn on standing up for yourself. When your grade school classmates bully you, don't just cry or tell your teacher or tell your Lola. Stand and give them that stare. Because there will be a time that you have to fight for your dreams and principles then decide if you will wear that battle gear or wave a white flag.

You will somehow get a special attention in primary school because your grandparents are teachers in that same school, also in secondary school because you will have a high rank in organizations and honor roll, and in tertiary because your father works in that school. But never put that sticker on your forehead, remain humble. Work hard for every achievement.

And lastly, that boy you admire. Keep your hopes up. The ending will turn out to be a surprise for you.

twenty-three year old,