Wednesday, April 1, 2009

random-list experience

i come to bump again with the "" blog and so i figured maybe today i can have my own version of that. let's see how it feels. ehem...mic test...*clears throat* goes...

25 random things about me
1. i am...

okay, i went blank. let's try again.

what list was i'm going to make? i am doing this all wrong!!!

[NOT].25 random things about me
1. singer. i only get high scores in videoke for singing it loudly.
2. perfect attendance student. i like skipping classes in college. believe me it's so hard to keep up the habit of skipping. challenging!
3. into diet. it is not an even an option.
4. durian-lover. e to the w...EW!
5. enjoy PROM. forget the dress. forget the music. forget the themed-party. forget the dance. forget that word!!!
6. 100% clean-living. i puffed less than 3 sticks of cigarettes in my life.
7. alcohol-free. i am still enjoying it.
8. eat "kinilaw". oh no...
9. have a bank account. but i do have credit accounts instead! hahaha
10. have a tattoo. not even planning to have any.
11. and i don't like to finishing this list so 10 is the best i can come up with.