Thursday, October 30, 2008


It's day 3 of reading "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer.

I dont' usually read novels, i mean i really don't. I prefer short stories or poetry. I don't have patience in unravelling word by word the every detailed-description of the character's face, body movement and surroundings.

Edward Cullen, the perfect looking guy in the novel somehow caught my attention and is worthy enough to trash my short patience for a while.

Okay, just a piece of revelation. I have weakness over guys with "suplado" and "antipatiko" effect. Ignoring me would be a plus factor, that way you got my attention and interest. It's easy to find a nice guy in a crowd, believe me! This weird choice might be brought of my being "one-of-the-boys", i just know most of the tactics that's why i don't go for all the cheesy lines and predictable moves. surprise me darling!

Somehow i found the character of Edward Cullen come to reality in the form of Danding (sorry for name- dropping). Not that he got a pretty face but because of the gestures. The tone that doesn't question or suggest, but rather commands. The look and stare that makes all the invisible strings in my body move towards him or do of anything he says. The eyes that makes me tremble every time, damn! The feeling of being safe but somehow worries more about his condition rather than my open wound. And when he's intentionally hurting you, it doesn't even matter because it's him.

Background song: Alive - Frio
"Make me alive
Make me suffer
Make me feel"