Thursday, October 23, 2008

test and destroy

Yesterday was a super toxic day sa work. Ang daming priority tasks for the upcoming demo on templates and release of News 7.3 version. Here's a hint of my job description:

•read project specifications
this includes drawing in your mind the possible input, output, navigation and over all actions necessary

•create test scripts and test plan in accordance to the provided specs

•prepare database queries for correct data storage and retrieval

•[ready for test signal] start preliminary test of UI

•thorough test using your created test script - Development Stage
Project clarifications exchanged via email
Checking system logs - this looks like binary number flashing in 1000 lines per minute (i assume), just like in the Matrix movie
Daily Compile-Deploy of developers

•[patch] test in Integration Stage
less issues are expected after bug clean-up in DEV Stage. Issues found are listed in bugtracker

•[release] test in Production Stage - the www site that can be accessed by the clients

•added enhancements requested by clients after demo

In general, we make sure that a project is bug-free and 100% functioning ;)
Too bad, may nakakalusot pa rin na bugs after our meticulous testing...grrrrr